Why would anyone ever pay $558,000 for a bottle of Burgundy?

WHEN A private Asian collector bid an eye-popping $558,000 for a single bottle of 1945 Romanée-Conti at Sotheby’s sale this past Saturday in New York, a world record was smashed. This was not just the highest price ever reached for a 750 ml bottle of Burgundy, but also the highest for any bottle of wine ever at auction. The post Why would anyone ever pay $558,000 for a bottle of Burgundy? appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Know your beer: A social butterfly’s guide to premium brews

MANILA, Philippines – Many occasions call for a cold bottle of beer. And depending on the occasion, we are expected to function differently. Most of the time, the beer we drink decides which kind of visitor we are – and of course, we would always want to be the ........»»

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Where were you when you first heard about magnetic scrap lifters?

YEARS from now, I reckon, we shall be asking ourselves that question. For the record, I was sitting in the café of the Senate building in Manila with a bottle...READ MORE The post Where were you when you first heard about magnetic scrap lifters? appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Four Dishes to Pair with Your Favorite Beer

October has arrived and for many, it’s the time to pop open a bottle of beer and say cheers! But you don’t have to go to a pub or bar to celebrate Oktoberfest – why not take a bottle (or two) home and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. And what’s even […].....»»

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Black Label – Manila Picture

Image published by tc_manasan on 2010-09-19 16:53:16 and used under Creative Commons license. Tagged: , liquor , bottle , black label , johnnie walker , family , hotel , manasan , manila , sofitel , trip , d90 link: Black Label – Manila Picture.....»»

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Not just organic, but vegan too

A BOTTLE of wine holds within its confines time and space, for a wine maker has distilled into a liquid the soil, the sunshine, and the care that went into making it. An Australian wine maker is proud to say that he has done that, all while embracing nature and minimizing Man’s touch......»»

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'BSideForever: A nostalgic account of the iconic Makati spot

The first time I went to B-Side was in 2013---a college blockmate invited us to watch Wolfgang, Kamikazee, and Valley of Chrome. I remember being right in front and my leg was hitting the metal barricades because of the volume of people;Jay Contreras tried to crowdsurf; and I went home smelling like beer---not because I got wasted, but some drunk guy accidentally spilled his bottle on my head while I was sitting on the floor. But it was still a fun night, nonetheless. Since then, B-Side has become one of my favorite venues to go to for local gigs (especially the music fests that last until dawn) and also food. The murals and graffiti on the walls added to its charm. I'm sure many ...Keep on reading: #BSideForever: A nostalgic account of the iconic Makati spot.....»»

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Teens steal from weed shop, get away with oregano

Teenagers burgled a pot dispensary in Colorado by slamming a van into the store and grabbing display items. However, no one's worried that the minors are getting high. The owner told KKTV 11 News in a report yesterday, Sept. 26 that the store, Native Roots had herbs --- particularly oregano --- on display. There was also an attempt to break into a locked area of the store. Unable to enter, the suspects resorted to stealing t-shirts, as per KGMH-TV. The incident occurred at around 1 a.m. and was seen by a number of witnesses. One of the bystanders, Brent Wrathbone called the cops as he saw the teenagers walking out with what looked like bunches of weed. A beer bottle was flung at h...Keep on reading: Teens steal from weed shop, get away with oregano.....»»

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Heart Evangelista causes a stir for carrying bottle of Chanel No. 5 in an airplane

How did Heart Evangelista get away with carrying a bottle of perfume and water inside a plane, even though it is against the rules? Evangelista posted her view from a plane seat while traveling to another country, as seen in a photo she posted on Instagram last Thursday, Sept. 20. Aside from some fashion magazines and a pouch, the photo showed a bottle of the perfume Chanel No. 5 and Evian bottled water. One netizen, @pamswineglass, noticed the perfume and commented, "Funny how that [C]hanel #5 wasn't confiscated." Agreeing with her was another netizen, @iamsweetcherry, who also wondered how come the perfume bottle was not confiscated, although the bottled water could ha...Keep on reading: Heart Evangelista causes a stir for carrying bottle of Chanel No. 5 in an airplane.....»»

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Champagne in space

FUTURE SPACE tourists may be able to toast the view from orbit with fine champagne, after designers came up with a high-tech bottle made for knocking back bubbly in zero gravity. The post Champagne in space appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Erehwon Center celebrates the arts with two-day ‘Fiesta’

A Nick Joaquin sculpture, his trademark beer bottle raised in his hand, greets the visitor at the entrance of Erehwon Center for the Arts in Old Balara, Quezon City, a home for the seven lively arts owned by businessman-art dealer Rafael Benitez. Proceed to the third level and you find yourself in the memorabilia room of the "master story-teller," one of the many artists Erehwon has chosen to honor in one way or the other. The four-story building has many other features, like an abstract mural in the penthouse and a grim mural protesting the atrocities of martial law in the third story, rehearsal hall for dancers and musicians, paintings, music studio, even a dormitory for artists...Keep on reading: Erehwon Center celebrates the arts with two-day ‘Fiesta’.....»»

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OPCW: Novichok killed Briton

THE HAGUE — The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or the OPCW confirmed that it was the Soviet-developed Novichok nerve agent that poisoned a British couple earlier this year. Dawn Sturgess, a 44-year-old mother of three, died on 8 July after being exposed to the poison contained in a perfume bottle that her […].....»»

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QC launches Waste Market program

THE Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD) launched a new recycling campaign to combat the use of single-use plastics at the city hall compound, dubbed as Waste Market Program. City hall employees and nearby residents can trade a kilo of single-use plastic bottles to a reusable water bottle at the Materials Recovery… link: QC launches Waste Market program.....»»

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Djokovic turns to ‘survival mode’ to win at steamy US Open

NEW YORK --- His cheeks red, hair matted with sweat, Novak Djokovic appeared to be in such distress as he trudged to a changeover on a steamy U.S. Open afternoon that someone suggested it would be a good idea to have a trash can at the ready, just in case he lost his lunch. Djokovic sat down and removed his shirt. He guzzled water from a plastic bottle. He placed one cold towel around his neck, a second across his lap and a third between his bare upper back and the seat. He was not even 1 hours into his first match at Flushing Meadows in two years, and while Djokovic eventually would get past Marton Fucsovics 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 6-0 Tuesday, it was a bit of an ordeal. "Survival...Keep on reading: Djokovic turns to ‘survival mode’ to win at steamy US Open.....»»

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2 men set on fire for picking fights in Dumagat community

CITY OF CAUAYAN --- Two drunk men suffered first-degree burns after being set ablaze at Maconacon town in Isabela provinceon Thursday, police said.   Recuperating from burns at the rural health unit in Maconacon was Fernando Sesuca, of Dicatian village; and Acorda Cortez, of Dicaroyan village, both Dumagat and laborers in Divilacan town, according to Sr. Insp. Frances Littaua, Isabela police spokesperson.   The two men were reportedly drunk and trying to deliberately start a fight in Malasin village -- a Dumagat community. Alarmed, the community sought out Dumagat elder, Renato Castillejo. But when the drunken men refused to heed his plea, Castillejo threw bottle...Keep on reading: 2 men set on fire for picking fights in Dumagat community.....»»

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Finnish brewery creates quirky beer for Trump-Putin summit

HELSINKI, Finland --- A small Finnish craft brewery is paying a humorous tribute to the Helsinki summit. RPS Brewing has issued a limited-edition lager depicting cartoon U.S. and Russian presidents on its label, with text for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin saying "Let's Settle This Like Adults" and "Making Lager Great Again." The beer has been in high demand since it hit the shelves nationwide a few days ago and the whole 10,000-bottle lot had been sold out ahead of Monday's summit. Samples have also been delivered to the U.S. and Russian embassies in Helsinki. CEO Samuli Huuhtanen told The Associated Press on Saturday that "a couple of good beers can help any negotiations,...Keep on reading: Finnish brewery creates quirky beer for Trump-Putin summit.....»»

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French cognac gets green light for ‘XXO’ label

French cognac will soon be able to be marketed as XXO, or "extra extra old," after regulators accepted a push by distillers to modify strict sales and production rules, an industry group said Monday. Currently, producers can apply only three quality distinctions: VS (very special), VSOP (very superior old pale) or XO (extra old)---all written in English in a nod to Britain's historical involvement in the brandy trade. But cognac heavyweight Hennessy, eyeing strong demand in Asia, had begun marketing a prestige bottle as "XXO Cognac Hors d'Age," or Beyond Age. France's consumer protection agency ordered Hennessy to pull the distinction from the labels in December, saying buye...Keep on reading: French cognac gets green light for ‘XXO’ label.....»»

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In the Philippines, Dynamite Fishing Decimates Entire Ocean Food Chains

By Aurora Almendral/ – Nothing beats dynamite fishing for sheer efficiency. A fisherman in this scattering of islands in the central Philippines balanced on a narrow outrigger boat and launched a bottle bomb into the sea with the ease of a quarterback. It exploded in a violent burst, rocking the Read more ».....»»

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WATCH: Champagne created for astronauts, commercial space travelers

Champagne-maker Mumm is set to 'launch' a bottle of bubbly developed specifically to be consumed in zero gravity conditions. With the specter of commercial space flights looming on the ho.....»»

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‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch praised for tackling muggers

LONDON --- The food-delivery firm Deliveroo has thanked Benedict Cumberbatch after the "Sherlock" star reportedly fought off muggers who were attacking a cyclist working for the company. Uber driver Manuel Dias told the Sun newspaper that he was driving Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter along London's Marylebone High Street when they saw a cyclist being hit with a bottle. He said Cumberbatch jumped out of the car and grabbed one of the attackers. Dias said "I had hold of one lad and Benedict another. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave." Cumberbatch's spokeswoman declined to comment. The newspaper didn't say when the incident occurred. Poli...Keep on reading: ‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch praised for tackling muggers.....»»

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