Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus get Android 9 Pie

Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus get Android 9 Pie.....»»

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‘Pokémon Go’ update encourages healthier gamers

The latest update for "Pokmon Go" will further encourage its players to get out and get fit because the game will now link to step-tracking apps on a smartphone. The new feature, dubbed Adventure Sync, will tie in with Google Fit for Android or Apple Health for iOS to track player movements. This will be a plus for gamers because it means they no longer need to keep the game running on screen to hatch Pokmon eggs or get achievements, according to a Niantic developer blog. Adventure Sync will also manage push notifications to tell players if an egg has hatched or they've earned more Buddy Candies from all the daily walking "Pokmon Go" trainers do. The update just rolled out o...Keep on reading: ‘Pokémon Go’ update encourages healthier gamers.....»»

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Pokemon in Pokemon Go now appear life-size on Android too

MANILA, Philippines - Android Pokemon Go players can now enjoy an upgraded monster catching experience as developer Niantic has released AR+ mode for the game. What does it do? It makes in-game Pokemon appear like their supposed real size. This means that a Pikachu will ........»»

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Tech nostalgia on show at Berlin’s IFA

BERLIN, Germany --- For many consumers, rewinding cassettes, carefully placing a needle on a record or shaking dry a Polaroid photo may all feel like long-forgotten gestures from a bygone era. But they're everywhere to be seen again at Berlin's IFA tech show, albeit it with an unmistakable digital touch. The "new trends" section of the fair, which often showcases upcoming Christmas-season blockbusters, is dominated by a stand belonging to Polaroid, the household-name camera firm that not so long ago appeared near death. Known as the One Step+, the snapper looks exactly like a traditional Polaroid from the outside--- but offers Bluetooth connectivity to sync up with Android a...Keep on reading: Tech nostalgia on show at Berlin’s IFA.....»»

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Lenovo Introduces A Slew of New Budget-friendly Tablets

The tablet market sales are dwindling and Lenovo thinks it’s got the solution with five recently announced Android tablets purpose-built to give you the bang for the buck. These budget-friendly tablets include the E series composing of Lenovo Tab E7, E8, and E10 which are recommended for basic media consumption and gameplay, thus it is […].....»»

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PlayStation®4 NBA 2K19 Bundle to be released in the PH this September

Sports video game fans, rejoice! The world's best basketball simulator, NBA 2K, will be dropping its 20th iteration, NBA 2K19, and as a treat for PlayStation®4 users, a special, limited edition NBA 2K19  PlayStation®4 bundle will be available this September, coinciding with the video game's release. It will be available at stores at a suggested retail price of PHP 20,490. Included in the bundle includes a jet black, 500 GB PlayStation®4 console, a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, Blu-ray Disc version of the NBA 2K19 and One-Year extended warranty service. It also comes with an A2 size poster featuring NBA 2K19 Standard Edition cover athlete, two-time NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo and a premium decal sticker. NBA 2K celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be, from best in class graphics & gameplay to groundbreaking game modes, and an immersive open-world “Neighborhood.” NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture. It will be available via pre-order this September......»»

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YouTube s viewing stats track how long you spend watching videos

MANILA, Philippines – Google’s digital wellbeing feature, introduced in Android 9 Pie , is spilling over to its other services, including YouTube. The new feature will let users control how much time they spend watching videos by tracking and sharing stats regarding their viewing habits. These are delineated into how much ........»»

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Google sued for unwanted tracking of phone locations

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – A lawsuit filed in a US federal court accuses Google of invading people's privacy by tracking the whereabouts of smartphones users despite "location history" settings being turned off. The suit filed Friday by a California man seeks unspecified damages along with class-action status to represent all US iPhone or Android ........»»

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Google collects location data even if you turn off location setting

MANILA, Philippines – An Associated Press report exposed a sneaky Google practice where the search giant continues to collect a user's location data even if the user has turned off the "Location History" setting on their mobile device. The data privacy issue affects both iOS and Android platforms, the ........»»

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Google Play notifies gamers ’Fortnite’ not available on Play Store

Gamers and "Fortnite" fans are getting notifications from Google Play that the game is not available on the Play Store. The launch of beta access for "Fortnite's" Android version had fans excited to finally play the game on their Android devices. However, the title was initially limited to Samsung devices and will be rolled out gradually to other brands. Beta access required gamers to register on a waiting list where they would get an email with instructions on how to play. Gamers would later discover that looking up "Fortnite Battle Royale" on Google Play returned a specified message that the game was not available on the platform, as first reported by 9to5Google. One g...Keep on reading: Google Play notifies gamers ’Fortnite’ not available on Play Store.....»»

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Google sets limit to number of notches on Android P devices

MANILA, Philippines - While we have yet to see a device with more than one notch cutout, Google has gone ahead and set the ground rules for the maximum number of notches an Android device can have. In a developer blog post , Android UI product manager Megan ........»»

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Xiaomi launches second-generation Android One phones in Spain

  MADRID, Spain – The Chinese smartphone industry's push into Western markets got another boost on Tuesday, July 24, as Spanish capital, Madrid, hosted the global launch of Xiaomi's newest phones: the Mi A2 and the Mi A2 Lite. These two phones are the successor to last year's successful Mi A1, ........»»

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What Android users should know about Google’s fight with the EU

The European Union (EU)  slapped Google  with a $5 billion fine Wednesday, alleging that the tech giant has acted in an uncompetitive manner by pre-loading apps and its services, such as Google search and the Chrome browser, onto Android phones. But as the specifics of the complaint are ........»»

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Google hit with record 4.3-billion euro fine in EU over Android

BRUSSELS, Belgium (UPDATED) – The European Union slapped Google with a huge 4.34-billion-euro fine for abusing the dominance of its Android operating system on Wednesday, July 18, in the biggest antitrust penalty in the bloc's history. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said the US tech giant illegally used Android's near-monopoly to ........»»

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Android software puts Google at the heart of mobile world

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Google Android operating system, the target of a long-running EU antitrust investigation, powers the vast majority of the world’s smartphones and firmly rules the mobile world......»»

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Google faces record 4.3-billion euro fine in EU over Android

BRUSSELS, Belgium –  Google faced a record EU anti-trust fine of 4.3 billion euros on Wednesday, July 18, over its Android smartphone system, in a ruling that risks a fresh clash between Brussels and Washington. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is expected to say that the US tech giant abused Android's ........»»

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‘The Walking Dead’ AR game released for Android, iOS

"The Walking Dead: Our World", the augmented-reality (AR) mobile game by Next Games based on the American post-apocalyptic horror television series of the same name, is now available for Android and iOs users. The rollout for iOS and Android was reported byVariety last Thursday, July 12. Borrowing the characters from AMC's adaptation of the zombie comics by Robert Kirkman, "The Walking Dead: Our World" is a game about survival in a zombie-infested world. Clayton Neuman, vice president for games and entertainment applications at AMC Network, acknowledged "Pokmon Go's" contribution on the AR games. "But our goal wasn't to make 'Pokemon Go' with zombies.Augmented realityand locatio...Keep on reading: ‘The Walking Dead’ AR game released for Android, iOS.....»»

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Moment’s Android Camera App is Up for Grabs

Initially available for iOS devices exclusively, Moment’s professional camera app launched earlier this month in Google Play Store, making it finally accessible for Android users as well. Moment is a company renowned as a smartphone lenses and video gear maker, and introduced the camera app of the same name into the Android market. The Moment […].....»»

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To improve digital well-being, put your phone down and talk to people

Apple and Google recently announced features in their forthcoming mobile operating systems designed to “ reduce interruptions and manage screen time .”  Android  and  iOS  users alike will soon be able to guard their sleep against digital temptations, easily activate “Do Not Disturb” mode when needed, and get ........»»

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Volvo to embed Google Maps, Assistant in Sensus

Volvo Cars has announced it is working with Google to embed the voice-controlled Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Google Maps and other Google services into its next-generation Sensus infotainment system, based on Google’s Android operating system. Volvo Cars’ intended partnership with Google will further enhance the way Volvo customers engage and interact with their cars. […].....»»

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