South Cotabato intensifies border control

GENERAL SANTOS CITY — South Cotabato Gov. Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. announced that the provincial government has intensified its control measures in its borders in the wake of the threats posed by the dreaded coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) Delta variant. Tamayo issued Executive Order (EO) 30, which extended the implementation of general community quarantine in the […] The post South Cotabato intensifies border control appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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South Cotabato tightens border control amid COVID-19 Delta variant threat

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews / 02 August) – The provincial government of South Cotabato has intensified control measures in its borders in the wake of the threats posed by the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Delta variant. South Cotabato Gov. Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. directed the move on Monday through Executive Order (EO) No. […].....»»

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South Cotabato extends modified GCQ, border control

KORONADAL CITY, South Cotabato, June 15 (PIA) - South Cotabato Gov. Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. signed Executive Order No. 33 on Monday extending anew the modified community quarantine in the entire provin.....»»

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Win-win cooperation

PEACE-MAKER Jose de Venecia Jr.Former Speaker of the House Lebanon and Israel, two countries technically at war, signed several days ago a historic agreement settling their years-long maritime border conflict involving oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea. The accord will raise huge revenues and ease tensions not only between the two countries but in the region. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said it “will strengthen Israel’s security, inject billions into Israel’s economy, and ensure stability of our northern border.” It will also contribute greatly to Lebanon’s economic recovery and political stability as the country has been beset with financial difficulties for three years now. On the maritime disputes, the one that is causing grave concern is in the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea, sparked by the raging disagreement and conflicting sovereignty claims. But we have repeatedly pointed out that there is the potential for a peaceful settlement. We had the privilege to officially propose in 2004-2005, then as speaker of the house, the three-nation Seismic Agreement officially signed and undertaken by Manila, Beijing and Hanoi. Its aim was to assess the area’s potential for oil/gas exploration and development preparatory to drilling and create the environment for peace and cooperation. Hydrocarbon specialists of the three countries pronounced the area’s prospects as “promising.” We explained that the rival nations could convert the area from one of conflict into a zone of peace, friendship, cooperation, and development. We must find ways and means to jointly develop its oil/gas potential to help lessen our expensive common dependence on distant petroleum sources in the Persian/Arab Gulf of the Middle East. Imagine the potential for peace in the heartland of the West Philippine Sea if we undertake a joint development of its resources. From an area of conflict, it could be transformed into a landscape and seascape of small seaports, airports and oil pipelines. Fishing villages and small tourism townships could rapidly rise and the contested areas could become the untrammeled passage way for global shipping, carrying more than 50 percent of the sea freight of the world. We have always pointed out that this is perhaps the most realistic, most common-sensical solution to the problem and which could be joined by Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan; and could also be the same formula for the dangerous problem between China and Japan in the tiny isles in the Senkaku Straits or Diaoyu in the East China Sea. A history of conflict avoidance and joint development involving rival nations abound, perhaps as a result of intelligent, creative, humble, and pragmatic diplomacy. In the Norwegian Ekofisk oil field in the North Sea, which we visited when we were president of the Petroleum Association of the Philippines in the 1970s, the discovered oil in the sea goes even now to Norway and to Teeside, England and the natural gas goes to Germany. The oil in the Caspian Sea countries is shared by Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and others, because among them, there is demarcation and practical mutual understanding and goodwill. The 2006 agreement between giant Australia and tiny East Timor share the hydrocarbons in the South Pacific in the waters just below Darwin and on the southeast side of Asia’s newest republic. The 1989 deal between Malaysia and Thailand enabled them to jointly develop their disputed waters in the Gulf of Thailand. The Guinea-Bissau and Senegal accord of 1993 helped the concerned countries develop their disputed areas. The border conflicts in Asia are more explosive, seemingly more intractable – between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, between India and China in their common mountainous region, between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh, among others. However, even as dangerous a dispute as one between Russia and China, which led the two countries involving hundreds of thousands of their troops poised to pounce on each other in the brink of war, did not explode into full-scale bloody confrontation because of prudence. The conflict was over a territory in the vicinity of the Ussuri (Wusuli) river in the eastern region of the then USSR, north of Vladivostok, in 1969. The surprise 1992 border agreement between China and Russia rapidly resolved their territorial dispute in the Argun and Amur rivers, where China was granted control over Tarabahov Island (Yinlong Island) and about 50 percent of Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island (Heixiazi Island) near Khabarovsk. Asia and the world must never forget one of the foremost leaders in Asian history, China’s “paramount leader” Deng Xiaoping and its President Yang Shangkun and the USSR’s President Boris Yeltsin for the classic Border Agreement between China and Russia that resolved what could have been an explosive and ruinous conflict between the two major powers, with Russia still supported by its satellite states at the time and both already wielding powerful weapons. Indeed, the idea of “win-win cooperation,” of a pragmatic and intelligent sharing of areas and resources could help build a model for lessening tensions and solving conflicts, and avoiding the possibility of war in Asia’s manifold and dangerous flashpoints......»»

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Laoag intensifies border control vs. re-entry of ASF

LAOAG CITY - The city government has intensified its border control to prevent the re-entry of the African swine fever (ASF) here.ASF checkpoints were established in at least five villages around 5 p.m. on Wednesday to monitor all vehicles entering the city.These checkpoints are locat.....»»

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South Cotabato gets high-risk tag for COVID-19

KORONADAL CITY (MindaNews / 4 September)— South Cotabato province is now considered as a “high-risk” area for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Soccsksargen or Region 12, but officials assured the public that the “situation is still under control.” In an emergency press conference on Friday, Dr. Rogelio Aturdido Jr., South Cotabato health chief, stressed the province […].....»»

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2 Dawlah Islamiya members nabbed in South Cotabato

Two suspected bomb makers of the Dawlah Islamiya terrorist group were arrested in Polomolok, South Cotabato on Wednesday......»»

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Hontiveros urges border control, coordination with states to stop trafficking of Pinoys

"Border control should also be tightened here in the Philippines to make sure that we do not let our countrymen fall into the hands of syndicates," Hontiveros said. .....»»

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Lawyer disbarred after involvement in fake marriage annulment

MANILA, Philippines — A lawyer and former Integrated Bar of the Philippines officer has been disbarred by the Supreme Court (SC) after his involvement with faking a marriage annulment. “The Supreme Court has disbarred a former officer of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) – South Cotabato and General Santos Chapter for violating the […] The post Lawyer disbarred after involvement in fake marriage annulment appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Mayor’s permit for Tampakan project revoked for alleged fraud, misrepresentation

TAMPAKAN, South Cotabato (MindaNews / 16 September) – The local government unit (LGU) of Tampakan, South Cotabato revoked the mayor’s permit of Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI), developer of Southeast Asia’s largest untapped copper-gold reserve, due to alleged fraud and misrepresentation of its business status. Mayor Leonard Escobillo cancelled the mayor’s permit he issued to SMI […].....»»

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South Korea scrambles jets after detecting 180 North Korean warplanes north of border

SEOUL — South Korea’s military said it scrambled fighter jets after detecting about 180 North Korean military flights north of the two countries’ border over four hours on Friday. The North Korean aircraft flew north of the so-called tactical action line, north of the Military Demarcation Line between the two Koreas, South Korea’s military said in […] The post South Korea scrambles jets after detecting 180 North Korean warplanes north of border appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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South Korea’s Halloween crowd surge: What we know

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea is investigating the exact cause of a deadly crowd surge that killed 154 people at a Halloween event, as public outrage grows over perceived policing and crowd control failures. A man offers a flower at a joint memorial altar for victims of the deadly Halloween crowd surge, in Naksopyeong, near the district of Itaewon in Seoul on October 31, 2022. ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP What went wrong and why did so many people die at the first post-pandemic Halloween party in Seoul’s popular Itaewon nightlife district? Here is what we know: What’s going on? The government promised a “thorough and transparent investigation” into the exact causes of the deadly crush in Itaewon, and police said Monday they had launched a task force and started the probe. They’ve deployed forensic experts, seized footage from 50 security cameras in the area, and interviewed scores of witnesses, victims, and workers at nearby stores, according to a senior police officer. How did it happen? Typically, a gathering of over 1,000 people has to submit “safety management plans” to the government in advance for review by police and fire departments. But in the case of the Itaewon Halloween festivities, there is no designated event organiser — individual bars, clubs and restaurants simply hold their own events and people flock to the area. Just weeks before, a “Global Village Festival” was safely staged in the exact same streets — but it was an organised event sponsored by local authorities. As a result, it had “effective crowd control with many police officers and district office staff in charge”, said Kim Min-kyu, who runs a currency exchange shop near the site of the accident and saw both events. Police have admitted to lapses in their real-time management of the event. “Police officers on the scene didn’t detect a sudden surge in the crowd,” Hong Ki-hyun, chief of the National Police Agency’s Public Order Management Bureau, told local reporters. Why was it so bad? Experts say the crowd crush could have been prevented with proper preparation, But they admit things have gotten more difficult after years of pandemic-related lockdowns. “Everywhere in the world event organisers are struggling with the post-Covid crowd,” said Eric Kant, a crowd safety specialist who runs the Phase01 Crowd Management. “A lot of visitors are new with partying, they are indeed very excited, and maybe do not understand risks very much,” he added. Key risk factors for crowd surges are “unrestricted entry” of people into a small space, and “no ticket sales” which means organisers have no exact estimate of demand, experts say — all of which happened at Itaewon. “This is a recipe for disaster in mass gatherings,” crowd safety expert Milad Haghani of the University of New South Wales told AFP. Even for the Halloween event — a public gathering with no tickets — authorities could have been actively managing the situation to prevent overcrowding. “On the day, this would mean monitoring the numbers, at the very least,” said John Drury, an expert on crowd psychology at the University of Sussex. “It would also mean a public information campaign beforehand to discourage such large numbers attending.” He warned that psychology studies show people actually seek out “objectively dangerous levels of density” at events, and organisers need to be aware of this risk. Who is to blame? So far, no one has been held accountable, even as public anger flares at the government and police for their apparent lack of oversight. Top-ranking officials have brushed off questions about taking responsibility, saying the priority is currently on helping the victims and dealing with the aftermath of the accident. Much local criticism has focused on the police — but experts say they are not necessarily at fault. “We should remember that the primary role of the police is generally not crowd management,” said Martyn Amos, a professor at Northumbria University who works on crowd simulation. “It’s possible to manage an event largely using stewards, with the police there to ensure public order and to deal with criminal activity,” he told AFP. What happens next? The government is under immense pressure to resolve this quickly — and properly. The opposition Democratic Party has already slammed the government’s handling of the event, and will likely push for resignations once the national mourning period ends on November 5. The Itaewon crush could deal another blow to President Yoon Suk-yeol’s popularity ratings — already at record lows. There is also a possibility that the disaster, if mishandled, could become a major political liability for the government. In 2014 then president Park Geun-hye was in power during the sinking of the Sewol ferry in which 304 people — mostly school children — died. She was widely criticised for her handling of the incident. The issue lingered over her presidency until she was impeached three years later over a corruption scandal......»»

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Tropical storm Paeng leaves 48 dead, thousands flooded

Provinces in the south were hit the hardest while a “state of calamity” has been declared in the city of Cotabato where some 67,000 residents have been affected by the storm. The post Tropical storm Paeng leaves 48 dead, thousands flooded appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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P2 million marijuana plants torched in Mindanao

Marijuana plants with an estimated market value of P2 million were destroyed in separate anti-narcotics operations in Davao del Sur, Sarangani and South Cotabato over the weekend......»»

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Sleepy driver slightly hurt after SUV crashes into post at Cebu South Coastal Road

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A tired and sleepy driver, who was heading home after joining a fun run, lost control of his Toyota Fortuner while he was cruising along the Cebu South Coastal Road in Talisay City at past 8 a.m. today, Sept. 25. The SUV driver then crashed into a lamp post at the […] The post Sleepy driver slightly hurt after SUV crashes into post at Cebu South Coastal Road appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattles southern Philippines

MANILA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 rattled Maguindanao province in the southern Philippines on Saturday afternoon, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said. The institute said the quake, which occurred at 2:25 p.m. local time (0625 GMT), hit at a depth of 62 km, about 11 km northwest of South Upi town. The tremor was also felt in nearby cities of Cotabato,.....»»

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Japan turns over water system; learning center to SoCot

MANILA - Japan has finished the construction of a water system and a learning center in two villages in South Cotabato, the Japanese Embassy in Manila said Thursday.The level II water supply system was formally given to Barangay Kablon in Tupi town, while a one-story building for technical v.....»»

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PBBM hails SoCot beautiful T nalak festival

KORONADAL CITY - President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. commended on Monday the provincial government of South Cotabato for the successful weeklong celebration of its 23rd T'nalak Festival and 56th founding anniversary.In a virtual message, Marcos told the crowd at the South Cotabato Spo.....»»

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NegOcc strengthens border watch amid continuing ASF threat

BACOLOD CITY -Negros Occidental's provincial government continues to strengthen its border control operations to prevent the entry of live pigs and pork products amid the continuing threat posed by African swine fever (ASF).Having a PHP6-billion hog industry, Negros Occidental is the country.....»»

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SoCot village dad suspended for refusal to give up 4Ps membership

KORONADAL CITY - A barangay official in the South Cotabato town of Banga is facing a two-month suspension after refusing to surrender his membership in the government's Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) for indigents.The quasi-judicial body of Banga's municipal council found San Vic.....»»

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SGH to become regional hospital in 2023

KORONADAL CITY - The South Cotabato provincial government has turned over the management of the Soccsksargen General Hospital (SGH) in Surallah municipality to the Department of Health (DOH) for its transition to a regional hospital.Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. said Saturday the transfer cam.....»»

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