Ergonomics, work science harmoniously

The Work environment It is a scientific discipline that seeks coordination subordinate human beingsmachines and the environment. Its goal is to achieve physical and mental.....»»

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Website of human rights group under attack

"These attacks only benefit those who want to silence us and our human rights work amid a pervasive state of impunity in the country." The post Website of human rights group under attack appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Bolivia security forces committed massacres : investigators

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on Tuesday accused Bolivia's security forces of carrying out "massacres" and "summary executions" during social unrest around the disputed 2019 elections......»»

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Over 300 rights groups press for accountability from Duterte, his men over killings

Human rights advocates and groups across the globe are pressing the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Human Rights Council to prosecute President Rodrigo Duterte, as they mark August as “a month of killings” for the government......»»

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4 years since Kian s murder, groups seek accountability for other drug war deaths

"We must continue to assert the value of human life and dignity, and cease regarding others as mere collateral damages in pursuit of public peace.".....»»

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CHR slams soldier’s slay in Capiz

The Commission on Human Rights condemned yesterday the kidnapping and killing of an Army soldier by suspected New People’s Army rebels in Capiz on Wednesday......»»

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The Ambassador of the United Kingdom addresses issues of interest such as the fight against COVID-19 – Diario La Tribuna

Ambassador Nick Whittingham returned to Honduras to address Britain’s top priorities, including prosperity, climate change, human rights and the fight against COVID-19. Notably, in the.....»»

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Firemen don& rsquo;t need firearms to prevent fire, CHR insists

The Commission on Human Rights on Friday rejected a proposed law enabling  firemen to carry firearms even as the 18th Congress approved a bill to that effect in the hope of modernizing the Bureau of Fire Protection......»»

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Revived human rights committee, judicial activism discussed in interview of SC aspirants

The Supreme Court has recently revived its Committee on Human Rights, but at least one applicant to the SC bench thinks resources and brainpower of tribunal may be more efficiently allocated......»»

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GMA Network introduces newly promoted officers

GMA Network announces another set of newly promoted executives from various groups such as Human Resources Development, Radio Operations, and Finance and ICT......»»

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Cacao Project founder meets Human Rights group over Nas Daily fiasco

The Cacao Project founder Louise de Guzman Mabulo had a meeting with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Region V on August 10 to issue her statement on the commission's investigation on the incident involving her and content creator/vlogger Nas Daily......»»

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CHR probing kidnap-slay of online seller in Nueva Ecija

The Commission on Human Rights on Tuesday said it launched an inquiry into the kidnap and killing of a 35-year old woman in Nueva Ecija by five police officers and two civilian accomplices......»»

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Resource-starved Singapore turns sewage into ultra-clean water

Giant pumps whir deep underground at a plant in Singapore that helps transform sewage into water so clean it is fit for human consumption while reducing ocean pollution......»»

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PNP urged: Rethink ban on non-APORS from fetching essential personnel

The Commission on Human Rights has called on the Philippine National Police to rethink its ban on unauthorized persons outside of residence from driving APORs to and from their workplaces during the two-week lockdown in Metro Manila......»»

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Duterte on ICC probe: Over my dead body

President Duterte on Monday insisted he would rather be dead than submit to investigation by the International Criminal Court over alleged human rights violations associated with his war on drugs......»»

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Malacañang knocks back at U.S. lawmakers

We urge the Biden administration to stand with the people of the Philippines as they continue to fight for their universal human rights. The post Malacañang knocks back at U.S. lawmakers appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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US Senate Democrats urge Biden to address Philippine rights situation

In a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Senate Democrats expressed concern about the human rights situation in the Philippines and sought to understand the Biden administration’s strategy to address the Duterte government’s “continuing pattern of human rights violations.”.....»»

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The “donut” economy arrives in Barcelona | Catalonia

On July 29, we hit the annual limit of Earth’s ability to bear the load that the human race generates. Thursday, July 29 was Earth.....»»

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People vs. Sapla

Five years into President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly war on drugs, few reports of police abuses have been investigated, not to mention that only a handful of these abusive law enforcers have been brought to justice despite reports by human rights advocates of extrajudicial killings and thousands of victims being arrested or killed under suspicious circumstances.  .....»»

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CHR fears bias vs & lsquo;unvaxed& rsquo; ones

The Commission on Human Rights said Friday with scarce supply of COVID-19 vaccines, this might result in extreme discrimination against people still unvaccinated who have been forced to stay home......»»

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