EDITORIAL - 18 rapes a day

As if the problems spawned by the COVID health crisis weren’t enough, a family in Caloocan City is now in deep mourning after the four-year-old daughter was found murdered after being raped......»»

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EDITORIAL - Fake sting

It was supposed to be a drug sting that led to the arrest of five persons on charges of selling shabu to undercover agents at the home of one of the suspects......»»

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EDITORIAL - No quarter vs corruption

It’s good to hear President Duterte declaring he will give no quarter when it comes to public officials involved in corruption......»»

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Editorial Cartoon (October 21, 2020)

Editorial Cartoon (October 21, 2020).....»»

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Editorial Cartoon (October 22, 2020)

Editorial Cartoon (October 22, 2020).....»»

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EDITORIAL - Killed in custody

There are long-standing procedures for apprehending crime suspects and taking them into police custody......»»

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EDITORIAL - The ultimate betrayal

For many years now, the United Nations, the World Bank and other organizations have focused on corruption as one of the biggest hindrances to development and a major contributor to poverty......»»

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EDITORIAL - Stress in the time of COVID

There is another aspect of the COVID pandemic that has yet to be properly addressed: its impact on mental health......»»

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EDITORIAL - Another law vs red tape

The country already has two laws meant to cut red tape. One, Republic Act 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape Act, was passed back in 2007......»»

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EDITORIAL - Hand hygiene

As recommended by epidemiology experts, there are three basic health protocols for preventing coronavirus infection......»»

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EDITORIAL - Mothers in jail

Politicians detained for plunder have been granted furloughs for a toothache......»»

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EDITORIAL - Avoiding a second wave

Last month when the government reduced distancing rules on mass transportation from one meter to 0.75 for three days, researchers tracking coronavirus transmission nationwide saw a subsequent spike in COVID cases over five days......»»

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EDITORIAL - Now get down to work

There was no violence as Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco and his supporters entered the Batasang Pambansa building yesterday morning for a plenary meeting to reaffirm his election as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives......»»

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EDITORIAL - Suicide warfare

In the arsenal of the terrorist, one of the most lethal weapons is the suicide bomber......»»

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EDITORIAL - Bilibid riot

Maybe we’ve been watching too many movies......»»

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EDITORIAL - Plantitos, plantitas

The coronavirus lockdowns have an upside: they have given people time to stop and smell the roses literally......»»

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EDITORIAL - Pass the budget

Wrangling over public funds, it seems, has always brought out the worst in lawmakers......»»

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EDITORIAL - Community service

This should have been done a long time ago. A law was finally passed in August last year, but it took another year before the guidelines were completed and released. Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued the guidelines for the implementation of Republic Act 13362, which allows courts to impose community service as penalty in lieu of imprisonment for minor offenses......»»

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Editorial Cartoon (October 8, 2020)

Editorial Cartoon (October 8, 2020).....»»

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EDITORIAL - Airborne transmission

With analysts seeing a deeper economic contraction for the country this year, President Duterte is expected to discuss with his Cabinet next week the reopening of the economy even as the COVID pandemic rages with no vaccine or cure available......»»

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EDITORIAL - No negligence

Five years after 74 people, nearly all of them workers, died in a fire that razed a footwear factory in Valenzuela, relatives of the fatalities have learned that they will no longer see anyone go to prison for the tragedy......»»

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