Broadcast media coverage of suicide cases in Oro criticized

Covering suicide cases delving too much on personal details including identities of the victims and their families has been criticized for its extreme stigmatization and lack of sensitivity......»»

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Davao City to implement stricter border control

While the city is in strict community quarantine measures, its mayor issued three more executive orders (EOs) to augment public health safety especially on border control in the region to combat the spread of COVID-19 infections......»»

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Mothers balancing life and struggle as activists

Being a mother and at the same time working for advocacies for social justice is a tough balancing act. For........»»

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Private sector warned on imposing fees for vaccines

With the private sector given the green light by the national government to purchase COVID-19 vaccines, a public health expert advised these companies from imposing charges from their employees as this violates the people's right to health......»»

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NUJP on World Press Freedom Day: We will continue to insist on being free

We mark World Press Freedom Day with recent reminders of the risks that journalists in the Philippines, especially those among the alternative and regional media face......»»

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Bukidnon residents file complaint vs feeds plant to Oro gov’t

Village officials in Bukidnon filed a complaint against a feeds processing company that allegedly emits foul odor for the third time in six years to the city government here......»»

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In Cagayan de Oro, community spirit dampened by red-tagging

22-year old Rene Principe Jr, who started the city’s first community pantry on April 19 in front of his residence, was shocked to wake up two days later and found his face in fliers scattered all over the neighbourhood that linked him to the Communist Party of the Philippines......»»

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When the pantries first came out, it was easy to call them charity because of their no-strings-attached giving away to those most in need. But many countered by casting this (approvingly, too) more properly as socialism......»»

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Mindanaoan students join petition for Duterte’s resignation over pandemic crisis

Student leaders from the University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao are among those who signed an online petition calling for President Rodrigo Duterte’s resignation over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic......»»

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Community Pantries: ‘Phenomenon of Hunger and Poverty’

The sprout of community pantries has become an indicator of poor government action even in communities located in the economic middle. It also has exposed the reality of the ‘’phenomenon of hunger and poverty’’ when people queue to avail themselves of free food......»»

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Oil spill in Misamis Oriental coast near extraction

The coastal areas affected by an oil spill from a sunken cargo ship is now slowly returning to normal, a village official said on April 19......»»

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Bangsamoro, Indigenous groups slam lifting of mining moratorium

Various groups slammed the lifting of the nine-year moratorium on new mining agreements through Executive Order No. 130 that President Rodrigo Duterte signed on April 14, 2021......»»

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Davao City councilor appeals suspension of biz permit for food delivery riders

To acquire this business permit a rider must pay more than P4,000 a year which will cover the following fees: electronic, garbage, mechanical, plumbing, sanitary permit, signboard, sanitary inspection, solid waste and zoning......»»

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Samal sets more restrictions on resorts after COVID-19 cases rise

Six week after reopening its 73 resorts, the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) will implement stricter guidelines for visitors and tourists following reports of lax measures in some establishments that led to the rise of COVID-19 infection in the city......»»

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AstraZeneca suspension worries Davao City health workers for their second dose

Most of the 12,000 frontline health workers in Davao City who were inoculated during the first rollout on March opted for AstraZeneca over China’s Sinovac, and are supposed to receive their second dose......»»

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Amid speculation, Mayor Sara denies knowing president’s health status

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio denied rumors surrounding the health condition of her father President Rodrigo Duterte during her regular Special Hour program on the city-government owned Davao Disaster Radio Monday......»»

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Prayers of Justice for the Bangsamoro Children this Ramadan

Children are always the most vulnerable in conflict areas. Despite almost two decades of documenting violations in conflict areas, I am affected whenever I learn that children were the casualties in military operations......»»

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Progressives slam lack of gov’t aid for the poor

More than a year since the onset of COVID-19 in the country, the urban poor in Davao City continue to be hit the hardest, said Bayan Muna Davao Coordinator Rauf Sissay......»»

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A digital history album of Davao turns ten

Davao City may be a young city, having been created in 1937, but its history and growth offers an interesting glimpse of diversity......»»

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[STANDPOINT] Media workers as essential as the stories we produce

As we call for support for our colleagues struck by the virus, we stand with the Filipino people in demanding a comprehensive and scientific COVID-19 response......»»

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