Chef Gene Gonzalez shares Father’s Day recipe with only 3 ingredients

Chef Gene shared a simple recipe, Choco-Nut Crunch, with only three ingredients......»»

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WEEKEND CHEF | Get Chef Gene Gonzalez's recipe for two delicious celebrations breads

WEEKEND CHEF | Get Chef Gene Gonzalez's recipe for two delicious celebrations breads.....»»

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Oscars at home: The mac-and-cheese recipe to be served to the stars

Get a taste of Hollywood's most glamorous night by recreating recipes which will be served to the glitterati that night. When all the awards have been handed out on Sunday night, Hollywood's best will party at the annual Governors Ball, where celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck will preside over his 24th gala dinner. Here's one of Puck's recurring dishes: baked macaroni and cheese. Servings: Serves 4 Ingredients: 8 ounces elbow macaroni 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 3 1/2 cups milk 3 tablespoons finely chopped black truffle (optional) 1/2 medium white onion 1 bay leaf 10 ounces sharp aged white Cheddar, shredded 3 ounces Gr...Keep on reading: Oscars at home: The mac-and-cheese recipe to be served to the stars.....»»

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Chef Gene Gonzalez on students Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli

SINGAPORE — “They’re very intense,” Chef Gene Gonzalez said of his celebrity students, actors Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli......»»

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Sarah Geronimo's cooking is impressive, says Chef Gene Gonzalez

Sarah Geronimo's cooking is impressive, says Chef Gene Gonzalez.....»»

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‘Modern cuisine. Local ingredients’

Once upon a time, there was Vask Tapas Room and Vask Gallery by Vask, both run by a Spanish chef named Chele Gonzalez......»»

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Alyssa Valdez invites future champions to join Milo sports camps this summer

    Alyssa Valdez's volleyball journey all started with a risk, a leap of faith. As a scrawny kid from San Juan, Batangas, Valdez was initially prohibited by her father to try out sports, as an act of protecting his only daughter. But her mother, a teacher by profession, knew the kind of life lessons Alyssa can learn through sports.  It took some convincing, but Alyssa was eventually given the green light to pursue what she loved.  Now, she's one of the most iconic and beloved volleyball players in the country as a star from Ateneo de Manila and the Creamline Cool Smashers. With the help of her relentless drive, Alyssa Valdez became a testament to sports' power to transform lives. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS When she was younger, Alyssa says she was already active in different kinds of sports. But the young Phenom was held back by her shy nature.  "Isa sa mga nadevelop ko talaga, through playing volleyball is self-confidence," she bared. "I can imagine myself when I was a kid na, wala hindi talaga ako makakausap ng tao. I'm too shy to always interact with other people. So the challenge of pursuing her love for sports awakened something in Alyssa. "There was this turning point na, wala eh, it challenges me. If I don't push myself, paano pa 'yung ibang challenges?" Valdez reflected. Taking up volleyball gave her a sense of self-confidence and self-fulfillment that stemmed from the series of small victories she had garnered throughout her early playing days. By small victories, she meant gradually getting better, and slowly learning the value of hard work. But Alyssa wasn't always the superstar she is today. In her younger years, she says wasn't even part of her team's starting six.  "Noong bata ako, hindi ko talaga natutunan lahat in just a snap. You have to work hard, you have to sacrifice a lot of things," she said. "Per sa lahat ng sinasakripisyo natin, may babalik at babalik din diyan." True enough, with her dedication to help her team, and to continuously improve her play, she eventually got her break. ROUGH START It's hard to imagine Alyssa Valdez as anything short of a phenomenal volleyball player. But like anything great, it took some time for Alyssa to become an athlete of her stature.  As a bench player, she adapted a team-first identity, accepting a role that may not always call for her presence on the court, but was still important to the team's success. Alyssa had to learn to accept the small responsibilities she was entrusted with, like setting up the nets for practice, handing out water bottles for her teammates, as well as cheering from the bench to hype up her squad. Slowly, though, Alyssa was rewarded, not just with wins, but with different life lessons as well.   A LIFETIME'S WORTH OF LESSONS  Looking back now, Alyssa fondly remembers those memories as instrumental in helping her adjust to any situation, on and off the court. She gained confidence from accomplishing all those small tasks, and began trusting herself more.  Beyond accolades and fame, what keeps Alyssa's hunger in sports is its ability to teach lifelong wisdom. As she shares, "It's not about how you perform and be at your best, but, yung after na lessons na nabibigay sakin ng sport. The little things really matter." Alyssa has been carrying all those lessons, even after her success, like the friendships she has garnered through out her career. "In my experience, dahil sa sports, nakilala ko yung mga taong mag-s-stay kahit anong mangyari," Valdez shared. "Alam mo 'yung mga moments na patalo na kayo, 'yung mga moments na hindi mo na alam 'yung gagawin mo... Pero at the end of the day, iiyak at iiyak sila, tatawa at tatawa sila kasama mo."   INSPIRING THE CHAMPIONS OF TOMORROW Now a successful athlete, Alyssa hopes to inspire a new generation of youth to take up sports. Like the kid from San Juan, Batangas, Alyssa believes every child needs to take that risk, that leap of faith, for an opportunity to realize their potential to be someone great, as part of a nation of champions. That's why the Phenom has teamed up with Milo to invite kids of all ages to try any of the 18 different sports clinics the energy drink brand will offer summer, from April 2 to June 3, to get set for a lifetime's worth of lessons and values, on and off the court. "Parehas kami na really wanna pay it forward. Through camps, a lot of camps all over the Philippines," she said. "Ako, yun lang din yung gusto ko as an athlete, gusto ko ma-share 'yung knowledge ko." With Alyssa and her wealth of experience on board, indeed, this summer sounds like the perfect time for children to pursue sports......»»

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Where to treat mom and the family today

It's not really just because today, May 13, is Mother's Day that you should treat mom and the family out to dinner. The more compelling reason is that 13 Ubay St., a restaurant named after its address in Quezon City, has a homey ambiance for slow meals and relaxed conversation with the clan, or even with close friends. The truth is, owner Zaza Sarmiento herself comes from a big family---both mom's and dad's side---that holds frequent get-togethers. And since she wanted to apply her culinary education on her own after working as a chef abroad, Sarmiento opened 13 Ubay St. right in her father's ancestral house. Hung on the walls around the spacious dining area are vintage bla...Keep on reading: Where to treat mom and the family today.....»»

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ONE Round With Giorgio Petrosyan | HEROES OF HONOR | 20 April 2018 | Manila – Manila Video

World Champion Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan squares off against Smokin’ Jo Nattawut in a highly anticipated ONE Super Series bout at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR. Known for his surgical precision and supreme technical skills, in this exclusive interview, “The Doctor” shares how his father’s work ethic had influenced him to work hard and achieve his… link: ONE Round With Giorgio Petrosyan | HEROES OF HONOR | 20 April 2018 | Manila – Manila Video.....»»

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The best tacos in town are in Sucat

  While attending the pompous, vainglorious, glamorous and utterly enjoyable ceremonies in Macau for Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, we filled the time between delectation and mastication with speculation as to which of the current generation of chefs would get on the list next year. It's almost certain that Chele Gonzalez would return to the list once the renovated Gallery Vask reopens. But which new chef would be next to sidle in? For most of us gathered in Macau, two names kept cropping up: Josh Boutwood and Bruce Ricketts. Ricketts invited me and a few other friends down to La Chinesca in BF Homes Paraaque, a few doors away from where his first restaurant, Sensei, opene...Keep on reading: The best tacos in town are in Sucat.....»»

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What’s for dinner? Surprise!

THE ELEMENT of surprise adds to the experience of a meal at Marriott Manila’s steakhouse, Cru with the recent introduction of a new concept by the hotel’s Executive chef Meik Brammer — The Mystery Box. The concept is simple: every day, Mr. Brammer sets up a box containing four to six ingredients — but it […] The post What’s for dinner? Surprise! appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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RAPPLER RECIPES: Tofu and green bean stir fry

Served as a meal or a side dish, this light but filling recipe makes it easy to go meat-free. INGREDIENTS • 2 tablespoons canola oil• 250 grams firm tofu, sliced into uniform chunks• 1 small white onion, diced• 2 cloves garlic, minced• 1 cup Baguio beans, trimmed and ........»»

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Crispy grilled cheese sandwich

  Here's a recipe for grilled cheese sandwich that my daughter Pia developed in her kitchen in California. To the usual ingredients of grilled cheese sandwich, she adds strawberry jam. The sweetness of the jam balances the savory, somewhat salty flavor of the cheeses (she uses two kinds of cheese). She also sprinkles panko bread crumbs over the cheese to make the sandwich extra crispy. I've tried the recipe in my kitchen and, I must say, it's a winner. The strawberry jam and the panko add new dimensions of taste and texture to what would otherwise be a plain grilled cheese sandwich. Gruyre and mozzarella are the ideal cheeses to use for this recipe because they melt ...Keep on reading: Crispy grilled cheese sandwich.....»»

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In Mosul, hundreds fear arrest for sharing names with jihadists

MOSUL, Iraq – Since jihadists were pushed out of Mosul, Mohammed has not left his home. Although he never joined the Islamic State (ISIS) group, he shares a name with one of its fighters and fears arrest. Like hundreds of others, the 24-year-old Iraqi father of two has not dared to ........»»

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LOOK: Anne Curtis shares ‘My Girl’-inspired throwback photo to honor dad’s birthday

Actress and "It's Showtime" host Anne Curtis may already be a married woman, but she is still very much her daddy's girl. Curtis went on throwback mode, posting a photo of herself when she was still a little girl, donning a checkered coat and black hat, with her dashing father James by her side. Her Instagram post on Monday was to celebrate his 75th birthday. Describing her dad, Curtis affectionately referred to him as, "75 really but a 16-year-old boy at heart." As for her wish for him, she said she only wants "health and happiness" for him. Happiest Birthday Father Dearest!! 75 but really a 16 year old boy at heart! As always, I wish you health and happiness. Virt...Keep on reading: LOOK: Anne Curtis shares ‘My Girl’-inspired throwback photo to honor dad’s birthday.....»»

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Jayson Castro embraces role as Gilas top dog in crunchtime

MANILA, Philippines – Father Time creeping up on Jayson Castro doesn't mean he has lost the clutch gene.  Castro, at 31, is not as fast as the man who nabbed the Best Point Guard in Asia title a few years ago but on Sunday night, February ........»»

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Brighten Up Your Brunch Menu

Waking up early is hardly anyone’s favorite thing to do, especially on the weekends. Instead of planning an elaborate menu for brunch with family and friends, keep your plans simple and hit that snooze button. Transform a favorite recipe with new, inspired ingredients instead of traditional brunch fare. Try putting a twist on a classic […].....»»

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This alchemist could be his generation’s best chef

  It seems that Josh Boutwood, chef of The Test Kitchen, had a magnificent 2017. He was a speaker at Madrid Fusion Manila, became the brand ambassador of San Miguel's Great Food Solutions, got on the cover of the F&B Report, and made headlines with his gastronomic atelier The Test Kitchen. I had the opportunity to try his executions at an F&B Report event at the now-defunct Allium and at a World Wildlife Fund charity collaboration dinner at the Shangri-La. Both times, he emerged competitive, displaying his culinary vigor and stepping up to 2015 and 2016's big names like Chele Gonzalez and Margarita Fores. I first tried his cooking 10 or so years ago at Alchemy, ...Keep on reading: This alchemist could be his generation’s best chef.....»»

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Have an upcoming trip to the land of the rising sun? Our newest resident Japanes…

Have an upcoming trip to the land of the rising sun? Our newest resident Japanese, Chef Hiromi, has the best local foodie tips for you! Chef shares, “Try the melon in Japan during the summertime. It is juicy and sweet, but is more oishi with a shot of brandy!” Source link: Have an upcoming trip to the land of the rising sun? Our newest resident Japanes….....»»

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LOOK: Kris Aquino recalls lessons learned from parents, shares throwback photos of Cory and Ninoy

Kris Aquino seemed to be on a reminiscent spree as she took to Instagram and shared with her fans and followers sentimental throwback pictures of her parents. Her first post was a black and white photo of herself and her father, the late senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. It showed Ninoy carrying a baby Kris in his arms as they played and candidly laughed together. The Queen of All Media accompanied the photo with a heartwarming caption: "The 1st man who ever called me beautiful, really believing i could soar, and always reminded me to stay confident in the pursuit of my dreams. #family." In a second post, Aquino shared a sepia-toned photo of her toddler self and her mother,...Keep on reading: LOOK: Kris Aquino recalls lessons learned from parents, shares throwback photos of Cory and Ninoy.....»»

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Hard work, family, and tocino the key ingredients to Fil-Am cyclist’s success

Coryn Rivera, said to be the only cyclist with Filipino roots to be taking part in the European circuit, is back at where it all began for her. “It’s good to be back,” she said with a small smile during her welcome lunch on Monday at the Shang at the Fort in Taguig. The name Rivera resonated with Filipinos when she won the Prudential RideLondon Classique a year ago. Then, her origins were unknown until ABS-CBN’s Gretchen Ho, who was part of the country’s delegation in London, inquired about them. While now an American citizen, the 25-year-old’s parents are full-blooded Filipinos who remain proud of their roots. Their eldest of two children only shares the same sentiment. “It’s cool to be a person with an ethnic background. I think I’m the only one with Filipino blood to be there (European circuit),” Coryn said. Rivera is now part of professional cycling team Sunweb which is very much active in the European circuit. In all of her races, a big part of her preparation remains Filipino to the core. “I still love tocino and tapa for breakfast with banana ketchup. I’m still very much into Filipino culture even though I was born in the (US),” she said. Of course, it has been parents Wally and Lina who have made sure that such is the case. “Breakfast is very important so I would make sure she always had her rice and tocino,” the latter shared. With that simple yet loving act, the elder Riveras have made it clear that they are fully behind their big-time source of pride who only stands at 5-foot-3. And clearly, that has made all the difference in the world. “We always support Coryn. I think that’s why she succeeds – because we support her 110 percent,” Lina said. That all-out support has impacted Coryn in more ways than one. “She saw us work hard to get to where we are. We also don’t spoil our kids – we make them work hard to get to where they are,” her mother said. She then continued, “We do everything on our own and she’s just the same way.” Indeed, it has been the example set by her hardworking parents that Rivera follows to this day wherever she is – be that in the Tour of Flanders in Belgium or in the hills of Tagaytay. “My parents are role models. They are hardworking and that’s what I want to be,” she said. And so, the American citizen cyclist remains Filipino at heart – even though she is yet to string together a Tagalog sentence. Asked about the native language of her parents, she answered, “I understand it really well, but as far as speaking it, I’m still practicing.” Good thing then that she will have some time to practice as Rivera will participate in the upcoming PRUride PH 2018 from January 11 to 14 in Subic, Zambales. Backed by British life insurer Pru Like UK, PRUride PH 2018 is expected to be one of the biggest cycling events in the country as it will be spread over two areas and span two weekends. In Subic, veteran pedal-pushers such as George Oconer and Marella Salamat will join Rivera in taking part in the 160 km PRUride Professional Road Race. The event continues a week later in McKinley West in Taguig where next iterations of the Criterium races first held a year ago will ensue. PRUride PH 2018 has been sanctioned by PhilCycling, the national governing body for the sport of cycling. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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