4 Filipinos abroad recover from COVID-19 –DFA

Four Filipino nationals have recovered from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) in Asia and the Pacific with no new confirmed case and no new fatality among the nationals abroad, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Thursday. To date, the total number of COVID-19 infections among overseas Filipinos is 11,186. Of the said numbers, 3,123 are still undergoing treatment in various hospitals and health facilities worldwide.  The total number of recoveries across the main geographic regions is now 7,248.On the ongoing repatriation of distressed and stranded Filipinos abroad, the foreign affairs office reported that a total of 40 nationals were brought home from North Sulawesi, Indonesia last week.  The second batch of repatriates from Manado were fetched by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) vessel “BRP Tubbataha” (MRRV-4401) on October 15, 2020 after being granted a diplomatic clearance by the Indonesian government. Noted as the DFA’s first repatriation effort by sea during the pandemic, the department pledged its full commitment in bringing home stranded Filipinos abroad......»»

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Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 reach 11,719 with 11 new cases

Foreign affairs officials on Wednesday said 11 more Filipinos abroad have contracted the coronavirus, bringing the total to 11,719. .....»»

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COVID-19 cases among Filipinos abroad breach 11,600 with over 70 new cases

Another 73 overseas Filipinos contracted coronavirus, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Friday night.....»»

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19 more Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 push total to 11,592

The foreign affairs department on Thursday said 19 more Filipinos abroad have contracted the coronavirus, bringing the total to now at 11,592. .....»»

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Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 reach 11,573 with 6 new cases reported

Filipinos abroad infected with the coronavirus reached 11,573 on Wednesday, as officials reported six new cases from Asia and the Middle East. .....»»

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DFA: 7 more Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 bring total to 11,567

Foreign affairs officials on Tuesday reported seven more Filipinos abroad with the coronavirus, as the global count of infections near 60 million. .....»»

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DFA: Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 now at 11,545

The number of Filipinos abroad with the coronavirus has reached 11,545 on Wednesday, as officials report three new cases. .....»»

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14 more Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 push total to 11,542

The foreign affairs department on Tuesday said 14 more Filipinos abroad were reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the count to 11,542. .....»»

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Filipinos abroad with COVID-19 reach over 11,500 

The number of Filipinos abroad infected with the coronavirus on Tuesday stood at 11,501, with officials reporting 27 new cases from three regions. .....»»

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30 more Filipinos abroad get COVID-19; total now at 11,410

Foreign affairs officials on Thursday reported 30 new coronavirus infections among Filipinos abroad which had originated from Asia and Europe. .....»»

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COVID-19 cases among Filipinos abroad breach 11,300 after DFA reports a spike in infections

The Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday reported that an additional 119 Filipinos contracted COVID-19 overseas......»»

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Filipinos raring to travel again – AirAsia

Filipinos are already raring to travel abroad early next year amid uncertainties still posed by the COVID-19 pandemic......»»

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Coke PH expands Balik Pinas program for repatriated OFWs

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI)—the bottling arm of Coca-Cola in the country—has expanded its Balik Pinas program to national scale to reach more repatriated overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and help them start their own business at home. Gareth McGeown, CCBPI President and CEO. “Coca-Cola’s commitment to Filipinos has only grown stronger, in weathering this crisis together,” said Gareth McGeown, CCBPI President and CEO. “We will help and support where we can. Through Balik Pinas, our goal is to help repatriated OFWs who have lost their livelihood abroad to start anew, via owning and operating their own business and be successful here, at home, with their families.” With the help of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), CCBPI aims to reach more OFWs who are interested to start their own business through Balik Pinas. Data from the Department of Foreign Affairs show that as of September 2020, over 190,000 overseas Filipino workers have been repatriated. Balik Pinas gives opportunities to OFWs to be part of the Coca-Cola family as a distributor, wholesaler, or a community reseller. Balik Pinas is a journey that the company and new entrepreneurs take together at every step—from setting up the business, to sustaining it, to ensuring growth. Coca-Cola assists former OFWs in choosing a suitable business model for their area, helps in managing their cash flow and inventory, and sees to it that they are given proper guidance and training until they are fully ready and equipped to operate on their own—all in all, a sustainable and profitable business founded on practical support from a global beverage brand. According to Carlos Rivera, CCBPI Territory Sales Team in Naga City, the Balik Pinas Program started as a small-scale initiative in Naga City to help former OFWs. Just a couple of months after returning home, Carlos Manzano and his family was able to set up their business as Coca-Cola distributor through the Balik Pinas Program, which Carlos said has reshaped his life and outlook forever. IN PHOTO: Carlos and their family’s multi-cab routing unit with the Coca-Cola Naga Sales team. When the program’s pilot rollout started, the Manzanos—brothers Carlos and Jazz, and their father Lito—were among the pioneer members. Carlos and Jazz had both been working for several years in Qatar until the COVID-19 pandemic shook the trajectory of their career and, consequently, the well-being of their families. Together with their father, Lito, who also used to be an overseas worker, they set up a beverage distribution business in their hometown Naga City. Their optimism, as with any new business venture, was tempered with anxiety over how it would all turn out—especially with the considerable challenge of launching during such tenuous times until Rivera offered them membership to the Balik Pinas Program of Coca-Cola. Now, the Manzanos are running a profitable business as Coca-Cola distributors. “Even when I had to leave Qatar suddenly because of the lay-offs, I always envisioned that I would head back to work there when things settle. But with Coca-Cola’s Balik Pinas, I have a livelihood that doesn’t take me away from my family as being an OFW had,” said Carlos.  Lito can still remember his first order of 60 cases of Coke products. Now, the Manzano  family business has grown to an average of 4,000 cases a month, just five months after they started—a feat magnified for it being in the middle of a pandemic and strict quarantine measures. The Manzanos have also since invested in routing units to augment their business’s capabilities—a multicab and a tricycle. Since starting his business in 2019, Billy Belleza (left), is now one of the prominent Coca-Cola distributors in his area and has added another mini truck to serve more routes and deliveries. Billy is one of the pioneers of Coca-Cola’s Balik Pinas program. Another Balik Pinas program pioneer member is Billy Belleza who decided to return to the country after working for 20 years in Brunei. “I am really thankful that Coca-Cola reached out to me to be a part of this. They have never failed to present opportunities for me and my business to grow since I decided to take part in the Balik Pinas Program. My sales actually soared this year,” said Belleza, who is also based in Naga City. According to Rivera, Balik Pinas Program was really designed for returning OFWs like Billy, Carlos, and Jazz and their families to set up and run a viable business at home. “With their success and in light of current events, this program was expanded to operate on a national scale, so the company can lend assistance to repatriated OFWs and their families as they weather through new challenges brought on by the pandemic,” Rivera said. Coca-Cola has consistently sought to create programs to support MSMEs, more so now with the COVID-19 pandemic having disrupted countless lives and livelihoods. With programs like Balik Pinas, Coca-Cola remains firm in their commitment to help local communities, contributing to the restart of the national economy—by way of reaching out to Filipinos.  To know more about the program, you may reach Coca-Cola’s contact center at (02)-8813-COKE (2653). For SMART/PLDT users: toll-free number: 1800-1888-COKE (2653); and for GLOBE users: toll-free number: 1800-8888-COKE (2653). You may also contact 0919-160-COKE (2653) via SMS......»»

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Dev’t program for Filipino teachers in Cambodia launched

To help more than 1,000 Filipinos working as teachers in Cambodia, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Philippine Embassy in Phnom Penh have launched a development program to enhance their competencies and ensure high salaries. CHED Chairman J. Prospero de Vera III and Chargé d’Affaires Myca Magnolia signed last Friday a Memorandum of Cooperation to introduce the “Developing Global Filipino Teachers” program which aims to equip, capacitate, and enhance competencies of the 1,152 Filipino teachers in Cambodia. According to De Vera, the embassy alerted the commission last year on the plight of these Filipinos working as teachers in Cambodia as the majority of them are not licensed to teach due to lack of proper credentials. The CHED partnered with some universities, including St. Paul University, Cebu Normal University, and the Philippine Normal University, which are centers of excellence in teacher education, for the realization of professionalization of some of the OFWs who are not licensed professional teachers. “We cannot emphasize the importance of higher education in playing a critical role in the development of our citizens here and abroad. This memorandum of cooperation produces better collaboration and easier grasp of the problem at hand,” De Vera said. “The solution is now within our reach, thanks to the Developing Global Filipino Teachers program,” he added. Under the memorandum, those who are qualified for the program include professionals who are not graduates of the teacher education program who intend to take the Philippine Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET); in-service teachers who want to enhance their competencies and their impact in the classroom and beyond to understand global issues; graduates of education program but have not passed the Philippine LET; and those Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). “This program is one of the manifestations of the Filipino ‘bayanihan’ spirit driving the Philippine higher education during this COVID-19 crisis. We grappled with the pandemic individually but we will conquer it together as one,” the CHED chief added......»»

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Filipinos abroad positive for COVID-19 reach 11,186 with 8 new cases reported

Filipinos abroad who have contracted the coronavirus are now at 11,186, as officials report eight new cases on Wednesday. .....»»

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House okays budget in marathon session

The House of Representatives under the leadership of Speaker Lord Allan Velasco on Friday night approved on third and final reading the P4.5 trillion national budget for 2021, reaffirming its commitment to pass the highest quality budget that would help Filipinos and the economy rebound, reset and recover from the adverse impact of COVID-19......»»

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COVID-19 deaths among Filipinos abroad hit 800 — DFA

The DFA on Wednesday reported six new cases and two recoveries among Filipinos in Asia and the Pacific as well as the Middle East. Meanwhile, a single fatality brought the death toll among overseas Filipinos to a grim 800. .....»»

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COVID-19 cases among Filipinos abroad breach 10,500

With 40 new COVID-19 cases reported by the DFA, infections among Filipinos abroad are now at 10,507. .....»»

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Over 10,400 cases of COVID-19 cases among Filipinos abroad — DFA

The Department of Foreign Affairs on Thursday logged five new COVID-19 infections and one new fatality among Filipinos abroad. .....»»

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Keep ‘home alone’ policy

Because in the end, it is us Filipinos who will have to take the bitter pills again to overcome and recover from the COVID impact to our lives......»»

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DFA: 10,097 Filipinos abroad have tested positive for COVID-19

Of the total tally of coronavirus-positive Filipinos, 3,120 are undergoing treatment while 6,220 have recovered or have been discharged from the hospital, the deaprtment said. .....»»

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