Artificial intelligence algorithm predicts slow earthquakes

A team of researchers has succeeded in creating an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can identify changes in the earth’s crust that occur up to three months before an earthquake. On Aug. 21, Indonesia was struck by a 6.9-magnitude earthquake. Fortunately, it was a deep-focus temblor which did not result in loss of life or […] The post Artificial intelligence algorithm predicts slow earthquakes appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Artificial intelligence, AlphaGo

In October 2015, the computer algorithm AlphaGo, created by the Google-owned company DeepMind, beat European champion Fan Hui by 5 games to 0. This was the first time that a computer program has defeated a human professional player in the full-sized game .....»»

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Literary Fiesta

Filipino dining in Philippine literature Pahiyas festival, illustration by Manuel Baldemor It’s not Pinoy dining if it’s not a feast. And our Philippine literature has told many stories that illustrate our healthy appetite, traditional palayok (clay pot) cooking, siesta, fiesta, flavors, and fusions.  Doña Victorina fans herself amid the smoke of a roasting pig. Her guests are coming, their noses up in the air sniffing the flavors. On the table, adorned with gilded copa de vino (wine glass) and plato, are sinigang na dalag with alibambang leaves, callos, adobo, tinola, and pochero. Everybody was in high spirits. Never mind if the doña is broke (to begin with). At least her guests are full. Jose Rizal drew a perfect picture of the Pinoy fiesta and salu-salo (gathering) culture. Our national hero himself loves to eat. He prefers a hefty serving of champorado and tuyo for breakfast. For dessert, he likes minatamis na santol (sweetened santol) made from boiled santol slices soaked for three days in hugas bigas (water used to wash rice). Before starving in Europe, where he published El Filibusterismo, Rizal would feast in carneng asada (beefsteak with sauce), made from lean meat marinated in olive oil, lime juice, and parsley and served with fried potatoes. Gabriela Silang loved pinakbet. Emilio Aguinaldo listed sardines with tomatoes among his favorites. Marcelo H. del Pilar would die (pun intended) for his apparent favorite, pochero, the local version of the Spanish cocido. Andres Bonifacio got his strength and protein source in nilitsong manok sa zaha (grilled chicken wrapped in sampaloc and banana leaves). The Filipino salu-salo Never mind if some of our celebrated dishes are not “purely” Pinoy. “What is Filipino food and how does food become Filipino?” asks the late food critic Doreen Fernandez. She argued that food only became Pinoy by process of indigenization, like patis (fish sauce) put in a foreign dish. And this is how Pinoy fusion came to life. What we have on our modern plates are many fusions, crazy or ingenious, like paella with lechon, sinigang na steak, adobong tapa, pancit with kangkong. Yes, you get the picture.  Could their favorite Filipino flavors be the reason behind the intelligence and nationalism of our heroes Rizal and Bonifacio? Too bad, many young Pinoys nowadays barely know what minatamis na santol is, or any Pinoy traditional merienda for that matter. What replaced maruya, nilagang kamote, turon, kutsinta, and ginataang mais are French fries, burger, pizza, and pasta. You know what they say: You are what you eat.   In another table setting, Padre Damaso looks across the dining table. Everybody’s enjoying tinola, a stew of chicken and green papaya, but not him. Who wants chicken neck for lunch? He didn’t finish his plate. And this, people, was how the concepts of degustation and small plates were born. They’re not, after all, a French discovery or New York’s. We can blame our mañaña habit. We’re too slow to grab the credit. And oh, we are pioneers of the culture of not finishing plates, too. Blame these all to Padre Damaso (or Jose Rizal?). The tinola brouhaha scene in Noli Me Tangere started it all.  Lechon haus mural by boonsai While it’s rude in other cultures not to devour all the food served on the plate, in the Philippines, it’s not. Pinoy eating tradition tells you it’s okay to have leftovers. Telenovela , movies, and literature are great examples. When a family fights over the dining table, the father (or any member) walks away with an unfinished plate. In Ibong Adarna, over a scrumptious dinner, the brothers were all too busy planning how to catch the elusive bird that they forgot to finish their plate.       Besides books, paintings also tell our delicious food experience. Fernando Amorsolo captured Pinoy eating habits in his painting Afternoon Meal of the Rice Workers. It shows Pinoy families cooking meals in a palayok and eating under the shade of a tree, seemingly ready to sleep after an afternoon feast. With all the food trends coming and going on our plates and literature pages flying off to oblivion, what remains steadfast in our eating habit is this: Siesta. –NICKKY FAUSTINE P. DE GUZMAN.....»»

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Social commerce transactions soar 4-fold in H1

Social commerce in the Philippines grew over 300 percent in terms of value in the first semester, according to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions firm iKala......»»

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DTI eyes AI roadmap rollout

The Department of Trade and Industry plans to start next year the implementation of the roadmap that will position the country as an artificial intelligence powerhouse......»»

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COA explores AI in detecting anomalies

The Commission on Audit has begun exploring the use of artificial intelligence to help its auditors sort and process large volumes of government records for faster detection of anomalous transactions......»»

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Alibaba Cloud digitalizes sports with more AI solutions

During the Apsara Conference 2020, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, unveiled a series of artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions which are set to transform and digitalize the way sports entertainment was traditionally organized, broadcast and consumed. The solutions are designed to bring spectators closer to the events’ center stage for more personalized and interactive engagement, while helping organizers and broadcasters operate more efficiently, effectively and securely......»»

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Educated yet amoral: AI capable of writing books sparks awe

An artificial intelligence (AI) technology made by a firm co-founded by billionaire Elon Musk has won praise for its ability to generate coherent stories, novels and even computer code but it remains blind to racism or sexism. GPT-3, as Californian company OpenAI’s latest AI language model is known, is capable of completing a dialogue between […] The post Educated yet amoral: AI capable of writing books sparks awe appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Meet BOB, the Artificial Intelligence buddy of BSP

BOB: BSP Artificial Intelligence buddy grab from BSP FB PageQUEZON CITY, Aug. 26 (PIA) - The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) chatbot - "BOB" (BSP Online Buddy), that assists consumers who.....»»

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AI-enhanced precision medicine identifies novel autism subtype: study

CHICAGO, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- A novel precision medicine approach enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) has laid the groundwork for what could be the first biomedical screening and intervention t.....»»

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QC taps artificial intelligence for monitoring, tracking of COVID-19

CALOOCAN CITY, July 28 (PIA) -- The Quezon City government has tapped artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tracking and monitoring of suspected and probable cases.Thru the recently launc.....»»

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Quezon City employing AI to monitor, track COVID-19 cases

The Quezon City government will be using artificial intelligence to automate contact-tracing efforts, the city hall said in a news release on Tuesday, July 28......»»

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Startup trains underskilled women in AI for free, in partnership with UN Women

With the Philippines bracing itself for the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), one social impact tech startup is making sure that Filipino women are prepared for the inevitable changes......»»

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OPPO partners with IEEE to strengthen collaboration, join in setting global tech standards

OPPO and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have forged a strategic partnership to enhance academic exchanges and to collaborate in standard creation in fields such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and big data. With this recognition and collaboration, OPPO is set to accelerate its pace of innovation to benefit users around the world. .....»»

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Tech Talks: Critical Questions a Threat Intelligence Service Should be able to Answer

The new decade opened with the commercialization of 5G networks, further implementations of Artificial Intelligence, and the increased use of data analytics. Aside from these revolutionary breakthroughs, there is one underlying trend that we should not miss — the heightened importance of intelligence in this digital age. In Southeast Asia alone, researchers at Kaspersky have […].....»»

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Consolacion Hailed for Using Hi-Tech Tracker App During GCQ

The Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas (OPAV) has lauded a northern town in Cebu province for using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered application in tracking residents within the municipality during the general community quarantine (GCQ). Titus Borromeo, the OPAV spokesperson, said in a statement on Friday that the app is helping Consolacion town keep […].....»»

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Consolacion town has application to monitor movements of residents while under GCQ

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Consolacion, a town in northern Cebu, is using technology to keep track of the movements of the residents now that they are under the general community quarantine (GCQ). Town Mayor Joannes Alegado said that an artificial intelligence (AI)-based application called Conan is utilized by the municipal government to form a database […] The post Consolacion town has application to monitor movements of residents while under GCQ appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Critical Questions a Threat Intelligence Service should be able to answer

The new decade opened with the commercialization of 5G networks, further implementations of Artificial Intelligence, and the increased use of data analytics. .....»»

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The end of free market capitalism

The coronavirus pandemic is now expected to end the “neoliberal era” or free market capitalism, which will make it one of the biggest societal shake ups since the Industrial Revolution or the rise of communism. Before this COVID-19 pandemic, people were looking at a future which will be reshaped by climate change and artificial intelligence......»»

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Facebook uses AI to detect COVID misinformation

Social media giant Facebook has strengthened the use of artificial intelligence to detect misinformation about the coronavirus disease 2019......»»

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Facebook trains AI on hateful memes & nbsp;

Facebook unveiled an initiative Tuesday to take on "hateful memes" by using artificial intelligence, backed by crowd sourcing, to identify maliciously motivated posts......»»

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