Rape Culture vs. Culture of Holy Purity

I have noticed mainstream Filipino media adapting themes popular in liberal American mainstream media. Among these are transgenderist and feminist themes......»»

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Rape culture exists, so long as the current state exists

“The combination of backwards tradition, capitalist commodification, and class contradiction all help create a culture where women are not only sidelined but are crushed by a vice and deprived of their right to voice out, to quote Alexandra Kollontai. Rape culture and bourgeois society are inherently linked, because both enable a system where a patriarchy,… The post Rape culture exists, so long as the current state exists appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Enabling the beast

The Facebook post was from a police station in a town in Southern Luzon, but what it says rings true for the entire country and, in fact, anywhere that a culture conducive to rape prevails......»»

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Holy Week and Easter traditions hold prominent place in Philippine culture - The Dialog

Holy Week and Easter traditions hold prominent place in Philippine culture The Dialog.....»»

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Cebu archbishop appointed member of Pontifical Council for Culture

The 69-year-old prelate was among the eight new members appointed by the Pope to the dicastery, according to a bulletin released by the Holy See Press Office......»»

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Assistance to rape victims still sorely lacking

“This culture in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused should not be tolerated.” The post Assistance to rape victims still sorely lacking appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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MSMEs join call to boost economy

Employers may be perceived as responsible for ensuring job security for their employees, but the continued employment of the labor force is also ultimately buoyed by the consumer spending culture that has sustained the Philippine economy for decades before the pandemic......»»

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The ‘idols’ fight back: SB19, visuals and identity 

I am glad the boys of SB19 are fighting this culture of mediocrity, and the fans are fighting with them: “If you stan just for visuals get out! they deserved to be recognized for their talents and hardwork not just their faces," said @Nikka_Colina25......»»

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Group of educators calls for culture-based education for IPs

QUEZON CITY, Oct. 23 (PIA) - A network of educators in the country, the E-Net Philippines, reiterated their call for sustainable, quality, and culture-based education for learners in the indigenous.....»»

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Group of educators calls for culture-based education for IPs

QUEZON CITY, Oct. 23 (PIA) - A network of educators in the country, the E-Net Philippines, reiterated their call for sustainable, quality, and culture-based education for learners in the indigenous.....»»

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Belmonte backs renaming of Roosevelt Ave. after FPJ

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte backed on Saturday Senate President Vicente Sotto III’s suggestion to rename Roosevelt Ave. after Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) Ave. in honor of his contributions to the Filipino movie industry. The local government said Belmonte asked the city council to pass a resolution urging Congress to pass a measure renaming Roosevelt Avenue. Senator Lito Lapid earlier suggested to rename Del Monte Ave. after the late actor, but Sotto suggested to change Roosevelt Ave. instead because “it’s where FPJ grew up because it was their ancestral home.” For Belmonte, “it is but right and proper to honor the late Fernando Poe Junior for his invaluable contribution to the city and our culture.” “At the same time, we also recognize the historical and religious significance of the area. We are hoping this issue will be resolved judiciously,” the local chief executive said.    “The Senate President’s suggestion to rename Roosevelt Avenue after the late action king more popularly known as FPJ is a welcome development and a win-win solution for everyone concerned,” she added. “We thank the Senate President for sharing his wisdom and for providing us with a situation that is acceptable to everybody,” she added. In his 46 years as an actor, FPJ starred in around 300 action films earning him the monicker “Da King” of Philippine movies. Almost two years after his death on December 14, 2004 at age 65, FPJ was declared National Artist for film by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  But Poe’s wife, actress Susan Roces refused to accept the posthumous award during a conferment ceremony at Malacañang in June 2006.   Poe and Arroyo contested the Presidency in 2004. In 2012, President Benigno S. Aquino III issued another presidential proclamation —Proclamation No. 435 affirming FPJ’s National Artist stature......»»

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Produktong galing sa Mindanao, ititinda sa Maynila

Manila, Philippines – Inaanyayahan ng lokal na pamahalaang lungsod ng Maynila ang publiko partikular na ang mga Manilenyo na suportahan ang “Minda Tienda” o ang pagtitinda ng mga lokal na produkto mula sa Mindanao na gaganapin sa Kartilya ng Katipunan na magsisimula bukas ng umaga. Ayon sa Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila […] The post Produktong galing sa Mindanao, ititinda sa Maynila appeared first on REMATE ONLINE......»»

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Lawyers decry ‘cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment’ of Ina Nasino

“Most importantly, they demonstrate the BJMP and PNP’s unconscionable contempt for the accused’s grief and suffering as well as total disregard to human feelings, oblivious to public sensibilities and unmitigated disrespect for out eternally observed culture in times of bereavement.” The post Lawyers decry ‘cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment’ of Ina Nasino appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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The pandemic and historical events in webinar series

The Philippine National Historical Society (PNHS) is holding its 41st National Conference on Local and National History this year as a three-part webinar series this month and in November. The webinar, co-sponsored by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), is scheduled for 24 October, 14 […] The post The pandemic and historical events in webinar series appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Trump sets hectic pace; frontrunner Biden rests

JANESVILLE (AFP) — President Donald Trump campaigned at a frenetic pace Saturday in a three-state trip that started with a Michigan rally where he called opponent Joe Biden a “criminal” and pounded his claim that the Democrats are anti-American. Addressing a rally in Muskegon, Michigan, Trump focused on US culture war themes, telling a large […] The post Trump sets hectic pace; frontrunner Biden rests appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Literary Fiesta

Filipino dining in Philippine literature Pahiyas festival, illustration by Manuel Baldemor It’s not Pinoy dining if it’s not a feast. And our Philippine literature has told many stories that illustrate our healthy appetite, traditional palayok (clay pot) cooking, siesta, fiesta, flavors, and fusions.  Doña Victorina fans herself amid the smoke of a roasting pig. Her guests are coming, their noses up in the air sniffing the flavors. On the table, adorned with gilded copa de vino (wine glass) and plato, are sinigang na dalag with alibambang leaves, callos, adobo, tinola, and pochero. Everybody was in high spirits. Never mind if the doña is broke (to begin with). At least her guests are full. Jose Rizal drew a perfect picture of the Pinoy fiesta and salu-salo (gathering) culture. Our national hero himself loves to eat. He prefers a hefty serving of champorado and tuyo for breakfast. For dessert, he likes minatamis na santol (sweetened santol) made from boiled santol slices soaked for three days in hugas bigas (water used to wash rice). Before starving in Europe, where he published El Filibusterismo, Rizal would feast in carneng asada (beefsteak with sauce), made from lean meat marinated in olive oil, lime juice, and parsley and served with fried potatoes. Gabriela Silang loved pinakbet. Emilio Aguinaldo listed sardines with tomatoes among his favorites. Marcelo H. del Pilar would die (pun intended) for his apparent favorite, pochero, the local version of the Spanish cocido. Andres Bonifacio got his strength and protein source in nilitsong manok sa zaha (grilled chicken wrapped in sampaloc and banana leaves). The Filipino salu-salo Never mind if some of our celebrated dishes are not “purely” Pinoy. “What is Filipino food and how does food become Filipino?” asks the late food critic Doreen Fernandez. She argued that food only became Pinoy by process of indigenization, like patis (fish sauce) put in a foreign dish. And this is how Pinoy fusion came to life. What we have on our modern plates are many fusions, crazy or ingenious, like paella with lechon, sinigang na steak, adobong tapa, pancit with kangkong. Yes, you get the picture.  Could their favorite Filipino flavors be the reason behind the intelligence and nationalism of our heroes Rizal and Bonifacio? Too bad, many young Pinoys nowadays barely know what minatamis na santol is, or any Pinoy traditional merienda for that matter. What replaced maruya, nilagang kamote, turon, kutsinta, and ginataang mais are French fries, burger, pizza, and pasta. You know what they say: You are what you eat.   In another table setting, Padre Damaso looks across the dining table. Everybody’s enjoying tinola, a stew of chicken and green papaya, but not him. Who wants chicken neck for lunch? He didn’t finish his plate. And this, people, was how the concepts of degustation and small plates were born. They’re not, after all, a French discovery or New York’s. We can blame our mañaña habit. We’re too slow to grab the credit. And oh, we are pioneers of the culture of not finishing plates, too. Blame these all to Padre Damaso (or Jose Rizal?). The tinola brouhaha scene in Noli Me Tangere started it all.  Lechon haus mural by boonsai While it’s rude in other cultures not to devour all the food served on the plate, in the Philippines, it’s not. Pinoy eating tradition tells you it’s okay to have leftovers. Telenovela , movies, and literature are great examples. When a family fights over the dining table, the father (or any member) walks away with an unfinished plate. In Ibong Adarna, over a scrumptious dinner, the brothers were all too busy planning how to catch the elusive bird that they forgot to finish their plate.       Besides books, paintings also tell our delicious food experience. Fernando Amorsolo captured Pinoy eating habits in his painting Afternoon Meal of the Rice Workers. It shows Pinoy families cooking meals in a palayok and eating under the shade of a tree, seemingly ready to sleep after an afternoon feast. With all the food trends coming and going on our plates and literature pages flying off to oblivion, what remains steadfast in our eating habit is this: Siesta. –NICKKY FAUSTINE P. DE GUZMAN.....»»

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Diversity: more important than ever

With efficiency at a premium, it’s more important than ever for companies to consider how they should attract and retain an effective, highly skilled workforce. A diverse and inclusive culture is the core of such a high-performing team — but technology remains a male-dominated industry, with old-fashioned assumptions sometimes taking the place of critical business […] The post Diversity: more important than ever appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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ANGAY-ANGAY LANG: Personal Reflections on Kalinaw Mindanaw (5)

Last of five parts Singing the song of peace, Kalinaw Mindanaw, in their own respective language and culture. KALINAW MINDANAW PEACE CREDO TAGALOG (ORIGINAL): (Rudy “Ompong” Rodil) Kalinaw Mindanaw! Lumad, Muslim, Kristiyano Magkaiba, magkaisa Isang Diyos Isang lupain Isang adhikain Kalinaw Mindanaw! ENGLISH (Rudy “Ompong” Rodil) Peace Mindanaw! Lumad, Muslim, Christian They are different, they […].....»»

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A unique partnership

There has been an unexpected union between the Philippine Navy and the Tagapagtaguyod ng Sining at Kultura ng Pilipinas (TSKP). The Philippine Navy is the naval branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The AFP is responsible for upholding the sovereignty of our Republic, supporting the Constitution and defending Philippine territory against all enemies foreign and domestic. TSKP on the other hand, is a nongovernmental and nonpolitical organization which was organized to develop and promote Philippine arts and culture, and to use arts and culture as a means to educate Filipinos on Philippine history, traditions, and foster distinct values including nationhood and patriotism......»»

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Dabawenyos urged to support culture of security exercise

DAVAO City Oct. 9 (PIA) - Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio urged the city residents to support the culture of security exercise next week to be spearheaded by the Task Force Davao, the Davao City Police O.....»»

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TF Davao assures ‘community exercise’ to test residents’ reaction to terrorism incidents will be properly handled

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 13 Oct) – The Task Force Davao (TFD) assured on Tuesday that the first ever city-wide “Culture of Security Community exercise,” which will field actors disguised as “terrorists” to various locations anytime this week, would be properly handled amid growing concerns that the conduct of this activity would cause panic to […].....»»

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