NBI seeks parallel probe on broadcaster’s slay

The National Bureau of Investigation has been ordered by Department of Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla to conduct a “parallel investigation” on the case of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro radio blocktimer Cresenciano Bunduquin who was killed last 31 May. Emerging from more than two hours of closed-door meeting with Remulla on Thursday, Presidential Task Force on Media Security executive director Paul Gutierrez said the decision to let the NBI conduct a parallel probe was made to further hasten the resolution of the case. It also aims to clarify the involvement of other personalities in Mindoro potentially linked to the killing of Bunduquin and prevent a potential “whitewash” of the case. Although under the Office of the President, Gutierrez reports directly to Remulla and Presidential Communications Office Secretary Atty. Cheloy Garafil as both are co-chairs of the PTFoMS. The PTFoMS had earlier announced that aside from the gunman — identified as Isabelo Lopez Bautista — information gathered indicated that at least three personalities in Mindoro, one of them a police major assigned at the PRO4-B (Mimaropa) Police Office, may be involved in the attack on Bunduquin. Another is a provincial official belonging to a prominent political clan in Mindoro while the other is a long time, big time operator of a perya with close links to many local officials and has a close association with the police major. “From the stream of information, the PTFoMS is now getting from other reliable sources in the government that other persons may also be involved. Thus, Secretary Remulla deemed it best to order the NBI to conduct a parallel probe for us get a clear picture of what happened and who are the other persons or ‘mastermind’ behind the attack on Bunduquin,” Gutierrez said. “Let me emphasize that the government is determined to solve this incident and to render full justice to the victim’s family by unmasking and prosecuting all those involved. No one should take this determination lightly,” he added. He also reiterated his earlier statement that the filing of murder and attempted murder charges against Bautista by the SITG Bunduquin would not mean a closure to the case. “As Secretary Remulla directed, the motive for the killing of Bunduquin must not be limited to the ‘personal grudge’ of the suspects against him. All angles must be explored to the full. The emerging motive is the proliferation of illegal gambling in the province using perya as a cover and politics as both were severely criticized by Bunduquin in his radio program,” said Gutierrez. A radio blocktimer at the local Kalahi News FM, Bunduquin was shot dead by two motorcycle-riding armed men around 4:20 a.m. in front of his rented store in Barangay Sta. Isabel, Calapan City. The gunman was later identified as Bautista while his cohort, identified as Narciso Ignacio Guntan from Roxas town, died after their motorcycle crashed when it hit a metal road barrier during their escape. According to information, both suspects are workers in the local peryahan scene in Mindoro and Bautista had also worked as a driver and doing other odd jobs to some influential individuals in the province. The post NBI seeks parallel probe on broadcaster’s slay appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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DAR vows securing farmers’ soft loans

The Department of Agrarian Reform has committed assistance to farmers by securing loans from banking institutions to elevate their lives and livelihoods, as anchored in the Kapatid Angat Lahat Agri Program with Private Sector Advisory Council-Jobs Sector Group Joey Concepcion in the lead. Conrado Estrella made this assurance during his meeting with Concepcion on Monday, along with other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. “We thank the Department of Agrarian Reform for expressing willingness to help our initiative to help our farmers scale up. Uplifting the lives of our small farmers is a daunting task. We need all hands-on deck to accomplish this, and we are glad that we have DAR Secretary Estrella’s commitment to extend a helping hand,” Concepcion said. During the meeting, Concepcion emphasized the need for small farmers to achieve scale, saying it would be hard for them to succeed without it. “Farmers cannot obtain a loan from banks that they can use to boost production and improve their lives because they cannot use their land as collateral under agrarian reform law,” he said.   Farm clustering Among the recommendations by KALAP and the think tank group Foundation for Economic Freedom, represented by Dr. Fermin Adriano, is the implementation of farm clustering to boost productivity and help ensure food security. “Clustering does not mean consolidation of land ownership but merely the clustering of land for better production scheduling,” said Adriano, adding this process has already led to higher farm productivity in China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, among others. “The process would enable the government to effectively provide assistance to farmers who are clustered because it will deal with groups rather than millions of individual small tillers,” he added. He said clustering would also pave the way for the use of modern farm machinery and technologies, thereby achieving economies of scale, and allowing the development of downstream industries like food processing activities, because of an adequate and reliable supply of raw materials.   Improve access to government services On the other hand, he stressed that the process would also improve access to government services like extension, and credit for clustered farms. Farming will also be more attractive to private sector groups to invest in agriculture because of lesser transactions. To accelerate farm clustering, Adriano called for the immediate and proper implementation of the law condoning the debt of defaulting agrarian reform beneficiaries. “The implementing rules and regulations of the law must ensure that the administrative burden of transferring land ownership to farmer beneficiaries is not burdensome and allow beneficiaries to enter into a leasehold contract agreement with investors but ensure that land will not be converted to non-agricultural uses,” he said. Adriano also advocated for the promotion of agricultural joint-venture agreements between small landowners and agribusiness corporations. Estrella, for his part, expressed support for the proposal, saying the DAR can check within their network of beneficiaries.   Big brother companies The DAR chief also lauded the KALAP’s big brother companies for their commitment to sharing their technology and best practices with the DAR and their willingness to become an assured market for the farmers. “I am happy that KALAP’s big brothers are willing to share their technology with DAR. We want to tap into the knowledge of the big brothers to better prepare the beneficiaries of agrarian reform so that the land will be utilized properly,” Estrella said, adding they can also help extend credit assistance to agrarian reform beneficiaries if needed. Meanwhile, National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Administrator Eddie Guillen said the private sector plays a huge role in the success of the agriculture sector. “Around 80 percent of the success of the agricultural sector depends on the private sector. If magsucceed ito sa mga agri reform beneficiaries, mas madaming makikinabang,” he said. Guillen also revealed that President Marcos wants to harmonize concerned agencies and their functions, instead of establishing a task force. President Marcos earlier ordered the geomapping of all agricultural lands in the country to establish soil maps for specific agricultural products to ensure increased yield and improve farmers’ income. The post DAR vows securing farmers’ soft loans appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Filipina fashion designer carves a name in Osaka

A young Filipina fashion designer based in Osaka, Japan, has continuously etched a name for herself – and for the country – as she faithfully upholds unique craftsmanship in all her creations. Her name: Pamela Madlangbayan. [caption id="attachment_141460" align="aligncenter" width="525"] FASHION DESIGNER: Pamela Madlangbayan[/caption] Pamela’s father was once an OFW. Longing to be together, the family relocated to the Land of the Rising Sun in 2006. However, come college, Pamela wished to alleviate some of her parents’ financial burdens. Thus, she earnestly searched for scholarships all across Japan and beyond. She was accepted into the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, where she finished her Fashion Design and Merchandising degree. As the worrisome pandemic halted the world into an absolute standstill, Pamela, on her final year, had serious second thoughts on her specialization. “I didn’t know whether I should even pursue fashion since nobody really needs designer clothes during a global crisis — at least that’s what it felt like,” she earlier admitted. Still, she continued to tread on her chosen path. Before long, she found herself back in Japan, a fashion capital of the world, creating bespoke pieces for the Japanese fashionista crowd. Today, she is an essential component of EINS, a curated vintage shop in Osaka. Armed with black suits, she breathes new life into these coats as she paints, embroiders and reshapes them. [caption id="attachment_141463" align="aligncenter" width="525"] MASTERFUL EMBROIDERY: Hand-stitched detailing on a vintage jacket[/caption] “I feel almost like Dr. Frankenstein, busily stitching together different suits and trousers to construct new hybrids. We gained a niche circle of clients who ordered these deconstructed avant-garde garments, as well as the custom painted suits to don for special occasions,” she said. She has likewise began teaching part-time at a major fashion institute, as an interpreter for Oleg Mitrofanov, a professor at various universities and colleges across continents. The duo covers courses from Introduction to Fashion and Concept Creation to reviewing student portfolios for the students’ graduate collection. As of recent, Pamela is busy with what is perhaps one of the most important projects in her career so far – the TAYO Fashion Showcase as part of the Filipino-Japanese Friendship affair, the first of its kind in Osaka. Founded by the illustrator and textile designer Feanne, Pamela was then tapped by the Philippine Consulate General as the event coordinator. TAYO, with a double meaning — us or to rise in Filipino and diverse or multicultural in Nihongo — will host a group of established fashion and jewelry designers from the Philippines, joining sustainable fashion designers from Japan in a celebration of craftsmanship. “I couldn’t be more excited to be able to bridge two of my homes through the fields I’m most passionate about,” she said. “The idea that we can be anything and everything all at once” is what continues to inspire the young fashion prodigy. “I can be anything as long as the hunger and passion to learn is present. The thought that I can grow and evolve into someone with an enriched mind and enhanced soul through arts is what keeps me truly going,” she disclosed. During her free time, she loves to stroll across the city and take pictures with her film camera — I repeat, film camera! She likewise makes an effort to use less social media, plus a term called touching grass which means to unplug and enjoy real life, which allows her more opportunity to appreciate nature and meet new people. On the other hand, she acknowledges that as a self-labeled “Official Grown Up,” pressure is internal. She breaks down steps one by one – and her anxiety disappears. “Pressure is something that we instill into ourselves. You’d be surprised how little people expect from you because they’re too busy tending to their own.” Let us hear from Pamela Madlangbayan on all the various aspects of her interesting life in Japan: [caption id="attachment_141462" align="aligncenter" width="525"] TOKYO FASHION SCENE: EINS bondage suits Photo credit: SHIN (@s.yoshi8024)[/caption] On EINS: After a year and a half, we got the attention of a popular high-end curated vintage store within the Shimokitazawa neighborhood in Tokyo. They currently hold my pieces with the EINS label tag and my artist alias Sabotten as the signature on all painted items. I’m very proud of the creations that I was able to produce with only little resources, a lot of imagination and many hours of manual labor. Therefore, to have those stocked in the heart of Tokyo’s alternative fashion scene is such a huge motivation for me to continue slowly, but surely!   [caption id="attachment_141465" align="aligncenter" width="525"] CLASSIC REBIRTH: An EINS painted apparel[/caption] Her alter ego: Sabotten is alive and well! I’ve used that alias as my artist identity because I feared that Pamela Madlangbayan as a person might change the perception of the clients towards the art I create. The reason I kept my identity anonymous for my work at the brand is because I do not submit to the MODE-KEI fashion tribe — which is our main clientele. With fashion, it’s never just about the clothes, people buy the personality and the perception that comes with it. But now that my namesake label is in the works, I am gradually bringing the two artist identities together. After all, despite the contrasting elements, these are all a body of my field. I embrace everything now, without trying too hard to set them apart. [caption id="attachment_141466" align="aligncenter" width="525"] ALTER EGO CREATION: Custom-made Sabotten illustrated garment[/caption] Teaching: It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with Oleg Mitrofanov. Last December, we went to the most prestigious fashion school in Tokyo to conduct a week-long winter seminar. I’ve dreamt of – and even made it a goal at one point – to enroll at this school and it feels surreal to be teaching there. [caption id="attachment_141464" align="aligncenter" width="525"] NOBLE INITIATIVE: Pamela’s designs are brought to life by members of the FIBERS community Photo credits: Pamela Mejia/FIBERS[/caption] TAYO collection: The latest collection that will be unveiled at TAYO is a love letter to our laborers. My grandfather and those who came before him were produce farmers, mainly coffee, fruit and vegetables in Silang, Cavite. My great-grandmother was a seamstress during and after the war. They are my roots. Therefore, I want to honor my family, as well as those who continue to work in these sectors. Since the event will take place right after the Philippine Independence Day, I should shed the spotlight on our farmers and textile industry workers and craftsmen. I believe that they are the pillars of our society, often overlooked. However, they are the ones who keep our nation’s traditional agriculture and culture alive. My creations will be the “friendship show piece” of the event, one that binds both cultures. I am aware with the issues surrounding cultural appropriation and tokenization. I see both the Philippines and Japan as my homes, having lived here for almost two decades. Yes, I did a lot of research as to how I can pay homage to both cultures with the utmost respect. [caption id="attachment_141467" align="aligncenter" width="525"] FILIPINO-JAPANESE ELEMENTS: The Kimonoterno, a combination of two national dresses[/caption] Advocating Filipino craftsmanship: When talking to my Japanese peers, most of them do not really have an idea of what the Philippine fashion scene is like. I think it’s always worth talking about how much talent and skill our craftsmen and designers have, as well as our very rich culture and heritage. I’ve always wanted to share this aspect of the Philippines here in Japan and I believe the best way to do it is to, just do: Put out works, talk about Philippine fashion, promote my Filipino friends’ brands to Japanese friends.   Empowering marginalized women: Though charity is altruistic and wonderful, it’s still a temporary fix to deep-seated social issues. I think the best way to uplift less-privileged communities is to connect and cultivate new groups where everyone can share their skills and experiences for the betterment of everyone involved. Through a referral of Allesandra Gutierrez, currently based in the Philippines, I was given the privilege to work with Fashion Innovative Businesses for the Environment, Reformation and Sustainability, a collective actively moving across countries in Southeast Asia -- from the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. I likewise connected with Pamela Mejia who spearheads a communal project that empowers marginalized women through needlework and other crafts. [caption id="attachment_141468" align="aligncenter" width="525"] IN HER WORLD: Pamela on a business trip in Tokyo[/caption] Advice to aspiring fashion designers: Being a designer is not a race. It’s a discipline that you hone over the years through practice, coupled with a lot of research. Stay grounded, remain eager to learn, try to look outwards, not inwards. See the world and think of what you can offer. Otherwise, we’re just creating more landfill. The post Filipina fashion designer carves a name in Osaka appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Almost-reunion of Miss Universe 2015 queens: Pia Wurtzbach, Ariadna Gutierrez at Cannes 2023

As a fun fact, the 2015 batch is so popular that about 60 of the 80 contestants have their own dedicated Wikipedia pages. It’s no wonder that fan frenzy went into overdrive when four outstanding alumni of Batch 2015 were seen cavorting at the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival......»»

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Boying orders NBI probe of radioman’s slay

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin C. Remulla has ordered the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate  the killing of radio broadcaster Cresenciano Bunduquin in Oriental Mindoro last Wednesday. The order was issued upon the request of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security executive director Paul Gutierrez during their meeting on Wednesday. “That is the job of the PTFoMS to make sure that the media members feel secure about their jobs. And our job also is to make sure that this (killing) is not repeated,” Remulla said. According to a police report, Bunduquin was gunned down by two assailants while he was opening his retail store in Barangay Sta. Isabel, Calapan City at around 4:20 a.m. Meanwhile, Philippine National Police chief Benjamin Acorda Jr. on Thursday said an intensified manhunt is ongoing against the remaining suspect in the killing of Bunduquin. Acorda said a special investigation  task group has been formed by Police Brigadier General Joel Doria, director of Police Regional Office IV-B, to probe the killing of the 50-year-old radio host at DWXR101.7 Kalahi FM. “Pieces of evidence gathered at the crime scene are now being carefully studied along with the testimonies of witnesses, which we hope will give our investigators solid leads moving forward,” Acorda said. One of the suspected gunmen was killed during a hot pursuit by the police. Acorda said the capture of the remaining assailant is the top priority of the SITG headed by Oriental Mindoro Police Provincial Director Col. Samuel Delorino. The post Boying orders NBI probe of radioman’s slay appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Wide-ranging partnerships define the new ABS-CBN

Here’s proof that ABS-CBN has been seriously taking itself in its new avowed role as a content supplier to the entertainment industry as well as online media: Since May of last year, the Lopez enterprise has been a major partner of Pinoy Interactive Entertainment, a company that has begun to make its mark on the entertainment scene with its acronym PIE. Billed as the country’s first multiscreen, real-time interactive channel, PIE is a collaborative project of ABS-CBN, BEAM, 917 Ventures and KROMA Entertainment, which boasts of being “tradigital,” meaning engaged in creating traditional and digital outputs. BEAM, KROMA and 917 Ventures are all under Globe Telecom. ABS-CBN’s involvement with PIE is overseen by the towering (as in basketball player-tall) Jamie Lopez, the company’s head of digital business. Ian Monsod, once known as a theater actor and music man, heads BEAM. He is the son of the famous and influential couple Christian Monsod, one of the framers of the 1987 Constitution, and renowned economist Winnie Monsod. [caption id="attachment_137021" align="aligncenter" width="896"] PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY KROMA ENTERTAINMENT | Kroma Entertainment CEO Ian Monsod (second from left) and Kroma head of Broadcasting Jil Go with ABS-CBN chief of staff Connie Lopez and PIE Channel head Alex Asuncion.[/caption] The PIE company was launched last year to media people and to v/bloggers only through a Zoom conference. To mark its first anniversary this year, the company held a face-to-face conference with the media and v/bloggers at Pandan Asian Restaurant in QC, just some blocks away from the ABS-CBN studios. Interaction with the company’s shows is mainly through digital devices. On its second year, the interactive channel promises a platform where people can increase their chances of winning while having fun by simply clicking on their mobile phones or engaging via the website. Or as its tagline puts it: “Pindot PIEnalo ka dahil kada pindot, PIEnalo ka more!” ABS-CBN stars Stars from ABS-CBN topbill many of PIE’s shows. For instance, Sinong Manok Mo? is headlined by momshie and pop-culture icon Jolina Magdangal, joined by It’s Showtime “Ate Girl” Jackie Gonzaga and comedian Eric Nicolas. [caption id="attachment_137022" align="aligncenter" width="525"] JOLINA Magdangal and Eric Nicolas.[/caption] Sino’ng Manok Mo? airs Saturday and Sunday nights, 7 to 8 p.m. A co-host in the show is Paris-born and -raised Ralph Malibunas, a contestant on ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother, where he revealed that he didn’t mind working as a caregiver and park attendant for some years. The seemingly suddenly famous Jennica Garcia of the ABS-CBN series Dirty Linen cannot be happier that Pie Channel recently also gave her a chance to co-host Ur Da Boss with Melai Cantiveros (Magdangal’s co-host in the morning show Magandang Buhay). [caption id="attachment_137025" align="aligncenter" width="896"] MELAI Cantiveros and Jennica Garcia.[/caption] Garcia said she felt un-ready to be a host as she had not done that kind of job before. Her smart solution: “Iniisip ko na lang na (I just think that) for this show, I’m going to be the Gen Z version of Jean Garcia.” Jean Garcia is her mom, whose showbiz fame began as one of the hosts of the well-loved 80’s and 90’s musical variety youth show on GMA 7, German Moreno’s That’s Entertainment. Even Jennica’s father, then-actor Jigo Garcia, was a That’s Entertainment mainstay. Ur Da Boss airs Monday to Friday, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dramatic actress Charlie Dizon seems to be not getting major follow-up exposures after she made waves as an obsessed fan in the film The Paulo Avelino Story. So let’s all hope her being made a mainstay in the PIE show Mga Kwento ng Dilim can lead to a series on ABS-CBN, PIE or elsewhere. Angeline Quinto, meanwhile, hosts The Chosen One (TCO): Kakatacute an interactive piliserye with comedian Chad Kinis. The show’s weekly elimination show is hosted by actor Jameson Blake and reality show alum Karina Bautista. [caption id="attachment_137023" align="aligncenter" width="896"] KARINA Bautista and Jameson Blake.[/caption] The channel also has a teen narrative offering, Para Sa All, headlined by Mutya Orquia this month. Another teen show, Pak na Pak! is hosted by Vivoree, Aljon Mendoza, Anji Salvacion, Jeremy G., Igi Boy Flores, Sheena Belarmino and Gello Marquez. Then there’s the daily show Matching-Matching Mini Game, which uses customized PIE cards inspired by the classic Filipino card game ungguy-ungguyan. For late sleepers, PIE offers the adult show SPG: Saktong Pang Gabi, a naughty evening talk show topbilled by comedian Negi and supported by MNL48’s Rans Rifol and actor-model Argel Saycon. [caption id="attachment_137024" align="aligncenter" width="896"] RANS Rifol and comedian Negi.[/caption] Expanding content reach ABS-CBN Corp. has declared that it is keen on forging more partnerships to expand content reach in a bid to secure its financial future. “We’re willing to work with any partner, whether in free, pay TV or online streaming,” said Carlo Katigbak, president and CEO of ABS-CBN Corp, during the company’s annual stakeholder meeting. Hence, it’s taken on partnerships here and abroad, such as with Amazon Prime Video to syndicate a TV series, and a distribution deal with India’s MX Player. It also has partnerships with Netflix, Hong Kong-based Viu and Youtube. “We decided to shed off all assets not relevant to storytelling… The new ABS-CBN is learning to partner with other platforms,” Katigbak added. ABS-CBN’s partnerships on the domestic front include a milestone deal with its media rival, GMA Network, Inc. The two signed a deal to produce a teleserye, and the Kapuso network can now use ABS-CBN’s iWantTFC streaming platform to widen its international reach. ABS-CBN has also inked content partnerships with the Pangilinan-owned TV5, PIE Channel, AMBS and the A2Z channel founded by Bro. Eddie Villanueva. The company managed to trim its net losses in 2022, now at P2.63 billion after posting a P5.67-billion loss in the preceding year. The post Wide-ranging partnerships define the new ABS-CBN appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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‘FPJ’s Batang Quiapo’, ‘The Iron Heart’, ‘Dirty Linen’ earn over 642 million views online

Filipinos nationwide are hooked on ABS-CBN’s primetime shows as the three programs amassed more than 642 million total views on Kapamilya Online Live from February to April 2023. In April alone, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, The Iron Heart and Dirty Linen earned over 194 million combined views on Kapamilya Online Live on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Facebook page, which currently has 36 million followers, and on its YouTube channel with 43.7 million subscribers. As more viewers continue to tune in to their favorite Kapamilya shows, ABS-CBN announced that the latest episodes of currently airing shows such as FPJ’s Batang Quiapo and The Iron Heart are now available to stream on-demand for an extended period of up to 14 days after they are shown on Kapamilya Online Live. Follow Tanggol’s (Coco Martin) action-packed adventures in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as he begins a new chapter in his life and vows to transform into a better man alongside Mokang (Lovi Poe). Join Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) in his mission to destroy Priam’s (Albert Martinez) plans that could endanger the people in the action series The Iron Heart. Apart from the two primetime shows, viewers can also enjoy up to 14 days of binge-worthy entertainment for shows such as Magandang Buhay, It’s Showtime, I Can See Your Voice, The Voice Kids, ASAP Natin ‘To, as well as well-loved teleseryes Be Careful with My Heart, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin and A Soldier’s Heart. On YouTube, Kapamilya Online Live streams continuously throughout the day from morning until nighttime. On Facebook, meanwhile, viewers can catch their favorite shows on regular timeslots with scheduled breaks between timeblocks. The post ‘FPJ’s Batang Quiapo’, ‘The Iron Heart’, ‘Dirty Linen’ earn over 642 million views online appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Netizens naloka sa P47k grocery ni Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘Sana all ‘di na kailangan tipirin ang P1k!’

MARAMING netizens ang nabigla sa mga pinamili ng dating beauty queen at aktres na si Ruffa Gutierrez. Paano ba naman kasi, marami ang tila sinampal ng kahirapan matapos ibunyag ni Ruffa ang halaga ng kanyang grocery. ‘Yan ay nagkakahalagang P47,000! Sa Instagram post ni Ruffa, makikita ang ilang pictures na kasama niyang namili ang panganay […] The post Netizens naloka sa P47k grocery ni Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘Sana all ‘di na kailangan tipirin ang P1k!’ appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Netizens react at Ruffa Gutierrez’s grocery bill

While it’s just another day at the grocery for actress Ruffa Gutierrez and daughter Lorin, many found the bill too much: P47,301.56. “Grocery day at Landers with my firstborn, Lorin Gabriella. Bought everything from organic food to snacks, fresh produce, home decors and appliances. My weekend is complete,” Gutierrez captioned her Instagram post. It elicited different reactions from netizens including delight over beautiful pictures of her bonding time with her daughter. But most took notice of the final bill shown on the cash register. Some were inspired by Gutierrez living the good life but others jokingly said “sana all.” After all, the average monthly income of Filipinos is only P44,600, according to which compiles data through surveys. The post Netizens react at Ruffa Gutierrez’s grocery bill appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Guitar smashed by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain sells for nearly $600,000

A guitar smashed on stage by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain sold for nearly $600,000, several times its original estimate, an auction house said Saturday. The busted black Fender Stratocaster has been put back together, but is no longer playable, Kody Frederick of Julien's Auctions told AFP earlier this month. It was signed by all three members of the Seattle grunge outfit as they rocketed to global fame. The auction house said it had expected the instrument to sell for $60,000 at the event in front of a live audience at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. Instead, it went for $595,000, Julien's said in a statement, calling the total "astounding." "You can see here the break that took place as he slammed down the guitar, where the neck here kind of connects, as well as down here on the bottom where he slammed the guitar down," Frederick told AFP earlier in May. "Kurt Cobain, when he was on stage when he played, he was a machine. The man was angry, and you could feel that on stage. And you would feel that by the way he would treat his instruments. "This broken element, in a strange way, from this broken musician, that really defined this rough and tumble era of music." Nirvana's hits, many of which were penned by Cobain, included "Come As You Are," "Lithium" and the 1991 breakout "Smells Like Teen Spirit" -- a track that became anthemic for a generation of alienated teenagers. Cobain struggled with substance addiction and depression and had a tumultuous relationship with his wife, Courtney Love. He took his own life in April 1994. The three-day auction, which concludes Sunday, also includes memorabilia from the careers of Eddie Van Halen, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Bill Wyman, and Janet Jackson. The post Guitar smashed by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain sells for nearly $600,000 appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Bantag facing new charges

The Department of Justice yesterday said former Bureau of Corrections chief Gerald Bantag will be facing new charges, this time for physical torture and grave coercion. According to the DoJ, Bantag and former BuCor spokesperson Gabriel P. Chaclag will be charged before the Muntinlupa City metropolitan trial court with grave coercion for allegedly forcing prison personnel to sign a statement that no shooting incident took place at the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in 2020. Earlier, the former BuCor top official had been charged with two counts of murder for the deaths of broadcast journalist Percival “Percy Lapid” Mabasa on 3 Oct. 2022 and Cristito Villamor Palana, a person deprived of liberty at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City, on 18 Oct. 2022. The Las Pinas Regional Trial court issued warrants of arrest against Bantag in the Percy Lapid case, and the Muntinlupa City RTC in Palana’s case. Bantag has yet to surrender and remains at large. The DoJ last Monday, 15 May, announced the filing of criminal charges against Bantag and BuCor’s former security officer Ricardo S. Zulueta for the stabbing in 2022 of two persons deprived of liberty at the NBP in Muntinlupa City. “In a resolution dated 02 May 2023, the DoJ State Prosecutors found probable cause to indict respondent Bantag for two counts of physical torture and mental/psychological torture under Section 4(a) and Section 4(b)(2) and/or (12) of Republic Act No. 9745, while respondent Zulueta is charged as an accessory thereof,” said the DoJ. Zulueta, who is also at large, is also a co-accused in the Percy Lapid and Palana killings. The DoJ said its new criminal case against Bantag is based on the preliminary investigation conducted into the criminal complaint filed by IPPF prison officers, namely Lazaro Rafols, Jr., Jer Sahid B. Mojado, Eddie Jimenez, Jr., Richie C. Ganja, Roy B. Gacasa and Asher B. Labrador. The incident of grave coercion allegedly took place at the NBP on 2 March 2020 when complainants were directed to report to Bantag when he was still director general. The DoJ said the complainants got admonished “for the alleged shooting incident that transpired at the IPPF on 1 March 2020, involving complainants and DG Bantag's men who were then detailed at the said facility.” During the incident on 2 March 2020, then DG Bantag, together with Chaclag, allegedly unlawfully coerced, through violence, threats and intimidation, complainant Canja into signing a document stating that there was no shooting incident at the IPPF on 1 March 2020 involving BuCor personnel. The post Bantag facing new charges appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Vehicle sales remain weak

Automobile industry sales dropped 16.9 percent last April, compared to sales posted in the previous month this year. A report released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. and Truck Manufacturers Association said total vehicular sales in April 2023 stood at 30,643, falling short in comparison with the 36,880 sales in March 2023. For passenger cars, the total sold in April 2023 declined 88 percent to 7,317 units versus 10,058 units sold in March. Commercial vehicle sales were also down by 13 percent at 23,326 from 26,822 last March. Likewise, AUV sales decreased by 11.2 percent, posting April 2023 sales of 4,621 from 5,205 in March 2023. Remain on track Despite this, the groups remained positive that sales remain on track to exceed pre-pandemic sales growth for the full year 2023 “The improving economic indicators, which in fact, remain favorable until the end of the year, according to a government report is an essential metric for the continued growth of the auto industry. At the same time, this is perfectly timed with the market availability of a wider range of motor vehicle models being offered by our members, responding to customers’ growing needs,” said CAMPI president Rommel Gutierrez. Optimistic Further, he said that as the economic outlook remains favorable, the auto industry is optimistic to attain full recovery from the pandemic-induced challenges — well-positioned to grow to significant levels, even higher than the pre-pandemic figures. “It is worth noting that the industry has already recorded this growth trajectory in the past four months compared with 2019 levels,” Gutierrez added. CAMPI-TMA sold 127,927 units year-to-date, equivalent to 28.1 percent growth compared with the same period a year ago. The post Vehicle sales remain weak appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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For Richard Gutierrez, safety is still No. 1 priority

Safety is still the No. 1 priority of actor Richard Gutierrez, the lead star in the widely-followed primetime action series, The Iron Heart, especially in doing fight scenes......»»

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Janine Gutierrez, JC de Vera s Bakit Di Mo Sabihin to screen internationally via streaming

Filipino film “Bakit Di Mo Sabihin” (Tell Her) starring Janine Gutierrez and JC de Vera will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting May 25. The film will be available in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong......»»

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Janine Gutierrez became an actress to help her yaya who had cancer, promises to buy her a house

Actress Janine Gutierrez revealed that her showbiz origins stem from her willingness to help her Yaya Pat Espera who has been taking care of her since Janine was an infant......»»

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Ruffa Gutierrez begins master s degree thesis

Despite her busy showbiz schedule, actress Ruffa Gutierrez continues her education by pursuing a master's degree in Philippine Women’s University. .....»»

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Late Governor Padilla feted

Nueva Vizcaya Governor Carlos Padilla will be remembered for his soft-spoken, non-combative, unobtrusive, level-headed nature, said Speaker Martin Romualdez, honoring his former colleague in the House of Representatives. Padilla who was serving his third consecutive term as governor, died due to a heart attack on Friday. He was 78. “Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with them, especially his wife, former Gov. Ruth Padilla, and his children — Carlos ‘Jojo’ II, Ruthie Maye and Carlo Paolo, and his grandchildren — at this difficult time of grief and mourning,” Romualdez said on Saturday. He added: “We will always remember Gov. Carling Padilla as a great leader of his province and a humble colleague in the House of Representatives. He was always soft-spoken, non-combative, unobtrusive, level-headed.” Prior to his stint as Governor in 2016, Padilla served in the House for 29 years, beginning in 1987 and ending in 2016 for several three-year terms, including six years as an assemblyman in the Batasang Pambansa during Martial Law. While in Congress, he served as a deputy speaker and a minority leader. The late governor started his political career as the first mayor of the old Dupax town, before it was split into three municipalities. He also served as the first mayor of Dupax del Norte when the town was split into Dupax del Norte, Dupax del Sur and Alfonso Castañeda. Meanwhile, during his tenure in the lower chamber, he authored the Free High School Education Act of 1988, and Republic Act 6728 which provides assistance to students and teachers in private education. He also authored laws establishing schools in his province such as the Nueva Vizcaya State University and Philippine Science High School-Cagayan Valley campus in Bayombong town. Deputy Speaker Camille Villar, meanwhile, said that House members will continue to draw inspiration from Padilla’s important contributions in public service for many years. Cibac Partylist Rep. Bro. Eddie Villanueva also mourned his peer’s passing who he deemed as a real man of the masses and a statesman. “I am deeply saddened by the passing of a dear friend and a compatriot in the fight against injustices and poverty in the country — Gov. Caloy Padilla — whom I know to be one of those who genuinely love this country and the Filipino people. He’s a real man of the masses, statesman and champion of the welfare of the people, particularly Novo Vizcayanos. Caloy will be forever missed and remembered,” said Villanueva. With Padilla’s passing, Vice Governor Jose took over as the governor of Nueva Vizcaya on Friday in accordance with the law on succession. The post Late Governor Padilla feted appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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‘The Iron Heart’ ni Richard Gutierrez bongga ang magiging finale, kukunan nga ba sa Italy?

MALAPIT na ba magtapos ang seryeng “Iron Heart” ni Richard Gutierrez dahil base sa umeereng episode ng programa ay nabuking na ni Albert Martinez bilang pinuno ng sindikatong Tatsulok kung sino ang ‘tiktik’ o espiya sa grupo kaya’t pinasusubaybayan na niya ito sa trusted officers niyang sina Manuel Chua, Christian Vasquez at Dimples Romana. Si […] The post ‘The Iron Heart’ ni Richard Gutierrez bongga ang magiging finale, kukunan nga ba sa Italy? appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Heroes, martyrs of Southern Tagalog honored by progressives

“Who are Ka Eden and Ka Eddie? They are good Christians, good Samaritans, and good revolutionaries. They followed the Christian example and dedicated their lives to solving inequality in our society.” The post Heroes, martyrs of Southern Tagalog honored by progressives appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Ruffa Gutierrez excited na sa bagong proyekto: It’s non-political and very wholesome!

MASAYANG ibinandera ng beauty queen-actress na si Ruffa Gutierrez ang pagpirma niya ng kontrata for her new project. Hindi pa niya ibinunyag ang detalye tungkol dito, pero ayon sa kanya ay wala na itong kinalaman sa pulitika. Bungad niya sa Instagram caption, “You don’t have to settle for whatever life throws your way. Start being […] The post Ruffa Gutierrez excited na sa bagong proyekto: It’s non-political and very wholesome! appeared first on Bandera......»»

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