Big Foot; Not Just a Store, Also a Community Builder

How many pair of shoes do you have? Have you ever wondered if you had a nice shoes but the price is very friendly? In today’s generation, I think it’s safe to say that shoes are the most popular part of anyone’s outfit. Most people don’t care about how they look as long as their […].....»»

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Waste-to-cash program launched in Manila

The Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx), the country’s first homegrown global non-profit plastic offset organization, has launched a waste-to-cash program that aims to cover 897 barangays in the city of Manila over the next three years. A statement showed that PCEx founder Nanette Medved-Po and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that targets to roll out the ‘Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash’ program to 100 network partners over three years. The project, which will be done in partnership with the support of the PepsiCo Foundation, aims to incentivize women-owned sari-sari stores to become collection points for post-consumer plastic waste.It also wants to establish community infrastructure for the aggregating, storing, and efficient transport of plastic waste to partner processing facilities. ‘Aling Tinderas’ are women sari-sari store owners invited by the City of Manila to partake in this initiative. To jumpstart their new micro-enterprise, PCEx will provide each one with a purposefully designed 20-foot plastic wasre container, one manual baler donated by the PepsiCo Foundation, and starting capital. The Aling Tindera container will serve as an aggregation hub where any member of the community may sell post-consumer plastic by the kilogram. Through this project, bystanders will be empowered not only to depollute their environment, but make extra income. Meanwhile, using the manual baler, Aling Tindera compacts the plastics she buys into blocks that are easier to store and transport. Once she fills up her container, offset partners through PCEx purchase the lot from her and ensure they are processed using environmentally sound technologies. Together with SGV & Co.’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) practice, PCEx will perform compliance audits for both plastic footprint as well as the entire value chain of the offset operations, including the Aling Tindera plastic collection model. “We hope to expand our network of professional services firms and work with them to refine standards for verification to make sure that we are doing our part to make sure that no plastic winds up in nature,” said Medved-Po. For his part, Mayor Isko Domagoso said he chose to partner with PCEx because the Aling Tindera Program is “applicable, doable, and sustainable” and “malaking bagay ito for the environment”. “We are very grateful to [PCEx] as it will also generate some income for the community [and encourage] more sensible and responsible citizens to participate,” Domagoso further said. PepsiCo Corporate Affairs Head for the Philippines and Asia, Anne Marie Corominas also said that her organization “realizes no single organization or industry can solve the plastic waste challenge on their own”.“That is why we’re working with PCEx and communities in Manila through the Aling Tindera program to accelerate systemic change and meaningful progress through collaborative, holistic and sustainable solutions in the Philippines,” Corominas said......»»

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What’s in style? Safe shopping.

Rustan’s goes all out with safety measures, including the latest in disinfection and sanitation. THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. Rustan’s utilizes Spanish technology Sanivir, which contains active ingredients proven to kill bacteria, molds, and coronavirus These extraordinary times have completely shifted the definition of so many ordinary words. Take, for example, “weekends.” What does a weekend even mean, when everyone is living their weekends day in, day out? People cooped up inside their homes, Netflix and chilling (or pacing, depending on current anxiety levels), wearing their Natori Fortuna Mandarin all day, as governments all over the world caution to shelter in place.  Or “homecooked.” Everything’s veritably homecooked now—whether it’s cooked in your home, by you, or cooked in somebody else’s home, by an upstart baker you support because she’s your niece, or by your favorite chef, who is left with no choice but to create his oeuvres from his home kitchen.  Or “luxury.” Let’s be honest. Luxury—its BC (before Covid) definition—contained overused keywords like glamour, opulence, indulgence, lavishness. But times, they’ve changed.  Fancy things now seem so unnecessary, so excessive, so out of touch, so…pointless—in a world that has hastily pivoted back to the basics. Sipping tea from a Royal Albert 1980 Roseblush cup doesn’t seem as luxurious as being able to score some actual, hard-to-acquire Gold Yen Zhen tea from TWG, even if you have to gulp it from those ubiquitous bamboo cups.  The pandemic has changed what luxury meant. Now, luxury is the feeling of being safely ensconced in our cocoons, safe from the virus, safe from the madding crowds. Safety is luxury. To be more accurate: Luxury is being safe, while experiencing as few inconveniences as possible. One Home, One HopeMarketers and entrepreneurs are now realizing, after putting in all necessary work to convince their clients to come back, that a sense of safety is beyond physical, it is psychological. It’s Plexiglass with perception, masks coupled with marketing.  Brands, to successfully ride out these challenging times, need to do more than just tick off government checklists—they need to bank on their legacies, their ethos, their abiding sense of connection to loyal clientele.  AT YOUR SERVICE. Rustan’s opened up a Sanivir desk to allow its customers to avail of its method In the travel industry, as it is in the retail industry, it’s about leveraging on your loyal clientele’s sense of home. “Home” is no longer just their place of residence, but their familiar zones. It’s about “feeling at home.” As people start to nervously and grudgingly go out, they will only want to stay and explore sacred spaces where they’ve “felt at home.” Luxury retailer Rustan’s understands this well. “Our goal for the past 70 years has always been to serve the community with great service and to provide a safe environment that feels like home,” Nedy Tantoco, chairman of Rustan Commercial Corporation, says. “In this new chapter, we are committed to the idea of ‘One Home, One Hope.’ As an establishment that has been a second home for many shoppers, we will stay dedicated in implementing thorough safety protocols to ensure that our employees and shoppers are protected and can visit us with ease of mind.” And this is why higher-end businesses like Rustan’s will flourish, despite the financial challenges Covid-19 brings. They have the space, and they obviously can very well afford to put stringent safety measures in place. Precise precautions are in their DNA. These are establishments that cater to the VVIPs, whose exacting standards they’ve always tried to meet.  And it’s not just loyal clients who will seek out these private spaces—the occasional and habitual shopper will gravitate toward businesses that offer them this hushed environment. Going inside cramped little boutiques have lost their novelty, and many will shirk away from places that tend to be crowd favorites.  At Rustan’s, shoppers have always counted on the intimacy of the shopping experience. Unobtrusive but alert sales personnel have always kept their distance as you scan the racks, and there’s always a sense of quiet order—a serene retail floor space, backed by an efficient team who anticipate your needs and who move with the fluidity of a well-directed orchestra.  This efficiency will be in full display when you visit the store again—that is if you still haven’t since it reopened in June.   Opened after three months of closure, the luxury retailer has implemented, in compliance with government regulations, security measures like foot baths, thermal scans, hand sanitation, and mandatory wearing of masks. You’ll also see staff repeatedly disinfecting touchpoints like escalator rails and elevator buttons, and alcohol dispensers are going to be ubiquitous.   RETAIL WONDER. Sanivir is perfect for retail spac-es as smoke is dry and won’t stick to clothing Managers, sales associates, security personnel, and cleaners are all wearing masks, face shields, and goggles. But it’s the little touches that will remind you how they’ve set the bar high—sanitation boxes are placed in fitting rooms for clothes that are not purchased, fitting rooms are sanitized after every use, and store personnel are required to steam the clothes before putting them back on display.  At the payment counter, all credit cards will be sanitized, and packages will be disinfected before being handed to the customer. At the store’s East Café, tables are separated with plastic shields, and so are the wash basins in the restrooms, which will each have a sanitary officer, whose only job is it to disinfect the toilet after every use.  And that’s just the stage. Backstage, it’s just as—if not more—exacting. Introducing Sanivir, the latest in disinfection technology “Even in our employees’ canteens we have placed plastic shields to protect each of our employees while they are having their lunch break,” Nedy says. The company has required all returning employees to be tested for Covid-19.  Rustan’s is also continually disinfected using Sanivir, a technology introduced in the Philippines by chemist Pinky Tobiano of KPP Powers Commodities, who is also CEO of Qualibet Testing Services. “Sanivir is a smoke disinfectant from Spain, which contains glutaraldehyde and orthopenyl phenol—two active ingredients have been tested that can kill bacteria, molds, and viruses that have been proven against coronavirus by laboratories in EU.” PINKY’S PROMISE. Pinky Pe Tobiano, the chemistwho brought the technology to the Philippines “It was great timing and serendipitous that we found the product right before the pandemic escalated to the level it is now,” Pinky tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Sanivir was both an innovative and unique product that addresses the problem we currently have—it is easy to use, cost-friendly, effective, and safe.” It is a perfect disinfectant for a retail space—it only utilizes smoke, is dry, and won’t stick to clothing. “When Pinky introduced to me her disinfection program, I immediately asked her to do my father’s house and my own house,” Nedy shares. “I was so satisfied with the service that I asked her if she could open a service desk at Rustan’s to allow our customers the chance to avail of this disinfecting method. It’s so easy. Any housewife can do it. It allows us the ease of disinfecting without a fuss. It also works for our cars. The service desk has been open for two weeks at Rustan’s Ayala Avenue. And I am happy to say that it has met full acceptance with quite a number of Rustan’s customers.” Its ease of use is an advantage. “Just open the can, remove the plastic cover of the wick, set on a flat surface, light the wick, and leave for the next six to eight hours. The smoking process lasts for only one to two minutes, then disinfection takes place for the next six to eight hours,” Pinky says. “That’s good for 14 days.” And the cost? Surprisingly very minimal.  “One can of Sanivir of 25 grams is P1,750 and it’s good for 14 days for a room of 30 to 50 square meters,” Pinky says. “The cost per day is only a P125 investment. If you have five people in the room, the investment per person per day is only P25.”    But for those who are not in the mood to shop in-store, Rustan’s online service has amped up its service. Apart from its website, fortuitously launched a year ago, you can also tap the Personal Shoppers on Call Service, where sales associates respond to you on Viber, after which you can have your items delivered to you, or picked up by the curbside. Nedy shares, “And very soon, we will launch our Rustan’s Concierge Service, where customers can call a single number, and will be immediately assigned a personal shopper to attend to their needs.”  Now, many ways words and concepts are redefined in these troubled times—but having your own personal shopper, one who’ll do your shopping for you as you leisurely read the latest Kevin Kwan Sex and Vanity book in the comfort of your home?  We’re guessing that that’s a definition of luxury that won’t likely ever change—unprecedented crisis or not.  .....»»

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Stranded Santa Claus gets house with sari-sari store built for Cebu family

American vlogger Dustin Borglin has been known in Cebu as "Santa Claus" for helping the community. .....»»

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Ex-convict nabbed with shabu worth P136K

CEBU CITY, Philippines –Unmindful of the general community quarantine (GCQ) in Cebu City, Oliver Cajes would travel on foot from Barangay Quiot to deliver shabu to his buyers in Barangay Kalunasan. But with his arrest shortly after midnight on Saturday, August 29, Cajes will now be forced to suspend his operation which he has been […] The post Ex-convict nabbed with shabu worth P136K appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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CJ Perez happy to help out as driver-slash-model for wife s business

The year 2020 has actually been good to CJ Perez. Along with winning Rookie of the Year in the PBA, the top overall pick in the 2019 Draft officially tied the knot with now-wife Sienna and the newlyweds are expecting their second child. Aside from baby Tanisha and her soon-to-be sibling, though, the Perezes apparently have another baby that needs looking after. A month ago, CJ and Sienna opened an online store selling handmade crafts for the home - and of course, they had to name it after their firstborn. For the cornerstone of Terrafirma Dyip, he has no worries whatsoever about having a new business in the face of the continuing COVID-19 crisis. "Business partner ko asawa ko e so ang dali lang ng trabaho. Yung trust tsaka yung suporta ko, nasa kanya lang lagi," he said. He then continued, "Kung saan siya masaya, dun din ako. I-try lang namin 'to, malay natin, lumaki." Tanisha's specializes in rattan baskets, drawers, hampers, planters, organizers, racks, trays as well as pots made by locals in Nueva Ecija. One thing the startup has going for it is its driver-slash-model. "CJ is my driver, delivery guy, kargador, and model all at the same time," Sienna said, with a laugh. He then continued, "His positivity keeps me going. He believes in me so I promised myself I wouldn't let him down." Yes, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Gilas Pilipinas member CJ Perez may very well be seen bringing over their goods to Balintawak where delivery services would then be the ones to take them to clients. While the 6-foot-1 playmaker, for sure, is the main man in Tanisha's, just as important are the Nueva Ecija craftsmen who make it all possible. "We decided to go home to my province as we thought it would be safer. Once we were here, I started redecorating my bedroom and found myself fascinated with our local products," his wife shared. She then continued, "I asked a local craftsman if they can do the designs of baskets, organizers, wall decors, and hanging lamps I wanted and they did them. I fell in love with each of them and posted them on social media. It gained so much attention so I thought maybe I could make this my business." Deciding to push through with it once and for all was far from easy, of course. "I was hesitant at first. I asked him, 'What if walang bumili?'" Mrs. Perez narrated. She then continued, "But CJ was so supported. He told me na, 'It's okay. If nobody buys it, then it's not for us. We'll just try another business." And so, with funds from his first year in Columbian (now Terrafirma) as well as all his games for Gilas Pilipinas and winnings from individual awards, the Perezes launched Tanisha's. Just a month into its launch, the online store has nearly two thousand followers. And the newlyweds are nothing but hopeful that this is just the start for them in business. "For now, taga-support muna ako sa gusto ng asawa ko. Sana nga, magkaroon pa kami ng malaking business," the husband said. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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Judges question warrants in Kraft massage parlor sex case

By TERRY SPENCER Associated Press FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Florida appellate judges on Tuesday questioned the legality of search warrants that let police secretly video record New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others paying for massage parlor sex, pressing a prosecutor on his contention that the warrants were legally valid. Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey DeSousa found himself repeatedly queried by the three-judge panel as he tried to persuade them that the warrants and searches met all constitutional protections and that they should overturn lower court rulings that barred the recordings' use at trial. Misdemeanor charges against Kraft, 79, and other customers would have to be dropped if those rulings stand, although felony charges against the spa owners might proceed as there is other evidence against them. Kraft and others were charged in February 2019 in a multi-county investigation of massage parlors that included the secret installation of video cameras in the spas' lobbies and rooms. Police say the recordings show Kraft and other men engaging in sex acts with women and paying them. Police say they twice recorded Kraft, a widower, paying for sex at the Orchids of Asia massage parlor. Kraft has pleaded not guilty but issued a public apology. Judge Robert Gross, who presided at the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal hearing, seemed taken aback by DeSousa's contention that he and his colleagues should primarily consider the plain language of the Fourth Amendment. It says judges can issue warrants if police demonstrate probable cause of a crime, that warrants must specify the place to be searched and what can be seized. Gross told DeSousa he seemed to be ignoring numerous rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court expanding Fourth Amendment protections since the 1960s, including some that restrict electronic surveillance by police. “You are getting us off on the wrong foot by focusing on the language of the Fourth Amendment when we should be focusing on the Supreme Court jurisprudence....that is heavily weighted against you,” Gross told DeSousa. The 90-minute hearing included arguments on whether cameras were necessary; on whether the police violated the privacy of customers who simply received massages; and on the proper sanction if the defendants' rights were violated. The attorneys for Kraft and the other defendants argued that police failed to minimize the privacy violations they committed by recording innocent customers, including women, who received legal massages. “These cameras, that were put into private massage rooms where patrons would be undressing as a matter of course, they recorded everything," Kraft attorney Derek Shaffer said. He said Kraft “had the same reasonable expectation of privacy that any massage patron going to a licensed facility would be entitled.” Attorneys also argued the cameras weren't necessary as police already had enough evidence to charge the spa owners, including bank records, website advertising, outside video surveillance and napkins containing bodily fluids retrieved from garbage bins. The only proper punishment for prosecutors and police, they argued, is to throw out all recordings. DeSousa argued that police and prosecutors need the recording to convict the owners of felonies. The owners must be shown receiving payments from the prostitutes and the only way to get that is to install cameras, he said. He said detectives had to fully record all massages, because the sex acts happened at their conclusion and 95% of male customers received one. While no female customers paid for sex, they were few in number and to not record them could be seen as discriminating against men, he said. DeSousa said even if the court finds police violated innocent customers' privacy rights, the Supreme Court has ruled that in most circumstances, only improperly seized evidence should be thrown out. Since Kraft, the other men and the masseuses were engaged in crimes, their recordings should be permitted, he said. “Given the unique and difficult circumstances confronting these officers, the conspiracy, the logistics of the operation, what they reasonably anticipated they would see and the difficulty of knowing at the start of any given massage will this end with a happy ending or will it not, we think what law enforcement did here was entirely reasonable,” DeSousa said. The court usually takes weeks to issue rulings. The losing side will likely appeal to the state Supreme Court, which could accept the case or let the decision stand. If convicted, Kraft would likely receive a fine, community service and other sanctions, but he could also be suspended or otherwise punished by the National Football League......»»

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Xian Lim na-shock sa presyo ng asin sa grocery store: Du’n tayo sa pinakamura! 

#SHOOKT ang Kapamilya actor na si Xian Lim nang magpunta siya sa isang grocery store para mamili ng kanilang food and home supplies. Dahil sa halos tatlong buwang naka-stay at home dahil sa community quarantine dulot ng COVID-19, nahilig din sa pagluluto si Xian. At kahapon nga, personal na nag-grocery ang boyfriend ni Kim Chiu […] The post Xian Lim na-shock sa presyo ng asin sa grocery store: Du’n tayo sa pinakamura!  appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Probe sought on fiesta celebration in Alumnos

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Officials in Barangay Basak San Nicolas have ordered a probe to determine who authorized the fiesta activities in Sitio Alumnos, Saturday night, in violation of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) protocols. A huge crowd of people was gathered in the area to join the solemn foot procession and watch the Sinulog street […] The post Probe sought on fiesta celebration in Alumnos appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Kai Sotto honored with Batangas court mural

Before he embarks on his journey in the NBA G League, Kai Sotto received a unique boost from one of his biggest supporters. Renowned rapper and artist Mike Swift refurbished the hardcourt of his hometown in Barangay Hugom Laiya in San Juan, Batangas with an image of the 18-year-old Sotto as the highlight.  Swift shared that this was his way of showing Sotto that they are with him on this journey. The 7-foot-2 Sotto signed up to play for the G League Select Team, taking another step closer to becoming the first homegrown Filipino to play in the NBA.  "Kai is our bunso in Chooks-to-Go. Literally, we saw him grew up in front of our eyes," shared Swift, who has been in Batangas since March. "For all the hard work Kai has been doing, I wanted to let him know that we are here to support and we believe he will be the first-ever local Pinoy in the NBA. " The mural took three days to make by Swift and the Nippon Gang. On it is a half-body picture of Sotto along with the logo of Chooks-to-Go's Manok ng Bayan campaign. Swift shared that Sotto is a huge fan of Pinoy rap. And plans on doing a song about him one day. "Kai is a big battle rap fan as well, and I wanted to show him that we in the Pinoy hip-hop community support him all the way.".....»»

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Aside from shooting, all of SJ s skills came from papa Sammy

SJ Belangel has got next in Ateneo de Manila University's long line of great guards. Heading into his third year, the 5-foot-11 playmaker is ready and raring to take on a bigger burden as the Blue Eagles lead guard. Thus far, Belangel has proven to have both the confidence and capability to be at the wheel of the blue and white's well-oiled machine. Putting up per game counts of 6.8 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 12.2 minutes last year, the faithful in Katipunan have full faith their three-time defending champions remain in good hands even after the graduation of Matt Nieto. However, Belangel wouldn't even be in this position if he were not prepped and primed by his papa. "Lahat ng nagagawa ko, dahil din sa turo ni papa. 'DI ko talaga kinalumutan so nadala ko lang dito," he said. Sammy Belangel once starred for University of St. La Salle in Bacolod. And son SJ is nothing but grateful to have gotten the best from his papa. "Yung skills ko, nakuha ko sa kanya. 'Di siya nagsawa sa pagturo sa akin," he said. He then continued, through chuckles, "Kahit yung mga gulang-gulang, naturo rin niya. Siyempre, kailangan din yun e." At the same time, though, the 20-year-old also became better thanks to his, in essence, second father. "Yung shooting, siguro kay coach Tab galing," he shared. He then continued, with a laugh, "Si papa kasi, walang shooting e." If so, the rest of the league better beware for what Belangel has in store for the coming season, already having made good 42 percent of his three-point tries a year ago. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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Muzzle Mr. Met? Mascots wonder why they re banned from MLB

By DAN GELSTON AP Sports Writer PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Phillie Phanatic had stories of his favorite adventures -- from the Galapagos Islands to the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia -- read to him most weeks from his very best buds. The Philly furball was tucked in with a bedtime story from Bryce Harper. Andrew McCutchen and manager Joe Girardi stopped by as guest readers to entertain fans and unite the Phillies community. But should the Phillies play ball this year, well, the book will close on the Phanatic. MLB wants to ban the birds -- sorry, Pirate Parrot -- and Bernie Brewer, Blooper, Bernie the Marlin, heck, all costumed creatures great and small from the ballpark this season. Firebird, Paws, the Oriole Bird, all face extinction -- at least this season, should baseball resume. Not even a muzzle on Mr. Met or a mask on Mariner Moose would help the cause. Gasp! Baseball’s furriest and funniest fans are forbidden from entering a ballpark. And that’s not cool. “Every mascot should be essential because of its ability to connect and distract with fun,” mascot guru Dave Raymond said. Raymond should know as well as any performer, as the first person to take on the 6-foot-6, 300-pound, 90-inch waist frame of the Phanatic. He’s since become a mascot consultant to the stars and helped create, brand and train the next generation of hundreds of stadium characters. Mascots are as much a ballpark staple as hot dogs and the long ball, and each fuzzy fist bump or chance concourse encounter hooks the youngest fans on the game. As baseball prepares for a summer slate without fans, Raymond wonders: What’s a game without a mascot? “You don’t have to convince me of that,” Raymond said. “It’s the powers that be that don’t understand that simple truth.” There’s already a blueprint MLB could follow that explains why mascots fit in barren ballparks. Take a look across the globe. Mascots remained a staple of baseball games in Taiwan and the KBO League in South Korea. American fans who stayed up late (or is it, woke up early?) to watch KBO games on ESPN were mesmerized by mascots gone wild in empty stadiums. The LG Twins mascots -- twin robot boys named Lucky and Star -- wore masks. So did cheerleaders and a drum section that provided the soundtrack for an otherwise dreary atmosphere. The Chinese Professional Baseball League barred spectators over concerns of spreading the new coronavirus in a crowded space, but the league decided it was safe to let in cheerleaders and costumed mascots. “This is the most important time to leverage fun, when people are sick and dying and dealing with the brutality of life,” Raymond said. “That is the time that you find a way to distract people and entertain them.” Philadelphia Inquirer cartoonist Rob Tornoe drew the Phanatic (wearing a mask) sitting atop the dugout with his phone and on hold with the unemployment office. “This is life or death now for a lot of characters, a lot of performers,” former Timberwolves mascot Jon Cudo said. It’s not that dire for most MLB performers who often have other duties within the organization or remained active in the community with food drives, firetruck parades or other feel-good efforts during the pandemic. Raymond had former and current mascots, including Cudo, join this week on his webinar, “What The Heck Should My Mascot Do Now?” The best suggestion to stay connected with fans -- with the ATV temporarily parked -- is engaging through social content. Mascot Mania has gone wild on Instagram and TikTok. Mr. Met cleans windows. D. Baxter the Bobcat taught crosswalk safety. Wally the Green Monster records virtual messages for charity. Then again, mascots have problems just like us: Who gives the Phanatic a trim during quarantine? “The Phanatic doesn’t need to get his hair cut,” Raymond said. “It’s actually a positive when it gets unkempt and long.” The Phanatic already underwent one makeover this year — his new look features flightless feathers rather than fur-colored arms, stars outlining the eyes, a larger posterior and a powder blue tail, blue socks with red shoes, plus a set of scales under the arms — because of a lawsuit filed against the team by the creators of the original Phanatic. The creators threatened to terminate the Phillies’ rights to the Phanatic as of June 15 and “make the Phanatic a free agent” unless the team renegotiated its 1984 agreement to acquire the mascot’s rights. Mascots were lumped in with other baseball traditions that would be weeded out under a 2020 proposal. The traditional exchange of lineup cards would be eliminated, along with high-fives, fist bumps and bat boys and girls. “I don’t know of anybody who bought season tickets to watch the bat boy,” Raymond said. “But you can say that in spades for the mascots. We’d be losing one of the draws that brings in people beyond the statistic nerds.” Plus, any fan who attended a Phillies game in the late 1990s at Veterans Stadium knows the Phanatic can play in an empty ballpark. Mascots just want to honk, honk, honk for the home team and they do care if they ever get back. “I’m just imploring them to value the character brands,” Raymond said. “There is a safe way for you to have fun, and frankly, fun is the most important thing you can invest in right now.”.....»»

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DID YOU KNOW? Paul Desiderio has claimed Atin To in Call of Duty

More often than not, Paul Desiderio is not one to make guarantees. If and when he does, however, he makes it in the most memorable manner. Case in point, the 5-foot-11 guard famously called game in a timeout in the dying moments of the University of the Philippines UAAP 79 matchup opposite University of Sto. Tomas. With the Fighting Maroons down by two with just 5.3 ticks to go, Desiderio yelled to his teammates, "Atin 'to, papasok 'to!" "Atin to, papasok to!" -- Paul Desiderio during the timeout. Moments later...#UAAPSeason80 — ABS-CBN Sports (@abscbnsports) September 10, 2017 Not long after, he took a pass from Jun Manzo and then launched a long-range missile over Zach Huang Game, indeed, for State U. "Atin 'to" would go on to become the maroon and green's battle cry all the way to its first Final Four berth since 1997 and then its first Finals since 1986. Until now, with Desiderio years gone from Diliman, those two words still ring around venues when UP plays. As it turns out, though, it has extended far beyond the MOA Arena or the Araneta Coliseum. The now-Blackwater guard has also been inspiring his teammates with "Atin 'to!" - only this time, in Call of Duty. "Siyempre lagi kong sinasabi yan," he said, talking about the online team-based first-person shooter that he has been playing each and every day during the enhanced community quarantine. However, the results have not always been the same as that legendary Fighting Maroons' triumph over the Growling Tigers. "Ang problema lang, ang daming magagaling kaya namamatay kami agad," he said, through chuckles. Whatever it is, Desiderio said that all that matters in Call of Duty is you have a good game with other people, especially now during the continuing COVID-19 crisis. "Nakakatulong talaga sobra yung ganito kasi boring na hindi makalabas so after workout, naglalaro na lang para tanggal stress," he said. Even better, the now-23-year-old has also put up a gaming channel that features him and his teammates playing Call of Duty. "Naisip kong gawin yun kasi nakikita ko na yung ibang gumagawa nito, nagkakapera sila. Malay natin, ikayaman ko 'to," he said, with a smile. The gaming channel, named Chooks 2 COD is also a notable nod to his other source of income - a Chooks-to-Go stall in Fairview, Quezon City that has just re-opened. For now, though, Desiderio's full focus is on answering the Call of Duty. As he put it, "Sa mga gamers dyan, i-follow niyo kami ng clan ko. Chooks 2 COD!" --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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MPBL: Bacoor Strikers give back to Army frontliners

Bacoor City Strikers team owners Congressman Strike Revilla and wife Chaye Revilla extended their helping hand to the Philippine Army based in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig last Friday. The Strikers’ top brass sent 12 sacks of rice and hundreds of canned goods to the unit through Strikers guard and Private First Class Eric Acuña. Acuña is serving as a front liner ever since the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) took place in Luzon due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic last March. It was their way of supporting the military men who have spent countless hours working during the Philippines’ on-going battle against the pandemic. But aside that, it is also a means of support for Acuña – an adopted son of Bacoor City – who played 29 games for the Strikers in the 2019-20 Chooks-to-Go Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League Lakan Season. “Malaking tulong talaga siya lalo para dito sa mga tropa sa Army, lagi rin akong kinakamusta ni Cong. Strike kung may kailangan ako e” bared the 5-foot-8 Acuña, who enlisted in the Philippine Army last 2015. “Sobrang blessed ako kaso hindi lang sa loob ng court nila ako pinapahalagahan, tinuturing na rin talaga nila kaming pamilya. Sobrang malaking blessing talaga sila Cong. Strike at ma’am Chaye sakin kasi laging silang nandiyan kahit wala na kaming laro.” Besides this, the Revillas have also been taking care of the Strikers squad, continuing to give the players’ salaries and giving them whatever they need during this trying times......»»

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MPBL: Bacolod s Custodio serving country as part of Army

Birthdays are one of the most awaited moments in a year. But Jopher Custodio has already missed a lot of those celebrations during the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The former Bacolod-Master Sardines bruiser in the Chooks-to-Go Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League is currently serving the country as part of the Philippine Army. Because of this, Custodio spent his 33rd birthday last April 2 away from his family as he was in Fort Bonifacio, doing Army duties. In addition, he has missed the seventh, eighth, and ninth month celebrations of his second child, Eriene Jia. He will also miss his wife Ericka Mae's birthday on May 2 as the enhanced community quarantine in some areas of Luzon, including the National Capital Region, was extended to May 15. "Malungkot din na hindi ko nakasama yung family ko sa kaarawan ko, pati yung seventh, eighth, ninth month celebration ng baby ko (Eriene Jia) at birthday ng asawa ko sa May 2," said the 6-foot-3 big man. "Babawi na lang ako sa kanila after ng COVID-19 na ito." Being on duty has resulted in a lot of lonely nights for Private First Class Custodio. Still, the native of Pangasinan looks at the positives of serving the country during the pandemic. "Masaya ako na nakakatulong kami sa taong bayan. Malungkot lang na hindi namin nakakasama ang pamilya namin," he expressed. "Ganon pa man, sakripisyo na lang muna kami sa panahong ito kasi ito yung sinumpaang tungkulin namin para sa inang bayan." Despite no existing contract, Custodio, who averaged 9.9 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game during the Lakan Season, disclosed that he will be back next season -- the second of five MPBL seasons Chooks-to-Go will back.  .....»»

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New JLC gets back in front of camera through YouTube channel

JLC has returned to a screen near you - John Lloyd Clemente that is. National University's super swingman is using the downtime due to the community quarantine to put himself in front of the camera and present another side of himself. With his brand new YouTube channel, JLC is, slowly but surely, coming out of his shell. "Naisipan naming gawin yun kasi gusto naming magpasaya ng mga taong nasa bahay lang. Alam kong bored na bored na tayo lahat dahil hindi makalabas," he said, talking about the community quarantine in the continuing COVID-19 crisis. Known more as a player who lets his game do the talking, the 21-year-old is out to prove that he has a voice as well - and a quite interesting voice at that. In fact, his first video has him and sister Jai trying out the "mukbang challenge." Of course, the Clementes have only gotten closer thanks to this. "Actually, siya talaga maghilig sa vlog tapos niyaya lang niya ako. Ayun, nakagawa naman kami kahit hindi talaga kami marunong," he shared. He then continued, "Ngayon, may new bonding kami dahil sa vlog. Naging close kami lalo kasi may new skill kaming nalaman." Along with that, going on air is actually a step towards improvement for JLC as he takes on more of a leadership role in National U. With Dave Ildefonso having gone back to Ateneo de Manila University, the 6-foot-3 wing is now the Bulldogs' top gun. And entering his third year, he is also now one of the veterans looked at to lead. That's why Clemente is hard at work at finding his voice and then forwarding it. "Kailangan talagang maging vocal na ako ngayon. Hindi na ako rookie kaya kailangan maging leader ako on and off the court," he said. In this light, National U could only expect a new and improved JLC come UAAP 83. "Yes, sana madala ko nga itong confidence na ganito next season. Next season, new JLC na dapat," he said, through chuckles. Turning serious, though, he also added, "Isa na ako sa mga veteran kaya goal kong maging isa sa mga magiging boses ng NU men's basketball team." --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo.....»»

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MPBL: San Juan s Ayonayon believes ECQ levels the playing field

After overwhelming Makati in the series opener of the 2020 Chooks-to-Go MPBL Lakan North Division Finals, San Juan-Go for Gold was supposed to go for the jugular come Game Two. However, disaster struck for the Knights, shifting the momentum they once had to Makati's side. The third-ranked Super Crunch-backed squad was able to live to fight another day, outlasting the defending Datu Cup champions in a heart-stopping 91-88 victory to force a deciding Game Three. But with the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) implemented in Luzon extended due to the country's ongoing war against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the entire sporting world, including the MPBL, has been on pause for over a month now. And San Juan star shooting guard Mike Ayonayon believes that this development will only level the playing field for both sides. "Sa akin may advantage at disadvantage yung lockdown. Advantage kasi galing sa panalo yung Makati, so nasa kanila yung momentum kaya nung nagkaroon ng quarantine, nahinto yung momentum nila," shared the reigning Datu Cup Finals MVP, who is averaging 12.0 points, 4.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. "Sa tingin ko patas lang kami ng Makati ngayon, kasi parehas nakapahinga parehas wala sa timing, so parang back to zero ulit." The 27-year-old also stressed that the extra break will give his teammates, especially injured players like Larry Rodriguez, more time to recuperate from their respective injuries. "Saka sa amin, si Kuya Larry galing injury so makakapahinga din siya. Hopefully, makalaro na siya sa Game Three," said Ayonayon. Now wary of Makati, Ayonayon bared that the Knights must stick to the coaching staff's schemes for them to be able to take out a hungry Makati squad. "Sa tingin ko yung team defense namin at ball movement namin magpapanalo sa amin at yung kagustuhan manalo," said the 6-foot guard out of Rizal. "Ang palagi naman nireremind sa amin ni Coach Randy [Alcantara] ay kung sino malaki ang puso yun ang mananalo." With a cloud of uncertainty shadowing the division finals' return, Ayonayon vows to stay in shape and be ready for San Juan's do-or-die clash......»»

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7-Eleven closes 30% of stores due to lockdown

Philippine Seven Corp., the local franchise holder of convenience store chain 7-Eleven, said it temporarily closed down 30 percent of its store network following the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine due to new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic......»»

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Encho Serrano s La Salle allowance turns into aid for Pampanga neighbors

Encho Serrano is sharing his blessings with the people who got his back since Day 1. Serrano has decided to use his one month allowance from De La Salle University to help out his neighbors in Pampanga during the continuing COVID-19 crisis. Brgy. San Juan in Apalit, Pampanga is getting some love courtesy of La Salle’s @serranoencho02 who used his personal funds to purchase relief goods to be distributed. — Normie Riego (@riegogogo) April 15, 2020 "Naisipan kong magbigay dahil unang-una, alam ko yung pakiramdam ng walang-wala," he shared. "Kaya ginawa ko 'to kasi yung mga tao sa amin, alam kong walang-wala sila. Kahit konting tulong lang, malaking bagay na sa kanila." The 5-foot-11 swingman was born and bred in Apalit, Pampanga before making a name for himself as an "all-heart" player for Adamson High School and then the Green Archers. And coming from humble beginnings himself, Serrano had long wanted to give back in any way he can. "Simula pa lang ng quarantine na 'to, every night na matutulog ako, pinapangako ko kay Lord na kapag nakuha ko na yung allowance ko sa La Salle, gagamitin ko para mamigay," he shared. He then continued, "I just want to give back to my community because of all the support they have given me over the years." With that, the proud Kapampangan was able to share his blessings to his neighbors and nearby relatives in Brgy. San Juan in the form of plastic bags filled with rice, instant noodles, instant coffee, tocino, and ham. And with that, he did nothing but fulfill his promise. "Dakal pung salamat," he expressed in his native tongue. Serrano is the third La Salle player whose allowance turned into aid for those in need in the continuing COVID-19 crisis, following incoming rookie Joshua Ramirez and talented tower Justine Baltazar. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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British Open canceled, Masters to November in major rescheduling

By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer The Masters goes from that annual rite of spring to two weeks before Thanksgiving. The U.S. Open now is scheduled in September for the first time since amateur Francis Ouimet took down Britain’s best at Brookline in 1913 to put golf on the map in America. And the oldest championship of them all won’t even be played. Golf organizations tried to salvage a season unlike any other Monday with a series of changes, starting with the British Open being canceled for the first time since 1945. The PGA Championship, which last year moved to May, would go back to August. That would be followed by the PGA Tour’s postseason, the U.S. Open and Ryder Cup in consecutive weeks, and then the Masters on Nov. 12-15. “Any Masters is better than no Masters,” Augusta native Charles Howell III said. Still to be determined was when — or even if — golf could resume because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has shut down sports worldwide. Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley said the Masters identified November as “intended dates.” CEO Seth Waugh said the PGA of America was “holding” Aug. 6-9 as dates for the PGA Championship at Harding Park in San Francisco. USGA chief Mike Davis said moving from June to September was the best chance to mitigate health and safety concerns — Winged Foot is 5 miles from New Rochelle, New York, a virus hot spot — to have “the best opportunity” of staging the U.S. Open. The British Open effectively is pushing its schedule back one year, saying the 149th Open still is set for Royal St. George’s on July 15-18, leaving the 150th Open for St. Andrews the following year. “I can assure everyone that we have explored every option for playing The Open this year, but it is not going to be possible,” R&A chief Martin Slumbers said. Golf’s major organizations, starting with the PGA Tour and its calendar filled with tournaments, have been trying to piece together a puzzle for the last three weeks. Each agreed to announce their plans together in a show of collaboration. Still missing is the starting line, along with some details on what could be the most hectic pace golf has ever known. “We hope the anticipation of staging the Masters Tournament in the fall brings a moment of joy to the Augusta community and all those who love the sport,” Ridley said. “We want to emphasize that our future plans are incumbent upon favorable counsel and direction from health officials.” Augusta National closed early this year because of the coronavirus and does not open until October. The bloom of dogwoods and azaleas will give way to fall foliage. Instead of being the second full week in April, it will compete against football. “It feels like in these extraordinary times, we need to do extraordinary things,” said Kevin Kisner, who grew up 20 miles away in Aiken, South Carolina. “We can sacrifice a little bit of our life being perfect.” The PGA Tour has tentatively planned to complete its FedEx Cup season close to schedule, with the Tour Championship finishing on Labor Day. It is contemplating putting tournaments in dates that previously belonged to the U.S. Open, British Open and Olympics. “It’s a complex situation, and we want to balance the commitments to our various partners with playing opportunities for our members — while providing compelling competition to our fans,” PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said. “But all of that must be done while navigating the unprecedented global crisis that is impacting every single one of us.” The new schedule: — Aug. 6-9: PGA Championship. — Aug. 13-16: End of PGA Tour regular season at Wyndham Championship. — Aug. 20-23: Start of FedEx Cup playoffs at The Northern Trust. — Aug. 27-30: BMW Championship, second playoff event. — Sept. 4-7: Tour Championship for the FedEx Cup. — Sept. 17-20: U.S. Open at Winged Foot. — Sept. 25-27: Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. It was not immediately clear how the teams from Europe and the United States would be determined for the Ryder Cup, although European captain Padraig Harrington has said he would not be opposed to picking all 12 players. For the 24 players, that means going from what long has been regarded as the toughest test in golf to what has become the most tiresome three days in golf. “It’s definitely better than leaving the Tour Championship and going to France, or leaving the Bahamas to go to Australia,” said Patrick Cantlay, referring to the Americans' most recent Ryder and Presidents cup itineraries. Like everything else, so much remains up in the air until golf get the signal to resume. Gian Paolo Montali, the general director for the 2022 Ryder Cup, said on Italian radio Monday that officials faced a May deadline to postpone the Ryder Cup to odd-numbered years (as it was before the matches were postponed by the Sept. 11 attacks). He described the chances as 50-50. Montali also said players already have vetoed a Ryder Cup without its raucous fans. Other details must be sorted out, such as U.S. Open qualifying. The next tournament on the PGA Tour schedule is Colonial on May 21-24, though that appears unlikely. Ridley said every player who has received invitations to play the Masters in April will stay on the list. He said the Augusta National Women’s Amateur was canceled, and every player can keep their spots for next year provided they don’t turn pro. The U.S. Senior Open at Newport Country Club in Rhode Island and the U.S. Senior Women’s Open at Brooklawn Country Club in Connecticut have been canceled. As for the British Open, Shane Lowry gets to keep the claret jug longer than anyone since Dick Burton, who won in 1939 at St. Andrews in the last Open before World War II. Burton went from “champion golfer of the year” to member of the Royal Air Force. Lowry said in a video tweet he understood and supported the R&A’s decision. “You can trust me when I say the claret jug is going to be in safe hands for another year,” Lowry said. ___ AP Sports Writer Andrew Dampf in Italy contributed to this report......»»

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Bigger Clark airport terminal 96% finished & mdash;Megawide

The construction of Clark International Airport’s new passenger terminal building is on track despite the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine, according to project builder Megawide Construction Corp......»»

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