Rayver ayaw gayahin si Gabby: Grabe yung pressure na nararamdaman ko!

HINDI pinanood ni Rayver Cruz ang pelikulang “Nagbabagang Luha” ng Regal Films na ipinalabas noong dekada 80 at pinagbibidahan nina Lorna Tolentino, Alice Dixson, Richard Gomez at Gabby Concepcion. Si Rayver ang gaganap sa karakter ni Gabby sa TV remake nito habang si Glaiza de Castro ang magbibigay-buhay sa role ni Lorna, si Claire Castro […] The post Rayver ayaw gayahin si Gabby: Grabe yung pressure na nararamdaman ko! appeared first on Bandera......»»

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SB19 bitbit ang bandera ng Pinas sa buong mundo: Kaya ayaw namin ng puchu-puchu na performance

MAS matindi ang pressure na nararamdaman ngayon ng mga miyembro ng phenomenal Pinoy pop group na SB19. Aminado sina Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken at Justin na mas may concious effort sila ngayon para makapagbigay ng mas maganda at mas dekalidad na musika at performance sa milyun-milyon nilang fans all over the universe. “Totoo naman po, […] The post SB19 bitbit ang bandera ng Pinas sa buong mundo: Kaya ayaw namin ng puchu-puchu na performance appeared first on Bandera......»»

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FIBA: Mighty Jimmy and the shot that introduced Gilas to the World

This story was originally published on Feb. 24, 2019 It’s Saturday night at Mall of Asia and the arena is absolutely rocking. Eternal basketball rivals in the Philippines and South Korea are delivering another classic. Gilas Pilipinas is down to the final minute of regulation against its longtime tormentor in the second of two semifinal games. The national team is up by two, 81-79. The Philippines is hosting the 2013 FIBA-Asia Championships where three tickets to the 2014 World Cup are at stake and the winner of this particular game gets one of those tickets. Given the rich history of both teams and what it would mean to the winner, this pivotal game has gone down the wire as everyone pretty much expected. Also knowing the history of both teams in international play, Gilas’ precarious two-point lead was not safe at all. A ghost was lurking in the background and a dreaded curse felt almost inevitable. Down to the final minute of the crucial grudge match between the Philippines and South Korea, guard Jimmy Alapag has the ball and a two-point lead. What he will do will help define not only his career but the legacy of the Gilas name as a national team.   WAKE-UP CALL Even before the Philippines-Korea game, Gilas Pilipinas already had to go through one emotional game early in its homestand for the Asian Championships. In a preliminary round showdown against Chinese Taipei, the Filipinos collapsed in the fourth quarter, allowing the Taiwanese to steal a morale-boosting 84-79 win. In 2013, the relationship between the two countries hit a rough patch over the death of one Taiwanese fisherman. In an updated May 17 report by CNN’s Jethro Mullen, “Taiwan has reacted angrily after one of its fishermen was killed by a Philippine coast guard vessel.” Taiwan had frozen applications from OFWs seeking jobs in its territory and the government of then President Ma Ying-jeou demanded an apology, among other things, from the Philippines. While the national basketball teams of both countries never really had any prior animosity with each other, tension was naturally present as both teams squared off in Group A action. Gilas Pilipinas and Chinese-Taipei both entered the showdown with identical 2-0 records and the winner would take control of solo Group A lead heading into round 2. Taking a good lead into the fourth quarter, the Philippines was outscored by 18 in the last 10 minutes and the national team took its worst home loss in quite some time. “At the time, it was a huge game for us. We understood what was happening in Taipei during that particular time. We really wanted to win for what our kababayans were going through at that time,” guard Jimmy Alapag said on that first home loss in the 2013 Asian Championships. “We didn’t get the job done, and it was tough especially to lose a game like that, it was a very emotional and it was a game that we knew we needed,” he added. The crushing loss meant that the Philippines had little room for error in round 2. While Gilas didn’t have any world beaters lined up in the second round, anything less than a perfect run would have meant an early clash with Asia’s established powerhouse teams in the knockout stages. On the other side of the bracket, defending champion China, Iran, and South Korea were battling for position and were expected to finish in the top-3. That means if Gilas Pilipinas failed to finish no. 1 in its group, the national team would have faced one of those teams in the quarterfinals. Gilas picked up a crucial win over Qatar in the 6th of August and the day after, the Philippines got some help from those same Qataris as they beat Taipei in a close decision. At the end of round 2, all teams finished with identical win-loss records but Gilas Pilipinas would take over first place after all tiebreaks were considered, barely edging out Taipei. The Philippines ended up avoiding defending champion China, Iran, and South Korea and instead got Kazakhstan in the quarterfinals. No. 2 Taipei drew China and the third-running Qataris were matched up with the South Koreans. “I think that was the moment we grew up and grew closer. I think that was the lowest of the lows, just because of the atmosphere and what was going on between both countries. It kind of felt that we let our end of the bargain down, you know what I mean? We’re on our home soil and we didn’t take care of business. I think that was one of those moments where we had to really check ourselves and find a way to make it right,” forward Gabe Norwood said of the Taipei loss. “But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In tournaments like FIBA-Asia it’s important that you have short-term memory whether it was a win or a loss. We needed to let go of that game and continue to stay the course, keep our focus in the tournament,” Alapag added. On August 7, four days after Gilas lost to Taipei, the rift between the Philippines and Taiwan would reach a resolution and the latter country lifted its freeze hiring and other sanctions on the former. The Philippines also did issue on official apology over the death of the Taiwanese fisherman a couple of months prior and the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila recommended the pressing of homicide charges to erring members of the Philippine Coast Guard.   DARK HISTORY If the word “rival” is to be defined as a, “person or group that tries to defeat or be more successful than another person or group” then sure, the Philippines and South Korea are rivals. Both countries are rivals in the Asian basketball scene and they have been going at it for a very long time. But if the word rival can also mean “equal” or “peer,” is the Philippines really a worthy basketball rival to South Korea? The Philippines’ history with South Korea in terms of basketball is dark. Very dark. Consider the most high-profile matches between the two countries and you’ll see that the Philippine national team is just not at the level of South Korea. Or at the very least, Koreans always seem to reach 120 percent of their potential when they play Filipinos and we barely bring out 80 percent of our abilities when matched up against our East Asian neighbors. The 1998 PBA Centennial team, arguably the greatest Philippine team ever assembled, was demolished by South Korea in the Asian Games. A national team set up for gold only settled for bronze. Speaking of a bronze medal game, the original Gilas Pilipinas team lost a podium finish to South Korea in the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championships. That team squandered a double-digit lead and collapsed late. Of course, who can forget the semifinals of the 2002 Asian Games in Busan when Olsen Racela had the chance to put the Philippines up four but missed two free throws. South Korea would win with a booming triple at the buzzer off a broken play and would later take down China to capture the gold medal. South Korea is the Philippines’ basketball nemesis for all intents and purposes. A worthy adversary that always seem to emerge victorious at our expense. Still, all that previous disappointment didn’t seem to bother Gilas Pilipinas six years ago. The team was not scared and instead, they were excited even. One factor to greatly consider was that fact that the game was in Manila. It makes all the difference to play at home. “We understood the bad history that we had with Korea. We haven’t been very successful with them in quite some time but we knew from Day 1 that if ever we got an opportunity to play them at home, then we have a great chance,” Alapag said. “Man, pre-game, it was just the focus. Everybody was up for the challenge, I don’t think anybody was really nervous, I think it was just the anxiety... we wanted to get out there and do it already,” Norwood added. Playing at home had its perks for sure, but it also had its drawbacks. For all the painful losses the Philippines suffered at the hands of South Korea, it would have been devastating if Gilas actually took a beating in Manila. Stakes were extra high in this particular chapter of this long, ongoing saga. “There was always pressure, it was something that we acknowledged early. Playing at home, it’s great having that support but at the same time, there is some added pressure because you wanna make sure that you make our home crowd proud of the team that they watch and ultimately, win games,” Alapag said, making sure to note that the national team knew of the disadvantages of playing at home even before the Korea game. “It was there but it was something that we acknowledged and we wanted to make sure that we took advantage of the opportunity playing at home,” he added.   ALL FILIPINO, ALL HEART Once it was go time, the Philippines-South Korea game went about pretty normal, as you would expect any game from these two national teams. But even before halftime, an injury to Gilas center Marcus Douthit changed the complexion of the semifinals showdown. All of a sudden, the Philippines was without its anchor, without its best player. Sure, there were players on the Gilas bench that can come in and replace Douthit’s size but there was simply no one on the Gilas bench that can come in and replace his talent, production, and just overall presence. June Mar Fajardo was in that Gilas bench but it 2013, the would-be five-time PBA Most Valuable Player was just not at that level yet. It would have been easy for Gilas Pilipinas to fold like cheap furniture and succumb to the overwhelming pressure of trying to overcome South Korea to reach a stage very few Filipinos have reached before. Gilas didn’t fold and instead, the Douthit injury rallied the team even further. “Alam mo sa totoo lang, puso na lang yun eh. Nung nawala si Marcus talaga, sabi ni coach kailangan doble kayod tayo. Dahil sobrang dehado tayo kumbaga, wala na tayong import, wala tayong malaki,” forward Marc Pingris said. With Douthit gone, Ping ate up all of his minutes and worked by committee with guys like Ranidel De Ocampo and Japeth Aguilar to fill in the gaps. “As a player naman, kami nagusap-usap kami na kahit anong mangyari, lalaban kami. Yung time na yun, talagang patay kung patay,” Ping added. Despite losing its best player to an untimely injury, Gilas Pilipinas’ confidence in winning never wavered. With their collective backs against the wall, the Philippine national team played even better. Unlike the later iterations of Gilas Pilipinas, the 2013 team, aptly called Gilas 2.0, had the luxury of having actual preparation before the FIBA-Asia Championships. The amount of work that came before the tournament and the Korea game, the bond built over countless hours of training, all of that helped the national team avoid a monumental meltdown in front of a rabid Manila crowd. “We were such a close-knit team in terms of our chemistry, in terms of the talent that we had, so we felt confident even when Marcus went down early in the game. If you looked at our huddle, you had 11 more very confident guys, not just in themselves but more importantly, in each other,” Alapag said. “That just boiled down to the chemistry that we had. I don’t think any of us panicked, we were all confident in each other. We’ve all been into that situation with our PBA teams, having the ball in our hands and making a play. Knowing that we had five weapons on the floor that could make the winning play, I think it made us very confident and we were able to sustain our composure,” the former Gilas captain added.   THE GHOST AND ITS CURSE Shin Dong Pa, Hur Jae, Lee Sang-min, Oh Se-Keun, TJ Moon, and Cho Sung-min are just some players from the South Korean national team that inflicted incredible damage to the Philippines over the course of decades. The dreaded Ghost of South Korea takes form in these players and its curse is to give Filipinos the most heart-crushing loss possible. In 2013, the Ghost was Kim Min-goo and his curse was to beat Gilas Pilipinas in Manila. Despite losing Marcus Douthit and trailing by three points at the break, the Philippines started to turn the tables in the second half. Gilas Pilipinas unleashed Jayson Castro and the Blur led a blazing offense in the third quarter, finding a way to take a 10-point lead over South Korea, the Philippines’ largest of the night. But as the dust settled and Gilas holding a 65-56 lead entering the final period, an ominous figure would make his presence felt. The Korean Ghost has arrived and his name was Kim Min-goo. His curse? Beat Gilas Pilipinas in Manila. Kim was 22 and a senior in college when he made the South Korean national basketball team as a backup shooter in 2013. In nine games in Manila, Kim would play well enough to make the tournament’s All-Star team, averaging 12.7 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. He led Asian Championships with 25 three-point field goals, 10 came in the last two games and five came against Gilas Pilipinas. Kim drilled back-to-back triples to open the fourth quarter against the Philippines. Later, his fifth triple — a four-point play at that — pushed the Koreans to within a point, 72-73. South Korea would take over soon after as Lee Seung-jun dunked the basketball on a fastbreak. The Ghost has arrived and his curse is in effect. “Ako pumasok sa isip ko yun nung lumamang Korea, na putek ito na naman,” Pingris said. “Pero ang sabi ko, sayang yung opportunity, kaya naman eh. So sabi ni Jimmy samin, no matter what happens wag kami gi-give up. Pinaghirapan natin to at may goal tayo, this year aalis tayo,” he added, noting the team’s goal to get into Spain and compete with the world’s best national teams. Faced with the possibility of dealing with a devastating defeat, Gilas had enough mental fortitude to keep things going. Trust your system, trust your preparation, trust your crowd, trust your teammates, and more importantly, trust yourselves. “You’re never out of the game if you’re playing at home,” Norwood said as they stared a deficit late against their destined rivals. “I think that was our mindset, keep it close and just find a way,” he added. Jimmy Alapag found a way.   BORN READY Down 73-75, Jimmy Alapag was under heavy duress when he let go of a three-pointer from the left wing just in front of his bench. It was good to go. The Philippines was back on top by one as Alapag somehow managed to get his team to snap out of an initial shock following Korea’s strong fourth-quarter rally. The stage is now set for a wild finish and Jimmy will star in the final act of what has been an incredible show by Gilas and South Korea. “In situations like that, as an athlete and as a pro, that’s the situations that you dream about,” Alapag said.  “Those are shots that you practice when you were a kid. When the shot clock is winding down, to have an opportunity to knock down a shot. It’s a shot that I practiced thousands of times,” he added. After the Philippines and South Korea traded baskets for the lead, Alapag made perhaps the most underrated play in this crazy and emotional encounter between two basketball rivals. Tasked with inbounding the ball just near underneath his own basket, Alapag found his Talk ‘N Text teammate Ranidel De Ocampo for an open look at three. Swish. Gilas leads, 81-77, with 91 seconds to go. “Ranidel was my favorite target for a very, very long time in my career,” Alapag said on the play that most people probably don’t even remember. “Once I saw that he got open, I wanted to make sure that I gave him as great a pass as possible and Ranidel has been known for a long time to take care of the rest,” he added.   THE EXORCIST “Yeah, I was right under the basket,” Gabe Norwood says with a laugh when asked if he remembers the shot that changed the course of Gilas Pilipinas as a national team. Late in the fourth quarter of what was essentially a heavyweight bout, the Philippines just landed two strong haymakers but South Korea would refuse to go down without a fight, beating the count of 10 each time. Down to the final minute of a crucial grudge match with a World Cup berth on the line, Jimmy Alapag had his hands on the basketball as Gilas would go to its halfcourt set. Jimmy will never let go of said basketball. Up two, Jimmy did what Olsen wished he could 11 years prior. Up two against South Korea in a pivotal semifinal game, Alapag received a screen from Marc Pingris, which was enough to momentarily shake off Kim Tae-sul. With some room, Alapag drifted to his left and let a three-point shot fly. Boom. Gilas leads, 84-79, with 54 seconds to go. The shot would later be remembered as the one that ended the Korean Curse, the one that finally exorcised the Ghost. “The first thought that came to my mind was don’t miss,” Jimmy said of the clutch jumper. “That last one, Ping sets a good screen and I got a clean look. It’s a shot that myself, and Jayson [Castro], and Larry [Fonacier], and Gary [David], and Jeff [Chan], all of us, we practice that shot time and time again after practice. So you know, it was a shot that I was confident in but in that moment, all you’re thinking about was don’t miss,” he added. It’s one thing to be confident in yourself and to be confidednt in your preparation. It’s a different thing to actually perform under such pressure. As soon as Alapag managed to shoot his shot, Gabe Norwood did what any other good teammate would do and got in position to get the offensive rebound. You know, just in case. Gabe got the ball alright, but he got it after it swished through the rim. “When he put the shot up, I tried to crash for the rebound but I basically knew that it was going in,” he said. “I had probably the best view, I was right under the basket. I think caught it after it went through too,” Norwood added. Alapag checked out moments later as the Philippines went to its defensive lineup in order to stop another Korean comeback. South Korea turned to its most effective shooter in Kim and as he rose up to try and answer Alapag’s triple, Norwood met him at the apex for the game’s most dramatic stop. Gabe blocked Kim and Gilas would finish things off with a final Marc Pingris basket on the other end. A historic 86-79 win was complete. “I still get chills thinking about it, to look up and see grown men just breaking down. My wife was trying to hold my kids and she was holding back tears. It was just an awesome moment, the bond that we had on that team, the stuff that we did to get prepare, I think we poured it all out in that game,” Norwood said on the monumental victory. “I think it probably didn’t hit me until the final buzzer sounded. Not just for me but for the entire team, when that final buzzer sounded, it was such a special group of guys and the fact that we could share that moment with not just with each other but the entire country, it’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” Alapag added, savoring the moment of a Philippine win over Korea 28 years in the making.   THE INTRODUCTION Gilas Pilipinas would lose to Iran the next day in the Finals of the 2013 FIBA-Asia Championships. The Philippines put up a fight but Hamed Haddadi would prove to be too powerful to stop. It would take another two years for Gilas to beat Iran but that didn’t really matter in the moment. The Philippines is headed to the World Championships for the first time in three decades. The Philippines has beaten South Korea and one singular shot has allowed the Gilas name to be known around the world. Jimmy wouldn’t say that though. At least not directly in that way. “For me, that shot was the biggest for my career. But really, it was our entire team. We’ve gone through so much and that was just one particular play that really culminated the entire game and all the contributions from other guys from Gabe’s defense, to Ping’s rebounding, to Japeth’s rim protecting, to Jayson and LA doing a lot of the legwork,” Alapag said. “Everybody had their part in contribution to the game. After the shot, after the buzzer sounded, it was just a very special moment for us as a team and for Philippine basketball to show that all of the sacrifices, all of the hard work, now it’s given an opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to the world,” he added. Jimmy wouldn’t say it, but his teammates would. That shot of his that beat South Korea in the 2013 FIBA-Asia Championships introduced the Gilas name to the world. It announced that the Philippines has finally arrived. Gilas’ breakthrough overtime win a year later in Spain against Senegal — a game Jimmy pretty much decided late as well — made it known that Filipinos are here to stay on the World stage. “I would say so, it got us to where we wanted to be in the World Cup. I think we shocked some people there as well. But just the work that went in, I think it showed the country that we can get back to where we want to be as long as you work together,” Norwood said. “Yung puso ni Jimmy, grabe naman. Makikita mo maliit pero gusto lang niya talaga manalo. Ang liit pero parang lion pag nagalit eh, nandoon yung tiwala namin sa kanya. Ano pa ba masasabi mo, Jimmy is Jimmy Alapag,” Pingris would add.   [NOTES: At the time of original publishing, Gilas Pilipinas was fighting to make a return trip to the FIBA World Cup, this time in China in 2019. To secure its slot, the the Philippine national team needed to beat Kazakhstan in Astana plus a loss from Japan, Jordan, and/or Lebanon. One of the teams that can help Gilas is South Korea... ironically. Jimmy Alapag retired from national team play in 2014 and retired playing for good in 2016. He has since made himself a champion basketball coach in the ABL. Marc Pingris suffered an ACL injury in 2018 and is in the process of returning for his PBA team in the current 2019 season. Gabe Norwood is still in Gilas. He’s still an effective two-way weapon. He can still dunk and will stop your best player too.]   [Updated Notes: The Philippines beat Kazakhstan to make the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China. Gilas got help from... South Korea. The Koreans beat Lebanon on the road, allowing Gilas to advance to the World Championships outright with a victory over Kazakhstan.]   — Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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Coach Kung Fu always got Sisi s back

Sisi Rondina had been a promising prospect hailing all the way from Cebu. She then wasted no time making an immediate impact for University of Sto. Tomas - in beach volleyball, at the very least. As a rookie, the diminutive spiker led the Golden Tigresses to the promised land. She would go on to earn a total of four championships, including a three-peat, and four MVP awards. In indoor volleyball, however, it wasn't until the arrival of head coach Kungfu Reyes that Rondina finally got into her groove. As a third-year Golden Tigress, she became a full-fledged starter. A year later, "The Cherry Bomb" only became better and then in her graduating season, she was hailed as MVP and rallied the black and gold all the way to the Finals. All of it, made possible by coach Kungfu who always had full faith in her. "Si Coach Kungfu yung tipo ng tao na kapag mahina ka, papalakasin ka. Sinasabihan niya ako na, 'Ang hina mo pala eh. Ang bilis mo umiyak. Wala ka pala,'" she shared in The Prospects Pod last Friday. He then continued, "Sa ganun, tinuturuan niya ako paano mag-handle ng pressure, paano mag-handle ng emosyon." And apparently, Reyes looks out for Rondina's best interests even outside the taraflex. "Ang dami kong natutunan sa kanya. Kapag maaga pa nga ako sa training, magkakape pa kami, mag-uusap lalo about sa love life," the latter said through chuckles. She then continued, "Sa love life, gusto niya, basketball player din. Sabi ko naman, 'Coach, ayaw ko nyan.' Pero sa ganun, praktikal din si coach." Indeed, Sisi Rondina became a lifetime legend in Espana under the guidance of Kungfu Reyes, her father figure in Manila. "Mas nabigyan ng direksyon yung buhay ko salamat sa kanya," she said. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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All that pressure turned CJ Perez, Robert Bolick into diamonds

CJ Perez and Robert Bolick are now the lead guards of upstart teams Terrafirma and NorthPort, respectively. Having wrapped up their first years in the PBA as members of the All-Rookie Team, the future surely shines bright for the former rivals. This, even though Perez continues to juggle five-on-five and 3x3 national teams and Bolick continues to recover from an ACL injury. After all, both of them know rocky roads all too well. Perez was already a shining star in San Sebastian College-Recoletos, but then took his talents to Ateneo de Manila University. However, he fell short of the academic requirements in Katipunan and did not play a single game as a Blue Eagle in the UAAP. Still, he is nothing but glad to share that he became a better player and a better person by the end of his time there. "Kahit sa Team B lang ako nakalaro, parang mas natuto pa nga ako doon kasi ang daming laro, ang daming liga. Feeling ko, mas nakundisyon pa ako," he shared in The Prospects Pod last Friday. He then continued, "Tapos sa aral naman, nung pinaghahabol ako dahil sa bagsak, doon ako natuto talagang mag-aral nang mabuti. Nabilib pa nga ako sa sarili ko kasi kaya ko palang mag-aral nang ganun." Fortunately, the 6-foot-2 guard landed on his feet in Lyceum of the Philippines University and proceeded to win MVP and make school history. He was well on his way to being the top overall pick by the Dyip in the 2019 PBA Draft, but even that didn't come easy as complications arose regarding his application. Apparently, Perez failed to notify the NCAA about his draft application and was suspended for Game 1 of the Season 94 Finals. In the end, he and the Pirates lost anew to San Beda University. Nonetheless, he chooses to see silver linings from that. "Yung mga ganung bagay is a lesson. Para sa akin, natuto ako kung paano yung mga moves bago magdesisyon, kung paano paghahandaan muna lahat para yung desisyon mo, mas mapaganda," he said. While he won three championships in a row as a Red Lion, it was not all roses as well for Bolick. A self-proclaimed "bench player" for two years in De La Salle University, he shared that he felt like he didn't belong in Manila. "Parang feeling ko nun, hindi ko pa kaya yung college kasi never pa ako nakapaglaro nang ganung karaming tao. Dati nga, naisip ko, pagpasok ko ng court, ang laki naman nito, ano ba naman 'to," he said. He then continued, "Dati, kaunting takbo lang, pero ngayon, parang ang tagal bago ka makarating sa kabila." Thankfully, teammate Oda Tampus was always there to lift up the spirits of the 6-foot-1 playmaker. As he put it, "Ang nagbukas talaga ng mata sa akin, si Oda, kaming dalawa lang yung Bisaya sa team ko siya yung kuya ko kumbaga. Siya yung nagturo sa akin ng ropes, ng diskarte sa college." Not long after, he only grabbed the golden opportunity over in Mendiola where he came to be known as "The Bus Stop" and then "Big Shot Bolick" and then "50-point man." And not long after, he was drafted third overall by the Batang Pier. Looking back, the Ormoc native has no doubt that he is where he is today all because of the rocky road he had taken. "Minsan, ngayon, kapag naiisip ko yun, grabe napagdaanan ko yun? Papasok, fa-foul tapos babalik sa bench," he said. He then continued, "Pero dahil dun, tumibay talaga ako." --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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AJ Raval hiwalay na sa dyowa; open makipagrelasyon sa katrabaho

HIWALAY na ang sexy actress na si AJ Raval sa dyowa nitong si Axel Torres. Inamin ito ng dalaga sa virtual press conference nito parasa kanyang bagong pelikulang “TAYA”. “Marami kaming naging priblema sa career namin kaya nag-end po nang maaga ‘yung relationship namin,” pagbabahagi ng dalaga. Ayon pa sa aktres, ayaw ni Axel ang […] The post AJ Raval hiwalay na sa dyowa; open makipagrelasyon sa katrabaho appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Angel pangarap magkaanak ng kambal pero biglang nagbago ang isip dahil…

AMINADO ang TV host-actress na si Angel Locsin na may nararamdaman na rin siyang pressure ngayon sa usaping pagbubuntis at panganganak. Super excited na raw si Angel sa magiging buhay nila ni Neil Arce bilang mag-asawa pero pressured din siya sa pagkakaroon ng sarili nilang baby very soon. Sa bagong vlog na ibinandera ng celebrity […] The post Angel pangarap magkaanak ng kambal pero biglang nagbago ang isip dahil… appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Angel pangarap magkaanak ng kambal pero biglang nagbago ang isip dahil…

Angel Locsin at Neil Arce AMINADO ang TV host-actress na si Angel Locsin na may nararamdaman na rin siyang pressure ngayon sa usaping pagbubuntis at panganganak. Super excited na raw si Angel sa magiging buhay nila ni Neil Arce bilang mag-asawa pero pressured din siya sa pagkakaroon ng sarili nilang baby very soon. Sa bagong […] The post Angel pangarap magkaanak ng kambal pero biglang nagbago ang isip dahil… appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Ex-PBB housemate Franzen Fajardo ayaw nang bumalik sa showbiz, masaya na sa bagong buhay

INAMIN ng dating “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate na si Franzen Fajardo na hindi niya kinaya ang pressure sa showbiz kaya nagdesisyon itong talikuran na lamang ito. Sa interview kasama si Ogie Diaz, ikinuwento ni Franzen na hindi naging madali ang buhay niya. Taong 2013 nga ng huminto ito sa pag-aartista ngunit nitong nakaraan raw ay […] The post Ex-PBB housemate Franzen Fajardo ayaw nang bumalik sa showbiz, masaya na sa bagong buhay appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Pugon stars take a stand on child labor

Director Gabby Ramos on child labor: The children are the ones who find means to support their parents. Sa kahirapan, yung oportunidad para kumita at sa demand pag-binalanse mo, pag-gumamit ka ng sukatan, parang tama. But in society’s standards, in our system and law, it’s wrong......»»

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& lsquo;Nagbabagang Luha& rsquo; heats up afternoon viewing

There’s a reason why Rayver Cruz did not watch Nagbabagang Luha (1988) prior to the taping of the film’s television adaptation. He wanted to give the male protagonist, originally played by Gabby Concepcion, a different flavor, and with the guidance of director Ricky Davao, he knew he was headed in the right direction. .....»»

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Gabby binigyan ng acting tips si Rayver; Priscilla, Leandro muling magtatambal sa ‘Lolong’

MALAKI ang tiwala ng veteran actor na si Gabby Concepcion na mabibigyan ng hustisya ni Kapuso heartthrob Rayver Cruz ang kanyang role sa upcoming GMA adaptation ng ‘80s blockbuster movie na “Nagbabagang Luha.” Sa naturang TV adaptation na mapapanood na simula Aug. 2 sa GMA Afternoon Prime ay bibigyang-buhay ni Rayver ang karakter na naunang […] The post Gabby binigyan ng acting tips si Rayver; Priscilla, Leandro muling magtatambal sa ‘Lolong’ appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Pia namimilipit sa sakit kapag umiinom ng kape: Kung ayaw na ng katawan mo ganu’n talaga…

NAGULAT si 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach matapos matuklasan na mataas pala ang level ng cholesterol niya sa katawan. Wala naman daw kasi siyang kakaibang nararamdaman at feeling healthy naman siya, pero nang magpatingin daw siya kamakailan ay nalamang meron siyang high cholesterol. Nagbigay ng health update ang actress-beauty queen sa kanyang mga fans and supporters sa […] The post Pia namimilipit sa sakit kapag umiinom ng kape: Kung ayaw na ng katawan mo ganu’n talaga… appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Liza naging mas matapang at palaban dahil kina Pia, Angel at Anne

MALAKI ang naging impluwensiya nina Pia Wurtzbach, Angel Locsin at Anne Curtis sa personal na buhay ni Liza Soberano. Inamin ng Kapamilya young actress na bata pa lamang siya ay talagang inilalabas na niya kung ano ang tunay niyang nararamdaman at hindi siya yung tipo ng tao na basta na lang tatahimik kapag alam niyang nasa […] The post Liza naging mas matapang at palaban dahil kina Pia, Angel at Anne appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Inigo todo kayod para sa ipatatayong dream house, ayaw umasa kay Piolo

ANG tarush ni Inigo Pascual dahil na-feature sa “Simply K-POP” na ipinalabas sa Arirang TV ang album niyang “Options” na ni-release nitong Hunyo 25. Base sa kuwento ng handler niyang si Caress Caballero, ang lakas daw kasi ng K-Pop influence ng binata, lalo pa’t kinunan sa Korea ang isa niyang music video. “‘Yung Simply K-Pop […] The post Inigo todo kayod para sa ipatatayong dream house, ayaw umasa kay Piolo appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Kakai: Yung hindi nakakaganda, nakakayaman at hindi nakakatulong sa mental health, babu!

MARAMI ang nagre-request na Kapuso viewers na sana’y magkaroon ng season 2 ang hit primetime series na “First Yaya” na pinagbibidahan nina Sanya Lopez at Gabby Concepcion. At hindi lang ang mga manonood ang umaasa sa magiging book 2 ng laging tume-trending at buma-viral na teleserye ng GMA, kundi pati na rin ang buong cast […] The post Kakai: Yung hindi nakakaganda, nakakayaman at hindi nakakatulong sa mental health, babu! appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Aicelle ayaw kumuha ng yaya para sa anak: Gusto kong maranasan yung maging nanay talaga

NAPATUNAYAN na rin ng Kapuso singer-actress na si Aicelle Santos na hindi talaga biro ang maging isang nanay, lalo na ngayong panahon ng pandemya. Proud hands on mom si Aicelle dahil sa kabila ng pagiging aktibo sa showbiz, talagang kinakarir pa rin niya ang pag-aalaga sa kanyang panganay na si Baby Zandrine. Magkahalong kaligayahan at […] The post Aicelle ayaw kumuha ng yaya para sa anak: Gusto kong maranasan yung maging nanay talaga appeared first on Bandera......»»

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LJ naka-jackpot kay Paolo: Grabe! Sobra-sobra ‘yung sacrifice niya para sa amin

    MATINDI rin ang ginagawang sakripisyo ni Paolo Contis para sa asawang si LJ Reyes pati na rin sa kanilang mga anak, lalo na ngayong panahon ng pandemya. Ayon kay LJ, mas napatunayan pa niya kung gaano kabuting tao at karesponsable ang Kapuso actor at sobra niyang naa-appreciate ang effort nito para sa kanilang […] The post LJ naka-jackpot kay Paolo: Grabe! Sobra-sobra ‘yung sacrifice niya para sa amin appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Gerald sa patuloy na banat ng bashers: Alam ko naman kung saan ako nagkamali

“KUNG barko ako, siya yung nagbibigay sa akin ng power or fuel para tuluy-tuloy lang ang laban sa buhay.” Ganyan inilarawan ni Gerald Anderson ang pagmamahal na nararamdaman niya para sa girlfriend niyang si Julia Barretto. Aniya, ibang klase raw talaga ang naibibigay na kaligayahan ni Julia sa buhay niya ang naniniwala siya na mahal na […] The post Gerald sa patuloy na banat ng bashers: Alam ko naman kung saan ako nagkamali appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Rica natakot para sa mga anak habang nakikipaglaban sa COVID

IDINETALYE ni Rica Peralejo sa kanyang vlog ang mga pinagdaanan nila ng asawang si Joseph Bonifacio nang pareho silang tamaan ng COVID-19. Ayon kay Rica, nu’ng una raw ay wala siyang nararamdamang symptoms pero napansin niya na grabe ang pagpapawis niya that time. “Ako ‘yung nauna. March 20, we had a shoot in the house […] The post Rica natakot para sa mga anak habang nakikipaglaban sa COVID appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Xian may sapat nang ipon para pakasalan at buhayin si Kim, pero…

AYAW ipabanggit ng taong gustong ipagtanggol si Xian Lim ang kanyang pangalan sa reaksyon ng isang netizen tungkol sa financial status ng aktor. Ayon kay @fewgoodmen2021, “Xian still need to save up for future business na fall back n’ya. Most kaedad n’ya are into business na but s’ya ini-enjoy palang n’ya ‘yung mga bagay na […] The post Xian may sapat nang ipon para pakasalan at buhayin si Kim, pero… appeared first on Bandera......»»

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