Whatever happened to the Marawi compensation bills?

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 24 October) –  President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday night devoted a few minutes of his weekly “Talk to the People on COVID-19”  defending government against complaints on the slow-paced recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country’s lone Islamic city but said nothing about the compensation bills for Marawi residents whose houses […].....»»

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Proposed Marawi compensation:  from 176,000 pesos to 1.76 M pesos

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 24 October) — Displaced Marawi residents whose residential or commercial buildings  were destroyed during the five-month siege  in 2017 will receive, according to a proposed law, a minimum of 176,000 pesos to a maximum of 1.76 million pesos in compensation, not the fair market value as earlier proposed, because the government’s […].....»»

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Beep card and Internet woes

On the Beep card fiasco I spoke out recently on the chaos caused by the mandatory use of the “Beep card” for consumers riding the public buses under the “no-card no-ride”policy. It was as if the riding consumers were being required to purchase a Beep card at “gunpoint” or forget about riding the bus. This chaotic scenario could have been avoided had the regulators done its work mindfully by first consulting with the stakeholders (“who”), drafting the new policy (“what”) and once agreed upon, by ensuring wide dissemination of the changes – the Implementing Guidelines. Where did “complete staff work” go? Or are the consumers just being given an example of doublespeak?  What happened this week was consumers were confronted with the “no- card no-ride”signs on the buses and were required to pay for a ride plus the cost of the card, something they did not need to do before. For those who did pay the extra cost, they then had to find out that the policy was “suspended,” although no refunds were being offered.There was also the spectacle of the agency head announcing that the cards were free, contradicting the policy his agency had just announced and implemented. The card providers then said they were not about to waive their right to be paid. In another statement, a regulator functionary reasoned that it had nothing to do with the fine print on the contract for the cards since they were only responsible for “policy.” This violates the consumer’s right to be informed. The agency should have studied the sector most affected by the shift to cashless transaction – the consumer who must rely on public transportation because he has no alternative and  the same consumer who must make every peso count and who cannot afford any extra expense. This consumer deserves earnest and timely information from government on why he has to pay an additional amount and how it will benefit him, and for the consumers who did pay the additional cost of the card, they should enjoy a swift refund.  The lesson that we consumers learned in the Beep card fiasco is always to be aware and conscious of our consumer rights and to speak up when these rights are threatened or belittled. We should always be vigilant consumers about our rights lest we find these rights trodden again. On Internet speed Like every other consumers, I have problems with Internet speed. I pay my bills and fees  on time ,  however,  I  believe I should only pay for the speed that I receive  and I did not think I was getting what I paid for under my plan. Therefore, I conducted my own speed test and sought redress  from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). I was able to get a refund and am paying now for the plan that is nearest to the speed I am getting. Consumers should exercise their right to seek redress for bad Internet speed.  Consumers should be reimbursed for speed that is not delivered. In this time of the pandemic, profiteering should not be tolerated in any form. I call upon the NTC to take the lead by issuing implementing guidelines on refund for both prepaid and postpaid plans. Consumers should also ask for faster response on consumer complaints. The complaints of Messrs.   Foronda and Platon posted in the Laban Konsyumer emails should be resolved faster. Hopefully, the reported 1,171 new cell tower permits should alleviate consumer woes in the near future. In the meantime however, if you are not getting value for the service you paid for, your option is to downgrade your plan to correspond to the speed you are getting and claim a refund of excess fees paid. You can submit your complaint online at Atty. Vic Dimagiba is President of Laban Konsyumer Inc. Email:»»

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Kompensasyon sa Marawi siege victims, umusad na sa Kamara

Manila, Philippines – Inaprubahan na ng House committee on disaster resilience ang panukalang magbibigay ng monetary compensation sa ma residente ng Marawi na naapektuhan ng Marawi City siege noong 2017. Ayon kay Basilan Rep Mujiv Hataman hindi pa napapagkasunduan kung magkano ang ibibigay na kompensasyon dahil na rin sa mayroon pang amendments na gagawin sa consolidated […] The post Kompensasyon sa Marawi siege victims, umusad na sa Kamara appeared first on REMATE ONLINE......»»

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TFBM chief backs substitute Marawi compensation bill

QUEZON CITY, Aug. 19 - Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) Chairman Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario has expressed support to a newly proposed legislation aimed at aiding victims of the 2017 Marawi City s.....»»

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No rights violations in Martial Law? Marawi survivor says otherwise

On Monday’s State of the Nation Address, President Rodrigo Duterte harped back on criticisms on his declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, claiming no human rights violations happened in that period......»»

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Things to Know After Being Injured at a Construction Site

Are you a construction worker who has suffered an injury at a construction site? Or, were you a pedestrian that has been injured at a construction site? Not sure what to do next? There are steps to take to ensure that you get the compensation you need to pay the bills piling up. Construction sites […] The post Things to Know After Being Injured at a Construction Site appeared first on Kagay An......»»

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Compensate Marawi siege victims, 5 senators ask

FIVE senators allied with the Duterte administration have jointly filed a bill providing monetary compensation to qualified residents for loss or destruction of residential, cultural and commercial structures, and other property during a siege of Marawi City in southern Mindanao in 2017. The five senators who authored Senate Bill (SB) 1395 pointed out that the […].....»»

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94 lawmakers support Marawi victims compensation bill

At least 94 lawmakers have signed as co-authors of a bill seeking to provide compensation to victims of the Marawi siege in 2017......»»

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Q and A with Elin Anisha C. Guro: “Our aim is to turn the University Library into their second home”

MARAWI CITY (MindaNews / 29 May) — When the Marawi Siege happened in 2017, Elin Anisha C. Guro was Director of the Mindanao State University’s Press and Information Office, on study leave to finish her PhD at the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne in Australia. She had earlier finished her MA in […].....»»

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What happened to Marawi funds?

WHERE would the billions raised and donated for the rebuilding of Marawi go if affluent businessmen there were to take over the restoration of their city devastated in the battle with ISIS-inspired militants from May to October in 2017?.....»»

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Akbayan’s pro-women laws lauded for women’s month

Mindanao civil society groups are raising public support for the urgent passage of five pro-women measures pushed by Akbayan Partylist in the 17th Congress in time for Women’s Month this March. The Junior Chamber International (JCI), the Women’s Action for Gender Equality (WAGE), Balaod Mindanao, Citizens Watch for Good Governance (CWGG), and the Philippine Muslim Women Council, Inc. each expressed support for the Universal Healthcare Bill, the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill, the Safe Streets and Public Spaces Bill, the 4Ps Institutionalization Bill, and the Marawi Compensation Bill......»»

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Bicyclist killed in hit and run accident in Naga City, Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippine – A bicycle rider was killed in a hit and run accident which happened past 4 a.m. this Sunday, January 24, 2021, along the national highway in Barangay Colon, Naga City in southern Cebu. Police Lieutenant Colonel Florendo Fajardo of the Naga City Police Station identified the bicyclist at Jose Romilo Blanco […] The post Bicyclist killed in hit and run accident in Naga City, Cebu appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Kasambahay with COVID-19 eligible for ECC benefits

Household helpers or kasambahays infected with COVID-19 are eligible to avail themselves of the cash assistance program of the Employees’ Compensation Commission, a Department of Labor and Employment official said on Friday......»»

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The new Bayad

Gone are the days when we had to go to different establishments to pay our bills......»»

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A BL that happened by chance

“If there’s an opportunity to tell a story, no matter what (the) platform (is) and given the circumstance is right, I’m just fine with it.”.....»»

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Reconstruction of Bubong Lilod Madaya mosque begins

MARAWI CITY, Jan. 22 (PIA) - The Bubong Lilod Madaya Mosque in Brgy. Bubong Lilod Madaya in the most affected area (MAA) of the city is set to be restored after the groundbreaking for its reconstru.....»»

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TFBM commences work on 2nd new school bldg in Marawi s ground zero

MARAWI CITY, Jan. 22 (PIA) - Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) commenced construction on another new school building inside the most affected area (MAA) of the city.TFBM chief Secretary Eduard.....»»

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4 kidnappers killed in QC shootout

  BY JOSEPH PEDRAJAS     Four kidnappers were killed in a shootout with cops during a rescue operation for an abducted Chinese national in Quezon City early Friday morning. The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) said the incident happened around 12:40 a.m. at a house on Sta. Maria Extension in Barangay Holy Spirit. The […].....»»

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Proposals to defer PhilHealth, SSS premium hike OK’d

Two committees of the House of Representatives have separately approved yesterday the bills Speaker Lord Allan Velasco filed to grant President Duterte the powers to suspend increases in the monthly contribution of premiums in two government financial institutions......»»

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Velasco bills for president to stop SSS, PhilHealth hikes breeze through panels

Speaker Lord Allan Velasco’s bills will now go to the plenary for deliberations......»»

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