Bernadette kinarir na ang pagiging singer; may pasabog sa ASAP, Showtime

KINAKARIR na talaga ni “TV Patrol” anchorwoman Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo ang pagiging singer. Siya ang sumulat ng lyrics at naglapat ng melody ng awiting “Yakapin ang Pasko” at siya na rin ang nag-record. Kasunod nito, labas na agad sa Spotify at YouTube channel ng ABS-CBN Star Music. “I wrote both lyrics and melody and sang it […] The post Bernadette kinarir na ang pagiging singer; may pasabog sa ASAP, Showtime appeared first on Bandera......»»

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‘Hindi si Ipe!’ Kris binalikan ang unang minahal

Lalong na-excite ang mga fan ni Kris Aquino dahil sa latest Instagram post niya ng lyrics ng kanta na ‘Miss You Like Crazy’ na version ni Erik Santos. The post ‘Hindi si Ipe!’ Kris binalikan ang unang minahal first appeared on Abante......»»

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Pinoy woke artists sing of tyranny, rage and hope

Artists have up their collaboration to turn out music videos that have become a powerful tool for awakening and raising the people’s consciousness. The visuals sure do aid the music and the lyrics come for easy retention. The internet affords the listeners to revisit the videos anytime and share it to others, much more so in this pandemic where online connectivity has become the norm. The post Pinoy woke artists sing of tyranny, rage and hope appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Things You Didn’t Know About The Juans

ALTHOUGH they have been a band since 2013, it is only recently that their music has been slowly recognized. The Juans, whose songs like “Hatid”, “Sirang Plaka”, “Hindi Tayo Pwede” and “Manalangin” has been serenading listeners for the past months. The lyrics of their songs and the wonderful melody makes them such a big hit […] The post Things You Didn’t Know About The Juans appeared first on Pinoy Parazzi......»»

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TikTok lovers rage against Trump threat of US ban

A TikTok star pounds a beat as she weaves lyrics mocking the idea of US President Donald Trump banning the short-form video sharing app......»»

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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Folklore’ is signature Swift but minimalist

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift dropped a bomb recently with the announcement and release of album “Folklore” on the same day. The set is a collection of 16 tracks penned by the 30-year old singer-songwriter and produced with long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner (of The National) in the first few months of lockdown. Critics have hailed it one of her best albums. Well, Swift has always been about the lyrics, and here and there an interesting line pops up and conjures an image and corresponding emotion. “I’m doing good/I’m on some new s**t” she sings on opener “The 1.” A simple piano motif shape the first few stanzas and I could almost swear that first chord is same as Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road.” Less is more as Swift conveys how life goes on after the one that got away, but there’s definitely a hint of regret there as she sings “But it would’ve been fun if it could’ve been me.” “Cardigan” is a sentimental, lo-fi sounding flashback about a loveable but two-timing rascal. “A friend to all is a friend to none /Chase two girls, lose the one,” she sings. ‘Folklore’ album art “The Last Great American Dynasty” is signature Swift. It’s a potent mix of country-tinged pop and drum machines as TS sings about 20th century American socialite Rebeka Harkness, and draws parallels to her own life put under a microscope. Easy fave “Exile” features Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in a piano-decked ballad. Vernon sings in that low, Nick Cave-drone that is sweet contrast to Swift’s honeyed tones. Swift and Vernon sing from the perspective of two lovers who have realized that it won’t work. They take turns singing the regretful line, “I think I’ve seen this film before/And I didn’t like the ending.” “Mirrorball” glimmers with Swift’s radiant melodies as she intones “Hush, when no one is around my dear/You’ll find me on my tallest tiptoes/Spinning in my highest heels love/Shining just for you.” And there’s more: “August” (“Lost in the memory/August slipped away into a moment in time/‘Cause it was never mine”’), melancholy folk song “Seven” (“Your braid’s like a pattern/Love you to the Moon and to Saturn”), and a bit of hilarity in “Invisible String” (“Cold was the steel of my axe to grind for the boys who broke my heart/Now I send their babies presents”). Closing song “Hoax” sees Swift on piano with a spare string section just barely in the background. She sings, “Don’t want no other shade of blue but you/No other sadness in the world would do.” Compared to previous albums, “Folklore” is noticeably minimalist. The spotlight is on the singer and the songs. At this point in her career, Swift has become a master of weaving songs into little stories that resonate with our psyche and touch the soul. That might seem overly generous compliment to a legit mega celebrity who’s already received accolades to last her a lifetime. But that’s the thing: huge as she is, at her core, Swift is a songwriter who serves the song. And that dedication to her craft, her desire to be the best at it, not only for herself but for those who listen to her—you gotta respect her for that!.....»»

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All set for SERVE AS ONE Variety Show for volleyball gameday personnel

The country's volleyball idols are ready to put on a show on Friday and Saturday. But instead of trading spikes, the players will showcase their off-court talents online in the much-awaited SERVE AS ONE Variety Show, a fundraising effort for volleyball personnel presented by Volleyball Community Gives Back PH. The show is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. on the ABS-CBN Sports Website, ABS-CBN Sports Facebook Page and ABS-CBN Sports YouTube Channel.. One of the best young open spikers in the country, Eya Laure is raring to display her talents - in singing. "Ready na ba kayo marinig ang maganda kong boses? HAHAHA," said Laure on her Twitter account. Teaming up with Alina Bicar, Laure will pit against Gel Cayuna and Ced Domingo in a "complete the lyrics" challenge. Other volleyball stars will also show their prowess like Kalei Mau, who is expected to sing with her guitar in tow, while Panpan Pantino, Beauty Denila and Bia General are also ready to jam for a cause. Erstwhile collegiate rivals Alyssa Valdez and Ara Galang will reconnect through the "GaDez Reacts" segment where both of them will react to some of their most iconic plays during their UAAP days which will also highlight the first day.        It will be also an exciting second day on Saturday. Fans will find more about Jema Galanza and Deanna Wong in “Storytime with GaWong” where the duo will find out who is better at recalling their memorable moments together. Beach volleyball standouts Sisi Rondina and Bernadeth Pons and AJ Pareja and Pemie Bagalay will reunite online where they will know their teammate better in this segment. For more fun challenges in the two-day event, please visit Volleyball Community Give Back on Facebook and @vcgbph on Instagram and Twitter. Donations can be sent to Ryan Sordan through BPI bank account 8069 0632 77, GCash at 0917-5003390 and PayMaya at 0917-5003390.       There will be also a virtual after-party on the VCGB PH Facebook page featuring DJs Rammy Bitong, Sir Scratch and James on Friday, and Jon Tupaz, Ivan Constantino and Boyet Evangelista on Saturday......»»

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      NAKAKA-GOOD vibes ang video ng duet ng mag-amang Dingdong at Zia Dantes. Kinanta nila ang classic na “Stand by Me.” Ani Dingdong, pampatulog song nila yun. Katuwa si Zia dahil kabisado niya ang lyrics ng kanta at nasa tono ang pag- kanta niya habang naggigitara ang kan- yang tatay. Kay Yani Yuzon […].....»»

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Vegetable song

  “SCARBORROUGH Fair,” popularized by Simon and Garfunkel in the ‘60s, lists down several vegetables in its lyrics. They are “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.’’ In the Philippines, we have something similar in the folk song, “Bahay Kubo,” which enumerates some veggies needed to cook pinakbet including “talong, sigarilyas, bataw, sitaw, patani.’’ Pinakbet is an […].....»»

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Time to say goodbye

There was a time when tenors and sopranos were unknown to the ordinary man, and only the so-called “cognoscenti” appreciated them. That was probably because they sang in Italian mostly, and the music, but for those whose lyrics were translated in English and made popular by Hollywood cinema and recording artists, were too high-brow......»»

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Be Like Mike jingle almost didn t happen, says creator

By GARY GERARD HAMILTON Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s docuseries detailing the 1998 and final season of the Chicago Bulls championship dynasty, has served as a reminder to basketball fans of the greatness of Michael Jordan on the court. While it’s showcased Jordan’s dominance between baselines, it’s also shed light on his worldwide marketing allure. Although the Hall-of-Famer starred in many memorable commercials throughout the 1990s for major brands such McDonald’s “Nothing But Net” spot and Nike’s “Failure” ad, one of his most famous may be Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” commercial. But if it weren’t inadvertently for the Walt Disney corporation, the melodic jingle would’ve never been made. “My whole goal in advertising, I told my wife right when I got into it, was I just wanted to create a little sliver of pop culture somewhere along the line,” said Bernie Pitzel, the advertising executive who created the song. “Everybody knows I’ve been saying that for years. And they go, ‘Well, I think you did it'.” In 1992, Pitzel was working for Chicago-based ad agency Bayer Bess Vanderwarker and tasked with overseeing a spot for Jordan that they had already created. Pitzel thought it was lackluster and too similar to Jordan’s early Nike commercials. But he became inspired as his children watched Disney’s 1967 film “The Jungle Book.” After changing a few lines of the song “I Wanna Be Like You” and presenting a mock-up, all parties settled on his idea. After filming visuals for the commercial, there was one last hurdle to cross: convincing Disney to allow them to use the “Jungle Book” music; Pitzel said they wanted too much money to approve it (a rep for Disney said they could not confirm Pitzel's account as it was decades ago). With the season scheduled to start soon and the agency unsure of the next move, Pitzel went to a favorite restaurant where he frequently brainstormed. He jotted down the lyrics for the jingle on a paper tablecloth, and then faxed a few music production houses while still at the restaurant. He settled on a melody the next day with the music and singing all performed by session singers. “I heard that instrumental opening that I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. We got it,’ Pitzel said. “As it turned out, it was way better that I wrote the song because that’s what people remember. If we’d just done it with the ‘Jungle Book’ music, it would have been a cute little spot, but it never would have resonated like it did.” Now retired in Phoenix, Pitzel had fond memories of working on that project—his kids appear in the commercial and played one-on-one with Jordan during takes. While he thought the spot was great and witnessed it become a pop culture staple, he couldn’t have predicted it would still be discussed nearly three decades later. When asked what goes into a creating an iconic ad, he says it’s not much different than the ingredients of winning a championship. “You just gotta believe in it. You gotta put your soul into it,” Pitzel said. “You gotta put your heart in it, and then you’ve gotta get some luck.” ___ Follow Associated Press entertainment journalist Gary Gerard Hamilton at»»

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Jagged bitter pill

“A man can tell a thousand lies, I’ve learned my lessons well…” lyrics from the song “Live to Tell,” from the Queen of Pop Madonna sets the mood appropriately for the love of the unrequited kind and the resulting tempest with Awra Briguela and Feng dela Cruz as its main starrers. .....»»

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Theme Song “Party Legends” Launched

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) gears up to celebrate its global wide campaign 515, the most popular mobile MOBA game launches this year’s theme song ‘Party Legends’ during MLBB’s Music and Dance week. The theme song talks about the journey and the challenges being experienced by every MLBB player.  After introducing the song on MLBB’s official Facebook, Youtube and Spotify accounts, TV Personality Eric “Eruption” Tai aka FitGamer even releases a dance tutorial of the song and encourages every gamer in the country to post their own version while staying home during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). “We know that Filipinos love to sing and dance and we’re very happy and overwhelmed with the feedback and appreciation that we’re getting. We saw that the fans and celebrity streamers even started posting their own song and dance covers on their social media accounts. It only means that the lyrics of the song ring true to every MLBB gamer,” shares Hanqing Mei, Moonton Marketing Manager of Moonton, the game developer behind the massively popular game. Meanwhile, gamers can enjoy and participate in several ‘515’ activities Painting and Bottle of Truth Week (April 30-May 6) and Cosplay Week (May 7-May 14), where fans and cosplay enthusiasts can use their creativity while at home and create a costume based on their favorite MLBB heroes.  Fans and players are in for a treat and receive a free hero when they log-in on May 16. They can also collect materials for weekly check-ins in-game with the biggest check-in to win physical rewards like Airpods, Beats Solo, and Nintendo Switch. Winners will be raffled off during the finals of Community Hero: City Rival. Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Moonton is asking everyone to stay at home and for more info on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, follow its official Facebook page. .....»»

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Handwritten Hey Jude lyrics sell for $910,000

A sheet of paper bearing Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics to "Hey Jude" sold for $910,000 in an online auction held Friday to mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' historic split......»»

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Retired teacher from Negros Occidental composes song for COVID-19

CEBU CITY, Philippines— With the help of the very famous tune by Max Surban’s “Tion,” this retired teacher from Negros Occidental is catching attention online with how she played with the tune with new lyrics that are related to the current situation of the Filipino people in battling COVID-19. Josephine Lecira Gomeri, 54, told CDN […] The post Retired teacher from Negros Occidental composes song for COVID-19 appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Kantang ‘Sasagipin Kita’ ni Darren Espanto akma sa panahon ng COVID-19 pandemic

HINDI ginawa ni Darren Espanto ang kantang Sasagipin Kita para sa dinaranas na COVID-19 crisis ng Pilipinas. Pero dahil sa pinagdadaanang pandemic health crisis ng buong mundo ay tila umakma ito sa kasuluyang sitwasyon ng mga Pilipino. Very inspiring at nagbibigay ng pag-asa ang lyrics ng kanta na kailangang-kailangan ng ating mga kababayan ngayon. Ani […] The post Kantang ‘Sasagipin Kita’ ni Darren Espanto akma sa panahon ng COVID-19 pandemic appeared first on Pinoy Parazzi......»»

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R& B singer Temi pangarap maka-duet sina Sarah at Gary V

In fairness, promising ang young and talented Pinoy R&B singer from New York na si Temi Tecson. Nakilala namin recently ang binata sa launching ng kanyang debut single na “Kunwari Lang” na nakaka-LLS (last song syndrome) din ang melody at lyrics. Yes, naka-base si Temi sa Amerika at umuwi lang sa bansa para sa launching […] The post R&B singer Temi pangarap maka-duet sina Sarah at Gary V appeared first on Bandera......»»

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True essence of CHRISTmas

ALTHOUGH it’s still six days before Christmas, please allow me to greet one and all a Merry Christmas this early! As I was listening to a CD full of Christmas music while doing this column, the lyrics of one such song caught my attention that I am sharing with you readers. The song entitled “You’re […] The post True essence of CHRISTmas appeared first on Bandera......»»

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The Six Fix: Halsey Lyrics that Hit Us Right in the Feels

This pop superstar isn't different from us after all......»»

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The Six Fix: Halsey Lyrics that Hit Us Right in the Feels

This pop superstar isn't different from us after all......»»

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